Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Episode 64

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Teresa Meng plays a bodyguard to a CEO. Raised up in a military family, she is all about responsibility, loyalty and honor. But, the upbring taught her nothing about how to attract a man. She despairs at that prospect of never having a boyfriend.

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  • Txtx3651569

    so good

  • diamond cutter

    haha lols think after this drama i going to like short hairs girls haha…. 

  • Lilfir<3AiJia

    明天快点来。 好期待仲祈跟愛家爱情的发展。

  • tin



  • Rosaliehsia

    OMG…hope that this drama must be extend …i can’t imagine november is coming… night by night this drama is my medicine…

  • littleke




    • ADNIL


  • tan

    sweetness overload. When they are dating:))))



  • Max

    I don’t have anything else to say about our ZQ and AJ, all my thoughts have been so well voiced out by our star commenters, Jtlt and Lilfir.

    But I will add a few words here on MY, which I think also deserve to be mentioned in positive light. Whether her feelings for ZQ was misconstrued at the beginning which grew into real love or is still misconstrued, we don’t know at this point. But whichever it is, she really showed courage and determination (maybe except for the cockroach incident) in pursuit of her love and happiness in the ways that she thinks is right. What she is doing is really no different from ZQ pursuing AJ, the never-say-die attitude even after countless of rejections. She had shed tears again and again, but she’s still not defeated, her fighting spirit really moved me.

    In fact, I expect her to turn around shortly and have a hand in convincing the mother to accept ZQ/AJ.

  • YES

    Good to see ZQ is becoming a man protecting his woman, AJ….. sweet sweet.
    love it:)



  • Guest

    我今天放你一天假, 戀愛假 = 戀愛家~~

  • Example


  • Guest

    呵呵~ 第一次約會去看”陣頭”耶~
    阿泰, 阿賢, 敏敏, 泰爸, 泰媽都在耶~

    • Guest

      忘了, 還有梨子~

  • Gracet1218

    覺得小鬼把那種初戀的心情 感覺 反應詮釋的很好

  • Gracet1218


  • Lilfir<3AiJia

    Who watched Taiwan’s 47th Golden Bell Award? Meng Ge Ru looks gorgeous in her red dress. I was half expecting for her to turn up with Huang Hong Sheng. It’ll be great because it would coincides with them being officially together in this drama. That would have drawn lots of cheers from the crowd. 😀 

    I can’t help but marvel at Chen Bo-Zheng’s acting. Truly remarkable. Last saw him in K.O.3anGuo playing the villanous Dong Zhou. He’s one gem of an actor. His potrayal of Zhen Ba is very realistic. His love for his daughter is accurately depicted. You can fathom it from his eyes and from his voice. Tears start welling my eyes the moment Zhen Ba pleads Zhongqi to their embracement. Very heartwarming. Not forgetting his funny antics as well. Makes for a very good mix. 

    Sweet beyond sweet. Cute beyond cute. No prize for guessing what I’m refering to. Zhongqi & Ai-Jia’s romance makes me want to fall in love. Heh. 

    Ai-Jia’s self demon conquered. Zhen Ba’s accepts Zhongqi. Mingyu is partially overcame. I believe she will definately relent after hearing Nainai’s words. The next hurdle will obviously be Qinma. The way I see it, she’s just going against her own words. Remembered that she said no matter what Zhongqi wants to do, she will be supporting him. Refering to Zhongqi’s music aspiration. Her insecurities is unbearable to watch. Jia you to both Zhongqi and Ai-Jia.

    [You can choose to ignore the following lines especially if you aren’t Meng Ge Ru’s fan. But I’m just being true to myself]

    I admit if not for Meng Ge Ru(Ai-Jia), I wouldn’t have followed this drama. You can say that when I can’t wait or look forward to each episode, I was eagerly waiting to see Ai-Jia. I cracked my brain as to why I adores,loves and likes Meng Ge Ru so much. Then I realised I don’t have to beat my head so hard because I just do.        

    Don’t worry. I’m not extreme. Don’t label me over-obsessive or worst, a stalker. LOL. 

    Looking forward for the weekend to end quickly. I need my dose of Ai-Jia. 😀

    • gguest

      where can i watch the 47 golden bell awards? i’ve been trying to find it, but i cant! 🙁

      • Lilfir<3AiJia

        Youtube has it. Search for 金鐘獎. One of the first few searches. (:

      • True81820

         u can watch it here too at the variety show column……
        101年度電視金鐘獎星光大道 2012-10-26

    • Lovezhuguidei

      Why would Meng Geng Ru turn up with huang hong sheng? I thought Meng Geng Ru appear because of the drama. Wo ke ne bu hui Ai ni? As for huang hong sheng he never ru wei in any drama? But I have to say she look gorgeous in that red dress. Haha! I really hope next year this drama can Ru Wei and hope our main lead will get the best actor and actress award! Omg~ so excited for it. Jiayous!

      • Lilfir<3AiJia

        Haha. Was just half expecting. I knew too that she appeared with ‘In Time With You’ cast. Yep, have to wait for next year then. (: 

  • Aaa


  • sonic

    ming yu start to understand love cannot be force but her mother still….



    • Example


  • guest

    lol they watching Zhen Tou in cinema!

  • smile


  • LoveZhuGuiDei

    仲祈跟爱家的吻全部都被保哥,镖哥和世豪叔给看光了啦!好尴尬喔!哈哈!我好爱奶奶喔!希望奶奶说的,明玉会听的进去~ 听不进也没关系,反正仲祈还是会选爱家~ 哈哈!而且雪翎怎么在秦美姨的家啊?

  • Innocence

    I’m so speechless for this episode! It was great! But for the preview, well… I’m a little pissed of what will Qin Ma do but the eloping of ZhongJi and AiJia… I’m so excited! Also, I’m kinda curious of the last preview of Xue Ling and Wei Quiang. I wonder if what would happen there. just curious. Anyway, I’m still looking forward for the next episode on Monday! 🙂 

  • Klhotz_14

    huh! 16 more to go!  wo ai! saranghae!te amo!i love! mahal ko na to sobra…hope remaining episodes will be smooth…GOODLUCK!

  • 豬鬼

    啊泰的爸爸媽媽,殺妹,梨子跟啊賢一起去看陣頭! 哈哈超酷的 LOL!

  • lovelove

    OMG can’t wait for them to 私奔!!! imagine all the zhongqi-aijia moments that will occur!!! meltszxcxcz

  • Jtlt

    I just realized that Qingmei yi has a knack of blurting out 80s’ hits… “We are family…” LOL. I think I remember her singing something else when they were organizing a party for her… HAHA

    • Lilfir<3AiJia

      She sang ‘Thats The Way(I Like It)’ during the organisation of her party. – EP33
      ‘The Final Countdown’ when they numbering the days Zhongqi coming back. – EP26


  • *0*

    oh yes..i love the grandma so much..
    just the crazy mum doesnt understand now..
    should have more time for them to date..><

  • haha it was kinda weird when ai jia and zhong qi were hugging after he saved her from being hit by the motorcycle.. .ai jia’s head was at zhong qi’s chest and it felt so weird because she’s not usually that short 

    • Jtlt

      You know why? I think they make her wear taller shoes! I also watched this newshowbiz clip where they made her stand on a platform during the Yang Le Duo scenes… she’s actually much smaller than she really is 

      • Max

        Haha… I noticed the same, sometimes ZQ appears a lot taller than AJ. And I always thought that it was the other way around, that is, they make ZQ stand on a box or something to make him taller!!! Was I wrong on this.

        Can someone help – what was the piece of paper held by Qin Ma and what did she say before she forced ZQ and MY to get engaged. My poor mandarin skills is acting up on me again.

        • Weilingmiko

          That is the paper where they adopt zq. She is telling him that she want terimate the thing so zq and my can b tgt

          • Max


        • yeah I always thought they made ZQ stand on a box  to make him taller? Why would they make AJ taller?

          • oh i just checked Xiao Gui’s height is 176cm and teresa’s height is 164cm ! I swear AJ seems like only a few centimetres shorter than ZQ! 

          • Cosbphoto

            He was definitely standing on a box. She was at least 10cm taller in the shot before that..hahaha

  • Alis


    • SSBG

      Agree with you 100% ….. selfish and living in her own world….

  • 192

    siao the mother siao!!!

  • Jtlt

    So nice! They replayed the kiss! It still makes me weak at the knees… good one, director! 

    I teared up a little at the scene with Zheng Ba and Zhongqi….especially at the hug part. Zheng Ba really exhibits an inordinate amount of love for his daughter and can see that Zhongqi has tried his hardest here. I loved the humorous twist that lead Zheng Ba to trail the couple on their first date… to think that he had to cross twice the number of obstacles to win the heart of Ai Jia’s mum! And so it is, that Zheng Ba was just trying to protect his own jewel of a daughter in the only way he knew how to. I also love the touch of continuity that the writers made… in telling us that Ai Jia’s mum was the one who gave her these badges before. 🙂 

    I really think that the beauty of this show is that it also deals with real world contemporary issues. The tension between practical realities and aspirations, the economic pressures of raising and supporting a family and following one’s passions. This was shown in its treatment of Cheng En and Ting Ting’s dilemma – Cheng En giving up his aspiration of being a famous painter to help support his baby on the way. This hasn’t been resolved but I’m so glad Ting Ting is being supportive of him. 

    Cuteness oozing from every pore of the newly-minted couple! These two are just squirming in ecstasy… from them rolling around in their own beds to the coyness in their gazes towards each other… woot! Zhongqi’s boyishness is truly coming through and it’s the first time I actually noticed that Zhongqi and Ai Jia’s heights are super well-matched. She’s up to his chin and can comfortably rest on him during embraces! How nice!!!! Xiao Gui and Teresa Meng look like they are enjoying themselves filming those scenes… their acting is VERY convincing. But I think these two are professional and it doesn’t look like they are in love in real life! Just have great chemistry from working alongside each other – you can see that they have a very solid friendship. 

    The preview is really good… the two are going to elope! Eggciting! I think Mingyu will come to her senses and give up, in Nainai’s words, what doesn’t really belong to her… I love the dialogue in this show… how people are persuaded over multiple conversations to slowly change their mindsets bit by bit… (this is more like real life than drama time) it looks like Qin Ma might go a little mad trying to get Zhongqi engaged to Mingyu, but I think once her daughter puts her foot down she won’t try and press the issue. She’s a little emotionally unstable, maybe Alan can recommend a shrink for his soon to be stepmum. Ha ha. 

    I am dreading the Xue Ling debacle… I am so glad she didn’t make an appearance in this case. I can’t wrap my head around the suddenness of her villainy but I guess this two-faced woman is something the writer introduced to pull a plug on the artifice of happiness that dramas always try to construct. There are really such yucky people in this world. Ew. 

    I am SO going to re-watch parts of this episode. Still on a drama cloud 9 because of the ecstatic bits from Zhongqi-Ai Jia. *happy sigh*

  • Angel Koh

    下一集,敏慧竟然要棄養仲祈,要仲祈跟明玉結婚!然后,不過仲祈不答应,就決定跟爱家私奔! 现在的秦媽真的变了很多!

  • True81820

    both of them looked so good on their first date esp xiao gui in that pink shirt….. but i think he need to cut his hair haha a bit too long now ! sweet couple wish they were together in real hehe……..


  • Fatman


  • Ranilly


    • Sweet

      look forward to see ZQ and AJ running away from the crazy mum.
      the hugs and spending more time together…… sweet

  • Hfconan4869

    Pisses me off!! -___-

  • lovelove

    哈哈哈 awww their awkward first real kiss!!!

  • guest12

    OMG 仲祈和愛家好甜蜜哦。接下來要私奔耶

    • HSS

      i wonder where are they gonna go/hide…..looks like is AJ dad’s hse or Jing Mai ah eye’s house?? 

  • guest

    so sad…. the father’s finally letting go

  • guest

    wow both so cute when they smsing each other. lol was scare tat xia gui hit until his phone..

  • Sheila380

    Thank you!

  • Guest


  • Youtubie98