Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Episode 82 The End

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203 thoughts on “Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Episode 82 The End

  1. Sorry that I previously got the 100% entertainment date wrong. haha. so.. the pair of the xiao gui & summer will be shown tonight. looking forward to it. based on the trailer and the comments I’d seen, xiao gui was indeed sweet and caring towards summer. he stating that his shoulder is free anytime for her. and summer’s hair.. haha. how cute can she be?! 😀

  2. Not sure if anyone cares but it seems that our favorite co-stars Alien&Summer saw each other more than once this week. Firstly it was Summer guesting on 100%, second was yesterday when they attended 三立’s company dinner thing. They even went on stage together for a lucky draw.(:

  3. Geng Ru appearing in 100% entertainment again. This time, it’s together with the duo of Show Luo & Alien Huang.Looking forward to it. 🙂

  4. Latest update, Geng Ru will going to France for her new drama shooting.
    News taken from her weibo & FB written: 台灣殺青了 法國見!

  5. Just to update. I’m currently watching K.O. One Return. Initially I never thought I would follow up but the drama suddenly explodes to life.

    But I will still frequent this comment board, in fact I do everyday to check on you people. 😛

  6. Seen the mini drama/movie entitled “微電影 [爸爸的未接來電] – 孟耿如主演”. It was so touching. Please to see that Meng Ge Ru is gradually improving in her acting. Really felt her tears. She’s probably a star in the making but to me, she already is. Jia you to her! <3

  7. Summer Meng FHM TV behind the scene video is up on her FB’s group page. Would appreciate it very much if someone could do a translation on what she said.

    P.S. Summer Meng is simply cute. Her laughter especially. Makes my day.

  8. Geng ru.. trust xiao gui so much that’s what i feel co’z everytime they together she ask him all the way… the way she wear …she walk ..summer consult it all to xiao gui..
    anybody knows before ..if xiao gui treats all his lading lady like summer  this time..if anyone knows share it to me..sorry co’z before these our OTP .i did not know the taiwan celebrities even i live here ..i don’t care them…you know what from previous interview and BTS while they are filming …they are the same xiao gui always there for summer…he care a lot ..

    • Xiao Gui has always been caring/nice towards like basically everyone. ._. But when his leading ladies guested on the 100% entertainment I never remembered him get all nervous ,blushing so hard and smiley like how Summer made him.

  9. I am with Lilfir on this 100%Entertainment especially on the jokes and silly antics. That’s the reason why I made the earlier comment about Xiao Gui should consider quitting as a host. Then again, I am so new in the TW entertainment scene that, perhaps it’s a norm there. I really don’t know.

    Getting back to the XiaoGui-GengRu topic, so looks like everyone here (i.e. Rosaliehsia, X} and Lilfir) seem to think that both of them are onto something!!! The feelings probably intensified for XiaoGui after he saw GengRu’s pics on FHM.

    X} – you mentioned that XiaoGui was badly hurt in a relationship before, was it with RainieYang? She was the one who broke off with him, right? Probably she thinks that he’s not good enough for her(?). But really, XiaoGui looks like a decent, down to earth, practical, friendly and overall nice gentleman.

    • Nope it is not Rainie, they always said that their break up is mutual. He actually confessed that while he is preparing for his second album, he was dating and he saw his then girlfriend cheating on him. He just stood there and watch her walk out of the movie theater with another guy. He also said that he was really upset during that period and that he took him a very long time to move on. Alien is actually all of things you said above except that he can be really childish at times over his toys.

    • though im with you on him leaving 100% entertainment becoz it would give him more time to act n sing,he will never leave because if not for this show, he wouldnt be where he is today. unless they want him to leave or the show gets cancelled, he will never leave. hahahha.btw i didnt realise you guys were still posting here! hahahah its been like two months?! wow. 

  10. Just saw the full episode of 1.4.2003 100% entertainment. I admit first hand, that I don’t really watch 100% entertainment. I caught yesterday’s episode purely because Summer Meng was presence. I’m not really a fan of that variety show because I just find the jokes perpetuated by the host corny and I cringed everytime, though I know it’s for entertainment purposes. 

    IMO of Summer Meng & Alien Huang, I sense jealousy & denial. Of course, we may never know or have no way of knowing their hearts’ content. But my heart tells me that they do have feelings for one another. If I was in Xiao Gui’s shoe, I would definately have pursued Summer. Summer is indeed a rare breed of not only a female celebrity but also a girl in general. Although from the surface, we could see that Xiao Gui cared for Summer, I thought he could do a whole lot better because Summer Meng deserves more. 

    All in all, my heart wont feel at ease if they don’t end up together.         

  11. Was wondering if anyone saw the full episode of yesterday’s 100% entertainment. I remember in my previous comments I said that it is highly impossible for them to have any romantic feelings but after watching yesterday’s episode I changed my mind, the way Alien giggled nervously when Summer picked him to play the safety kiss was so adorable and after the kiss he had this little grin on his face. And when Summer was made to wear the pig nose, she asked Alien if she looked okay.(not sure if anyone saw it because the attention was most probably on the director). There is so many more moments that are so sweet.
    It’s difficult to find a girl like Summer and even more difficult to find a guy like Alien so if they really do have feelings for each other, they should get together. Even though Alien can be childish at times or fool around with female celebrities for show effect but he has been badly hurt in a relationship before so he probably will treat his girlfriend like a princess.
    But whatever it is, yesterday’s episode is just making me miss Zhong Qi&Ai Jia more. D:

  12. By the way i love how summer hold xiao-gui’s hands very sweet…summer remind him to stop saying about Eddie Peng  shyly girl..
    they are so sweet in this episode…the moment is on the air…the impact chemistry is in high voltage..220 volts..
    Hayy…xiao gui make an MV together w/ summer and i’m sure it will be very success… do it….

    • So how do you gauge their body language? Are the two of them onto something?

      From the sound of your comments, you are one very happy person tonight!!!

      • yeah.. saw this half episode and i rewatch it tomorrow morning…from my observation xiao gui cares a lot of summer  and the eyes the smile omg…i’m melted
        and the crew ..director of this show also relate the SSB moment lol….the smack kiss back two times in slow motion w/ the song I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU..
        pairing of xiao gui and summer of this episode is great…the cute and sweet AJ back ..hope that the full episode will upload in youtube ….
        You’re right i’m happy and sleep w/ a big smile ..to see how happy they are….

  13. LOL…..I can sense the waves of excitement rippling through all the Fb fanpages related to GengRu and the numerous spin-off fanpages all because of the half kiss that’s being shown tonight on YLBFB.

    Thank god I am only a super fan of the fictitious ZQ/AJ couple (and that is more than I can chew for the time being), otherwise I think I would have gone mad with anticipation as well. But I must say, I am really beginning to like GengRu the actress. Really hoping to see more of her dramas soon.

    As for Xiao Gui, just want to mention that I prefer his natural black hair. The current grey hair is not becoming at all, makes him look like an old man. Also, maybe he should quit hosting YLBFB and charge full steam ahead into acting and singing. I am just of the opinion that he maybe taken more seriously if people don’t see him upto silly and funny antics all the time like what he’s required to do in shows like YLBFB.

    Nevertheless, I shall be looking forward to reading everybody’s comments on tonight’s episode of YLBFB.

  14. yeah…watch this episode ..the playful ZQ-AJ  was there…and i love the song I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU…when they make smack kiss.
    enjoy to watch this two..and my observation for Xiao-Gui is different …Summer is very sweet and shy..xiao-gui always care of summer meng..
    and the black jacket is familiar  to me..it’s  own by xiao gui or her manager…
    anybody can translate this episode…hope upload it on SSB fb or in Summer fb..or in youtube already…
    waiting for the translation..thank you everybody…waiting their collaboration again…

  15. To AJ-ZQ fan, don’t forget to catch today’s 100% entertainment(1/4/2013). I only knew Xiao Gui revealed that Summer really really like Eddie Peng with whom she worked on S.H.E. MV years back. Sign of jealousy perhaps? But I found it awkward Alien Huang had to say that. Nonetheless, their playful interaction is a reminisce of the AJ-ZQ we all love. 🙂

  16. yes..finally get the copy of FHM cover girl no one else but summer.. omg the goddess.. pretty cute and sexy lady AJ..
    actually i like the concept not so bad in the eyes of people.. i think they know that summer is so young and however it looks so adorable pose..
    Summer did not wear a bikini ..she only use t-shirt w/ the bra out a little bit but so sexy ..flawless skin lol..omg godness the interview are too long i can’t understand what she say..about what…???

    X..need your translation if you have one right now…thanks..
    get your copy now…only $200 in taiwan…so grab now.. for the first time in my life i bought this FHM magazine..

    • I would love to get a copy but sadly I live in Singapore and not Taiwan. I will try and search around to see if anyone took a picture of the interview/post the whole interview online. If I happen to come across the full interview, I will translate it over here!(:

    • Cant wait to get mine. Luckily I have a friend in Taiwan who could deliver it to me. 

      IMO. Summer’s sexiness is just right. I wouldn’t want her to be overly sexy. I suppose we all grown accustomed and like Summer the way she originally is. From what I can understand from the interview posted on Taiwan FHM website, she is like X stated, modest and down to earth. Truth be told, my admiration for other female celebrities faded because they just cant keep their feet planted firmly on the ground. 

      To X, once I get my copy, i’ll try to send the pictures to you. Cheers. 🙂

    • Oh….i can’t find the magazine in Malaysia…..Really hope someone can help me to buy and send it to me. Pls anybody can help?????????

  17. Happy new year to everyone who’s still frequenting this site.

    I’ve been looking and looking at Geng Ru’s numerous photoshots from FHM and after the initial excitement and awe have died down, I’ve come to realise that I prefer Geng Ru of the innocent look, which basically is the “AiJia” version. Hopefully, she can maintain her innocence for a few more years.

    And Rosaliehsia, what’s happening? You seem to be rather distressed. I don’t have any problems accessing this site at all. And I always visit this site to drop little comments and let’s hope Geng Ru will not let us wait too long before she leads in another tv drama.

    • Don’t worry the innocent look of AJ is still there… even she pose in different angle but you can feel the shyness in her eyes..
      i think this time her beauty will expose …she have another shoot of magazine…even of her age she can manage herself what is good or not..
      I like her pose of this FHM its different from others…i mean even she did not wear a bikini style but she look so sexy and cute..and that’s why i like the concept..
      I’m also waiting her next drama..and i’m excited co’z this time i think she will sing ..that’s why she learn more on singing and doing guitar…maybe middle of this year.and wish that it will broadcast on SET TV…same as SSB…

  18. A little update on Ai-Jia aka Meng Ge Ru.
    There’s bits of news snippets on SummerMengIFC FB showcasing her Taiwan FHM photoshoot. It’s probably not that clear to our likings. Anyone who found a clearer one, please share it via my email. 
    Summer sure is sexy, pretty & cute all at the same time. <3

  19. oh my godness… try so many times in google search this blog now type the SSB cannot found directly…what happen ??
    so what to do is go directly this site tpye http://www..whatever…huhhh.i‘m kinda upset co’z i want to read all the comments here and the translation.
    hard to find this time …sometimes it says <<< not found try again..kinda worried that these comments board will stop…and i'm not happy i'm being sad..

    • Heya Rosahliehsia. I suggest you bookmark this page. What browser you using? 
      Me, MAX, X}, hopefully jtlt comes back and the rest of the die hard fan of SSB(especially our OTP fan) and of course you. will try to make this comments board survive for as long as we can. 🙂

      • Hi…can you write it on chinese on how to bookmark this page…co’z i want my son to do this for me..i’m poor of chinese writing and this computer is in chinese method…so i hope you can give me a favor > so that i can visit this blog anytime..i’m worried that sooner i can’t found this SSB comment from avid fans like me…
        Thank you very much>>>>>and happy new year…

  20. Eddie Peng’s a good looking guy and is Taiwanese Canadian. No wonder, Summer Meng idolises him. 

    Is there a chance of Summer Meng following Xiao Gui’s and some other Taiwanese celebrities’ footstep by coming to Singapore? The closest she ever been was perhaps when she appearered in JJ Lin’s MV. Her Singaporean fanbase probably not much. Its just a pity that I’ve yet to master chinese or I would have already set up one. :S

  21. X.} thanks for the links in youtube…already seen it… she’s very young @ that mv  think she’s only 18 or 16 yrs.old..right now hoping that one of this days Xiao gui & Summer meng have MV together… and Xiao gui will sing the song…wow imagination again.. advance happy new year to all…>>>

  22. X}, thanks for the translation.

    And wow, for Summer to say that about having Xiao Gui’s baby to pro recreate….oohlala….is she simply saying it on purpose to set shippers of Xiao Gui and her on a wild and frenzy trail or is she really implying something here?

  23. In taiwan celebrities …i’m only hooked this girl.. when the SSB begun my day is full of happiness..i did not made an overtime work ‘coz of this show..but now i’m only wish they collaborate again…in male i’m only look Xiao gui…and i hate if he made a moony-moony w/ other guest…omg how selfish i’am….but this is true…

  24. Just saw the photos of Summer. This translation of her is remarkable, it’s not easy to be able to be sweet/cute looking and sexy too. I love the way she answered the interview(if you guys need someone to translate the interview,just tell me), she is really down to earth, good with her words and smiley too. It’s not easy to find a female celebrity like her, it’ll be stupid if any of her male co star to not pursue her. I’m glad SSB had introduce me to her as I was losing faith in most of the female celebrities. Keep coming back here to update on Summer/Alien. 🙂

    • Hi….thanks a million that you can translate…by the way give me a favor  the guesting of summer meng and her interview…
      forgive me i ca’nt read chinese..poor of mandarin… but i understand in taiwanese language co’z in my house we speak it..
      my translator is my son …so sometime i understand a little…
      and thank you ….that you offer your help for those who need  just like me…thank you..

      • You’re welcome!(:

        After being in the industry for 5 years, Summer had work with many different male celebrities, she said with a smile if that there was a unlucky day where she is stranded on a island and had to choose someone to repopulate the earth, she would choose Xiao Gui over Bo Lin Chen( She worked with him in {In Time With You}). As from their genes, Xiao Gui’s and her child will be smart,playful and humorous.
        However when asked who does she want to film a bed scene with, both Bo Lin Chen and Xiao Gui were kicked out instead Summer shyly replied “Eddie Peng. As he is my idol.” Actually, Summer and Eddie Peng had work together in a S.H.E music video and there were some intimate scenes between them. She said that Eddie has a great working attitude, very smiley and won’t put on airs but she didn’t dare to confess her admiration for him face to face.When asked about her translation in this photoshoot, Summer embarrassingly answered “I’m actually a very shy person but I really work hard for this set of photos so I hope everyone will like it.”
        Ever since being in Summer has been spotting a short hair do and it actually help her getting noticed by the audience, she said with a laugh, that ever since her hair gets cut shorter and shorter, more job opportunity start knocking on the door so short hair is her lucky hair style. Also Summer had let slip that other than filming, she will be singing in her next idol drama series.
        Summer said that her voice leans more towards the 楊乃文( Chinese singer) side so she usually sings her songs. When asked if Summer will become a singer, she answered “Only when I have enough practice then I will consider coming out with an album. If without enough practice and I came up with an album, that is when my singing career will be ruined.”

        • friend …thank you read your translation…hope you’ll continue ’till next time..
          by the way …search Eddie Peng in youtube infairness he is also handsome guy…he is now focused in china …
          that S>H>E music video is from what year….i did not found in youtube….
          again thanks….for the efforts..

  25. oh my…. visit @summer fb  saw some pics there ..her simple beauty is rock my mind…i’m shocked….the photo shoot is also simple but you can feel more sexy ….more daring…even this is for male magazine… but i like the concept summer meng is only 21 yrs. …but they know how to make her sexy lips…sexy gesture out..the shyness of summer meng still there…read some article she have another drama next year..like romance..comedy w/ action stunts again….
    the coming year she is very busy…i think she is now in school of singing…and practice a guitar…she said when you enter in singing you learn more..so maybe not only in acting but she also interested the other one…..Xiao gui said summer have most character so this is it….boomm so gorgeous..simply but sexy..i’m confident these two will never forget there lovey-dovey in SSB…

  26. Lilfir, did u look at Summer’s latest pics, esp the one where she curled up in a satin box like thing. She is really drop dead gorgeous, sexy….. I never imagine she could look like that. If I am Xiao Gui, I’ll be after her in a jiffy…

    • Definately! Kindda spontaneous when she decided to grace Taiwan FHM Magazine Cover. It’s great that she stated her shyness in doing the photoshoot, thus her cute demeanour is still intact. Xiao Gui is missing on a whole lot if he never chases Ge Ru. Hahaha..:D

  27. Wow, I just realise it’s a one month anniversary of the last episode of SSB. ZQ and AJ are still so fresh and vivid in my mind.

    I was also wondering what’s MY doing these days? MY is my next favourite star in SSB.

    Btw, folks, there’s a third version of the SSB continuation by Star Fish Ho (upto chapter 3 now). The chapters in this version are short and sweet. Go check it out at Summer Meng Group fb.

  28. It’s been a month since SSB ended and to be honest I am still wandering around. I can’t watch any new Taiwan dramas, none of them is able to fill the void that SSB left so I been going back and rewatch Endless Love. Oh and I was scrolling through Summer’s FB the other day and i saw a comment from a fan who was there when summer guested on 100% stating a conversation that went down when cameras probably won’t rolling
    Alien:Do you need a jacket or something to cover up?
    {summer was sitting on a chair and her dress was short. So Alien was afraid that she might be seen}
    Summer:No it’s fine.
    Alien: I still think it is better to cover up.
    Summer’s manager:*pass the jacket* Still your husband is the most caring.
    And this reminds me of that time at a fan meeting Alien let Summer to sit on his lap because she was wearing a dress and had to squat down to take a photo with the fans off stage.
    Our leads aren’t really helping me from moving on. ;_;.I really hope that in 2013, we can have another show that star Summer&Alien

  29. Even  xiao gui attend the show w/c is held last Dec.23  @ TVBS live he mention the SSB  …..ZQ and he sang the song when he want to be with AJ…i don’t know the title of the song….and my mind is already in trouble hayyyy…how can i recover of this …every night i search in youtube there’s a lot of people upload the ZQ-AJ moment…rewatch all over again….

  30. Looks like my labelling of Meng Ge Ru as sexy may just be justified. She might be the girl in Guess Who FHM Taiwan’s edition next year. Wolala! Cant wait! Hahaha! 😀

  31. it’s been almost a month since ssb ceased but the withdrawal symptom have yet to fade.  i can’t bear to watch any other taiwanese drama, and even if i have to, I’ll rewatch Zhong Ji San Guo(K.O.3an Guo) which also featured my another favourite pairing, Xiu & Ah Xiang. i know they are going to have another sequel coming out soon, K.O One Part II but i felt it wouldn’t be that interesting simply because there won’t be a Xiu & Ah Xiang. anyways, i can’t wait for Summer Meng & Alien Huang to collaborate again.  

    and oh, i’m kindda thankful that the 2 blogs of ssb continuation exist. kind of alleviated me abit. i felt whatever they had written should had been the ending of the drama. but nonetheless, i truly love ssb and i will be for the rest of my life. 🙂

  32. Hey Rosaliehsia, use google translate. You just go to the site, copy several lines, then paste it in google translate. They will give you the “pinyin” and English translation. They also have both the translation in audio. The English translation really sucks though, therefore I listen to the pinyin version. My audio mandarin has improved by leaps and bounds, I am now able to understand a good measure, whatever that I can’t comprehend, I just ask my other half. I guess you just need to ask your son (bribe him if you have to, LOL).

    Oh, I am so glad you are also following the continuation. The versions in baidu and sweetbodyguardconti are so different, but both are so endearing. As I’ve mentioned down below, the version in baidu is complete. I assure you will cry buckets when you come to the part on AJ giving birth to “Xiao Jie gen”, their first baby. ZQ nicknamed her after their favourite flower, I loved the way the writer described how ZQ wanted a daughter just like AJ, so that he could love her, pamper her, hold her hands while she grows up. And then the writer also described how their baby girl looks just like ZQ with dimples and how she loves music. And then you will cry more at the very end when you read about them growing old together (I wish the writer had stopped at the part AJ gave birth because the story got a little melo when they grew old…..). But nevertheless, it is still an awesome effort on the writer’s part in giving us something that we so wanted to have so badly in the final episodes of SSB and which we did not get from the show itself.

  33. Just wanna say that besides the SSB’s continuation @sweetbodyguardconti, another fan also contributed a ten-chapter piece in baidu. The one in baidu is completed, I have just finished reading it, the last chapter and the conclusion made me cry so hard again. It was so touching. The ZQ/AJ moments all came flooding back like a tsunami. The writer really gave the story a closure that it truly deserved. I am so grateful for these fans for taking the time and effort to do this, it really looked like a lot of hard work went into it. Do read it if only to support your fellow fans. Meanwhile, the one @sweetbodyguardconti is still in progress upto chapter 8 now. This one really plugged a lot of voids in SSB, the writer really address every single piece of issue that we were having so much difficulty dealing with then, for eg., ZQ leaving AJ……

    Needless to say, SSB is still very much in my mind and heart. Never have I been so emotionally drawned and attached to a drama like this ever before, I simply do not and could not understand why………

    • I attempt to answer your question for you. Zhongqi left to seek treatment for his eyes in the US together with his foster mother. He cant bear to burden Ai-Jia. He suffered temporal blindness due to an accident after epicly proposing to Ai-Jia. As to the extension in episodes, is due to the preceeding drama not being able to launch on time so they pushed forward and adding 2 more episodes to this drama. Hope I answered your questions.

  34. For those die-hard followers of ZQ/AJ, you will be pleased to know that an ardent fan has taken the trouble to write his/her version of a sequel to SSB. It is written upto chapter 7 now. You can read it at fb @sweetbodyguardconti. It is written in Chinese though, therefore a bit of a problem for English speaking fans. I really wish someone would do the full translation. Anyhow, I got my other half to translate a bit of it, and it is really worth following, you actually get to experience the full dose of ZQ/AJ sweetness all over again. Enjoy……….it will alleviate your withdrawal symptoms.

    • One way for those can’t read chinese is cut & paste all the dialogue to google translate and listen to it…..haha this is how i’m do it due to I can’t read chinese…..

  35. why ZQ-AJ did not received an award from SET TV  sweetsweetbodyguard is being successfull…xiao gui and summer meng act so well for this drama.. but why …..
    for what this award…?????

  36. yesssss…..summer meng well appear in 100% entertainment and it well air on January 4 …ZQ is there also…another moment of AJ–ZQ…
    hope they play a game..like the other guest….i have a lot of wish for MENG GENG RU…. hope she have another drama….she also learn in singing so that she have an album soon..and more movies to come…. and my last wish she love by many people for what she is…more fans to come in her life……

  37. I’m waiting the release of summer meng movies i expect that she well appear in that show to promote….and im very excited not only that show but all talk show here in taiwan maybe December i wish….i think DEAR GRANNY will out by January …..and follow by HOT LINE 999 even im not in good in mandarin but i follow all the showbiz news..search if she have latest one..by the way her manager is a boy ??? coz saw some of their pics @ summer meng fb…

  38. On one hand, I wont deny that I’m one of those who wish for Alien Huang to be together with Summer Meng, to turn their reel life to real life. 6 months is more than enough time to develop romantic feelings between themselves. I believe that would just boost their stardom. 

    On the other hand, its ok if they dont. I’ll support them nonetheless. Alien Huang recently had an autograph session cum promotion of his upcoming concert near where I lived. Just about 10 mins walk away. Judging by the crowd, he sure have a place in Singaporean’s heart. Looking forward to Summer Meng’s upcoming movie. I wish she could visit our shore, and to which if she did, I’ll go crazy. Haha..

    I miss this show. I miss you commenters! Please don’t stray too far away from this comment board ok? 🙂

    • Hahah I feel the same way about the comment board. as for them actually being together in real life? I think it would be so cute to see them actually together but they are great friends now and I feel that is something more cherishable:) 

  39. this two people leave my mind empty…everyday my mind full of ZQ-AJ …omg until now…i have an eye problem coz every moment in youtube…to rewatch SSB..the withdrawal not yet over…..wohhhhh heartache…headache all the above…..
    watch xiao-gui concert in youtube he sang the song that you can imagine the band w/ AJ hold bling-bling…i don’t know what is the english title of that song..
    and then the fan meeting he sang the song when he embrace AJ at back …omg how can i recover of this…sickness…

  40. watch the clip video of thanks giving party i miss them again… the sweetness of ZQ-AJ  comes out off cam…and i think summer have also a good voice  they have duet together and summer have solo number.then after the concert i guess  xiao-gui mentioned that he did not know or its surprise summer’s being present that night.hmmp.

    • Yes, I saw. Both Xiao Gui and Summer are always bringing up their age gap of almost ten years. And LOL….., Xiao Gui asked Summer to grow older faster, to which Summer answered, “no, I don’t want to”. She is just so sweet.

      Summer also mentioned that while they were shooting ep 81 (when ZQ went to America), her emotions then were very real because she actually felt that ZQ really left her. I guess this is what happens when you’re together everyday for six long months. Who knows, maybe they also suffer from withdrawal, afteral, they become so attached to their respective characters.

  41. For those who like 小鬼+耿如, there is a short clip of them hugging after his concert. I can’t say much but from what I can see and understand is that Xiao Gui is focusing on his career. In a recent interview in Singapore, he said he hasn’t found someone for him and that all his previous relationships all ended because he didn’t spend enough time with his girlfriend. As for Summer, if I’m not wrong she is busy filming another movie right? So it’s highly impossible for them to have any romantic feelings unless they work together again but whatever it is, ZQ&AJ will forever stay in our hearts.

  42. Wow, you guys are really rooting for Xiao Gui and Summer to get together. As for me, I am more a fan of the fictitious ZQ and AJ than the real life Xiao Gui and Summer.

    Nevertheless, I just happened to catch two episodes of YLBFB, and I can’t see why some of you actually think Xiao Gui would like Hu Die? Furthermore, didn’t the paparazzi catch Show Luo and Hu Die in Bangkok recently? Apparently, they were holding hands. Again, I also can’t imagine Show dating Hu Die. Not that I am putting Hu Die down, but she seems too ordinary and average kind of girl to be going out with Show or even Xiao Gui.

    As for Xiao Gui and Summer, I think it will not likely that they will get together any time soon. I believe Summer mentioned several times that Xiao Gui is almost ten years her senior. Not that this age gap is that big a problem, but the issue is Xiao Gui has been around for years while Summer appears to be rather green and innocent. As such, I think while Xiao Gui is prepared for a relationship (with whoever), Summer on the other hand may not be. If I am her, I would rather concentrate on my career first. Relationship should take a backseat for the time being.

    And so, that’s why I am such a big an of ZQ/AJ rather than Xiao Gui/Summer. Both ZQ and AJ is so sweet and innocent together, they are both each other’s first and final love. They are the perfect fairy tale couple, with no hidden past or background affairs, both so untouched and pure, both so loveable, both so devoted to each other……I can go on and on……..

  43. Been exactly a week since the final curtain fell on SSB. Seems like us fans are still in a daze and going round in circles.

    Just to digress a bit, I have been following this other drama, “Miss Rose” (starring Roy Qiu and Megan Lai). Miss Rose premiered round about the same time as SSB back in July, but it’s a weekly series, and certainly not as addictive or even comparable to SSB. In the latest episode (ep 19) of Miss Rose, we see Roy proposing to Megan in a very old fashioned way :-  ala a romantic evening, Roy cooking candlelight dinner at home, table decorated with rose petals, red wine and then Roy went down on one knee with the ring. Yes, this maybe so passe, but it was still so sweet because Roy’s lines during the proposal was so touching and the simple gesture of clasping Megan’s hands to his lips were so awesomely romantic. The dialogue went something like this (word of caution though as I may not do full justice to the actual Mandarin version) :-

    Roy – I’m not the first person to hold your hand, I’m not the first person to hug you, I’m also not the first person to kiss you.
    Roy – But I will work very hard to be the first person you will want to see when you’re sad, be the first person you will want to share your joy, be the first person you want
             to rely on when you wish to run away. I may not be a 100% good husband but I will do my utmost to create a 100%perfect family with you. Marry me…….
    Megan – Isn’t this too fast?
    Roy – I’ve spent one third of my life waiting for you, therefore, I don’t think this is too fast………

    (Roy was utterly mesmerizing when he said those lines…….ooohhh…la…la).

    Reason why I’m bringing Miss Rose into the picture is because I want to revisit ZQ’s proposal. Most of us were waiting so eagerly for ZQ to propose and when he finally did, not many of us really talked about it, I suspect was because all our attention then was focused on the freak accident.

    Now in retrospect, I feel ZQ’s proposal kinda fell short of expectations. I suspect what was sorely missing was ZQ never actually gotten around to saying anything at all to AJ that night. Neither did he get a chance to be sentimental or passionate. His well prepared speech was not even read out during the proposal itself. I also can’t help but have this lingering thought of what a super funny wedding night scene ZQ and AJ could have had for us if not because of the blindness!!  I guess that’s why a lot of us still feel a void although the show did end on it good note, well, we can blame it all on the accident for shortchanging us.

  44. always visit @SSB fb …..summer meng fb no news …my day is boring now… always search SSB episode in youtube…watched the old interview of ZQ–AJ…i think they are busy doing things… xiao gui busy promote his tour concert…while summer meng doing movies…..hope will see new endorsement of summer meng…

    • in that 100% entertainment variety – alien was explaining why he would like to sing cynia’s song – named confidently that that song appeared in cynia’s “momo love” idol drama – that was wrong and embarrasing for alien.  that song actually came out in another of cynia’s drama – actually summer had a small part in that “momo love” drama – lol.
      to rank the 3 women for most beautiful – alien was composed and thought a lot – usually when questions involved rainine yang – he would laugh shly.  cynia was the most beautiful, rainine 2nd (hu die cut in and said then summer is 3rd? – she seemed anxious to know about summer’s ranking), summer 3rd.  calmly, he said that rainine most lovable(cutest), summer has the most character and most … (hu die cut in again – would any girl like to be named most character) – actually alien added that “most special” (caption did not appear on screen cos got cut off by hu die).  all 3 qualites are praiseworthly but if that girl has the most character and her heart is …(sorry don’t know the meaning), then he would love her very much – does not mean that he would go for the most beautiful or most pretty – he has to add on – or even go for the most lovable – is he trying to hint that rainine is out of his range?

    • next question – which costar would he develop a relationship with – normally he laugh at such awkward questions – again he was serious and thought a lot – he named hu die (his cohost for this variety) – she doesnt keep long account, is carefee (I agreed) – hu die exclaimed that does it mean that she has beaten rainie yang – he was composed and said yes, you have beaten rainie yang.  (hu die as far as can observed – she is a very good-hearted lady but somehow will not go for alien’s kind)

  45. can i ask something.. how many months or years did xiao gui- raine yang broke up coz until now they always teasing xiao gui…and poor ai ja she compare among the three girls who is pretty then xiao gui choose the two… that’s im not happy..no one can discover the simple beauty of summer meng…nevermind this is her first appearance in tv… maybe next year her beauty … sexy figure will come out…..i admire her so much she is only 21 but her mind is matured she knows how to manage it…

    • Xiao Gui was Rainie’s first boyfriend so they broke up around 10 years or so I think but because of them always meeting on 100% entertainment, people like to tease them. Actually Xiao Gui said “Geng Ru has the most personality between the three. I may not go for the prettiest or the cutest. If the girl has a good personality, I might go for her.” I think he only said that Cyndi was the prettiest because she was present and he said Rainie was the cutest because if he don’t say that, he might be make fun of the next times she comes on the show.

      • thanks for the reply….watch that episode and i think that episode tape before xiao gui’s concert..
        my son also say about that… i don’t know what is in his mind…he only 13 yrs.old sometimes he is my translator coz im poor in mandarin…
        where i can find the blog have an english news or forum…..

    • Ok, I may be bias but I agree with you. Meng Ge Ru’s beauty is simple. She’s relatable to the everyday human being. Honestly she shouldn’t be compared to the other two. She’s her own girl. I used to like Rainie Yang but her fickle-mindedness when comes to relationship ticks me off.  

  46. I guess I’m so accustomed to calling Meng Ge Ru, Ai-Jia. I’m still living in that character! LOL! If I were to see Summer Meng for real, I have no doubt in my mind that I will call her Ai-Jia! Hahaha..

  47. Yes, I saw the pictures of the cast at their dinner reception. Do you guys agree that they almost spot the same hairstyle?

  48. summer meng and cai je attend the concert….after the concert summer- xiao gui take picture w/ a big smile wahhh… there is something2x of this two.. well i hope…and i pray…..and summer had same suit when she want to play the piano.. which is that day is xiao gui concert so while xiao gui rehearsed summer was there.. wahhh

  49. Did anyone else saw the photos of the cast at the dinner? Apparently, Geng Ru & Xiao Gui sang together. Also when they were on stage, everyone else was chanting “在一起“ (be together). 

  50. My missing of this show intensified day by day. I do have this drama in it’s entirety in my database, I could view it as when I like but nothing could beat watching it in real time, as it is ongoing simply because I was watching it with all the fan of SSB. 🙂

    • Same here. Missing ZQ/AJ, missing MY, missing Auntie QingMay, missing every single element of SSB.

      On hindsight, they should have prolong the ZQ/AJ ending scenes by a bit, 5 more mins would have suffice. Maybe should have showed him going back to the office to resume his position as general manager. Or they could cameo ZQ and AJ in the new drama Lady Maid Maid.

      • Yeah. I also felt that their moments were a tad short. I was a lil dissappointed that they quickly blurred their very last kiss.  

  51. Not sure if anyone will come back and read this but looks like 小鬼 and  耿如 get really into their characters.(: Geng Ru started her card with ” To: Zhong Qi” & Signed off with Ai Jia + the things she wrote on the card were really sweet. Also, when Xiao Gui thanked Geng Ru on his weibo he said “爱家,谢谢你给我的力量。“

  52. Looks like Meng Ge Ru together with Yuan Ai Fei was there @ Xiao Gui’s concert supporting him.

    I also read a comment that Xiao Gui stated in his microblog him thanking Ai-Jia for the strength. 

    • yeah i think ‘coz this drama from start to end is on battle….ratings is good
      i ask my son ‘coz he understand chinese.. and he say yesss..if the search in youtube first episode mark 1 million plus…

  53. Hey Lilfir, thanks anyways.

    Btw, it would be good to use this comments board for us to keep in touch for updates (esp on Alien and Summer) or other reasons such as drama recommendations for those who are keen to check out new releases (like Jtlt just recommended a new drama down below).

    Both Summer’s fb fanpages do provide lots of her latest news but the translation really sucks. So, I am looking forward to postings here from anyone of you who have juicy news of either of them.

  54. Sorry Max. I came across a comment on Summer Meng FB stating who the special guest were earlier in the day but I had forgotten it now. I went and search for it again but I couldn’t find it. I cant read chinese for nut so I had to manually translate them via google. Lol.

    Did you guys saw the pictures of flowers and picture frame Meng Ge Ru gave to jiayou Xiao Gui for his concert. Very sweet lah..

    Anyways judging by most of the comments I read from the page, almost everyone is rooting for Meng Ge Ru to appear in Alien Huang’s concert and for them to be together but it was not to be. 

  55. Looks like we simply can’t stay away from ZQ and AJ. We all keep coming back here.

    Does anybody know who was the special guest at Alien’s concert in Taipeh tonight?

  56. Oh Em Gee…. If you all are still visiting this comments board, I’d like to introduce you to a great show called “An Innocent Mistake”! It was shot completely on film I think, also on sugoi…I love the concept of the three bar maids who adopted a baby. I know I said I’m supposed to abstain… but I think I will make an exception for this exceptionally unconventional storyline 🙂 

    • If you mean in the show, he regained his eyesights and is happily ever after with Ai-Jia.

      Outside of the show, he’ll be having his concert today and to which it’s his birthday as well.

      So Happy Birthday Alien Huang aka Xiao Gui !!! 

  57. such a happy ending :’) so gladd that zhong qi and ai jia are finally together! 😀 and happy endings to other characters!!

  58. noticed from the beginning yalun-cj no kisses even once….but our OTP so cute lot of kisses …omg  off cam they are closed..i ca’nt imagine if they shy each other…
    yeah looking forward t their individual career…i think summer lot of movies so she’s busy…xiao gui have a tour concert…so thru this SSB people can’t never forget them…
    here in taiwan this show much love by the viewers…. it success from the start to end….miss this so much…i start rewatch from ep. 1

  59. Gonna miss watching this show everday. 🙁 This show makes me felt sad, angry, excited and touching! (: I want more of this show… 🙁

  60. Cant believe it ended! loved every moment of this drama, well sort of. but they did a great job for a 80+. just the right amount of everything. I’m gonna miss watching this every week day and reading everyone’s comments. it has truly been a pleasure!

  61. oh dear mixed feeling when watching ep 82…. sad that it’s really ended !!! happy with the ending though both Zj & Aj so cute n funny i love both their roles as what 小鬼 said he liked his role as Zj too……….this drama really made my day from ep 1 to ep 82 i cried laugh & angry throughout 82ep , praise to all the cast they all played well to made this drama works! M gonna miss this drama for sure looking fwd to XG & teresa meng new production… 小鬼 all the best with his concert 生日快樂,,,,,oh to all the fans here i enjoyed reading the comments here c u all ard sugoi ! <3

    • 這部戲的綠葉都很有戲很厲害! 秦爸、秦媽(雖然她真的很討厭)、勤美姨、世豪叔、奶奶,還好有這些硬底子演員,加上主角們,整個戲就很夠張力

  62. Words alone can’t fully express how much I love this drama. Now that it reach it’s curtain call, I’m starting to fully experience the dreaded withdrawal symptoms like most of us.

    Full range of emotions was felt for the past 4 months. Perhaps some would ask, why so serious over a drama? The word is not serious, it’s passion. I can’t be wronged for being passionate over something which ultimately brought me joy at the end of the day, right? 

    I’m inevitably going to miss this wonderful production. I’ve no idea what or when there will be another Taiwanese drama that could sweep my off my feet but at this moment, right now, in my heart, this is the best show I’d ever seen in my life. Period. 

    I’m going to miss all the cast as well(Perhaps a little testimonial below);

    Zhen Ba: 
    No one can doubt his acting ability. This veteran Taiwanese actor display his love for his daughter with such accuracy and precision. One memorable scene that left a lasting impression on me was when he finally conceded Ai-Jia to Zhong-qi, bestowing the pair of 5-hearts ampulet on him, pleading Zhong-qi to love & take care of Ai-Jia well, along with the slight tears in his eyes and the embracement of Zhong-qi.    

    She got that mix of being able to make you laugh with her wacky-ness at one point of time, and also being able to make your tears flow with her emotional moments. Flashback you to Episode 30 when she tried to leave home with her children but was halted by almost the entire cast. 

    Nai nai:
    She carried her role of a grandmother with such zest and life. I would like to have a grandmother like her around the house. 

    Qin Ba:
    Never gave up hope of reconciliating with his biological son, Ya Lun. I found it admirable at his positive attitude upon diagnosed with cancer. 

    Qin Ma:
    Yes, for the majority of this drama, I just abhor her. Until the dying moment of this final episode when she finally accepted Ai-Jia. Still kudos to the actress for being able to make us hate her for always trying to disrupt our favourite OTP.

    Her transformation from being a spoilt brat princess to a mature lady was enchanting to watch. She deserved acknowledgement for her acting. I got this funny thought that perhaps she, Meng Ge Ru & Yuan Ai-Fei could form a Taiwan’s Charlies Angel? Haha!

    Ya Lun:
    Of all the characters, I supposed he held the most complex one and boy, he held it with such aplomb. Consistent throughout. As I said and I will say it again, he deserved some accolades.

    Cai Jie:
    At some point, she really does acted well. But for a first timer, I supposed I cant be too critical of her. Only thing is, I cringed whenever she spoke in a cutesy voice. It’s ok if she articulate like that to our cute boy, Winnie but when she does it to YaLun, you get the idea..

    Ting Ting:
    Nothing much to say of her character. At some point, I found her a bit off-timing. But I supposed she’s still new so I’ll let her off the hook.

    Chen En:
    Nothing much to say of him as well, but I saw him in his previous drama and I thought he acted well in that than in this drama.

    I thought he could improve whenever he reads those monologues. 

    The next Taiwan leading man? He could only get better and better. I agree with Jtlt, up to date, this is his most challenging role and he does it like a seasoned actor. 

    I save the best or probably the longest testimonial for the last. Takes you guys no rocket science to know much I simple loveeeeeeeeeee Zhen Ai-Jia. Caught my eyes, in return, caught me to the show, I’m oh-so-God thankful that this girl exist. Initially I didn’t know of her before this drama but she does look somewhat familiar as if I’d seen her somewhere before.  
    Then I realised she was the girl that was casted in Gloomy Salad Days in their first two episode. I didn’t catch the whole drama. She had long hair then. I found that she looked better in short hair though. Some woman could be just pretty, some could just be cute, some could just be sexy. Meng Ge Ru to me at least, she’s all three. Pretty, sexy and cute. She improved leaps and bounds from her previous dramas & if you caught from her first time till now, you could literally felt she grew up. She definately got the ability to go far in Taiwan’s showbiz. She got an untapped talent waiting to be used. She can dance. She does ballet. I may for a long time live in Ai-Jia’s world and admittedly find it hard that she will go on to pair with other guys in her new movies/dramas. But nonetheless, I support her in her future endeavours. 

    Lastly, I’m going to miss the commentators that had accompanied me throughout the watching of this show. Max. Jtlt. ROYLOVE, scrumpisme. You guys made this show even more interesting. Thanks for being with me through this journey. Can’t thank you all enough.  

    With lots of love, Lil Fir.   

    • hi i agree to everything you said except for the part of wei qiang. i thought he acted the role well. his role was supposed to be a ‘block’, like, emotionless, in his whole world. so i thought he read his monologue (there are alot) well with a right mix of weirdness, funniness and emotionless in it.  

    • Thanks Lil Fir that was an awesome summary! I am now catching up on my American TV shows… I caught a few snippets of Love me or leave me and I thought it was rather relatable. Yup gonna miss all the other commentators too! 

  63. oh and does anyone find it weird that Wei Qiang has disappeared? i mean TIng TIng, Cheng En and the baby presumably they are overseas because Cheng En is still at art school (although he didn’t even come back for his sister’s wedding?!~ it’s not like his dad can’t afford it!)… but Wei Qiang just vanished! hahaha…

  64. i loved Li Li Ren’s character the best ~ he just had such a good sense of humour~ always cracking a smile or laugh… and the camera always zoomed in appropriately!
    like when Zheng Ba feigned hitting ZQ… everyone just looked relieved but Ya Lun was biting back a wry smile~ definitely the extra something that gives the show body and character! 

  65. from episode 1 – 82 ZQ grandma is the most important role , she from the start support ZQ with AJ . she also console those who are down . ZQ grandma is the best !!! She is the most loved at SSB

  66. 这结局太好啦,终于不用边看心里边纠结痛苦啦。

  67. It is so touching that I tears!! But it is really a nice and fun drama! It have make me laugh really alot!!:) thanks so much!! So gonna miss the drama!!:) did not realize that 4months have passed! Indeed nice drama allow us to forget the time that have passed!! Good time spend watching this show!! ^^ love the ending too!:)

  68. 不如来说说大家心中的剩女之最吧…最温馨感人:亲情(个人认为亚伦维尼那一段最感人)《剩女》的亲情戏一向很动人,亚伦采洁维尼,亚伦秦爸,仲祈秦爸,爱家甄爸,采洁甄爸,甚至采洁和杜爸刚相认时的戏对我来说都是剩女最温馨感人的的桥段。

  69. I am also satisfied it ended the way it did, given the drastic turn of storyline of the last few episodes.

    Thinking back, try hard as we did most of the time we couldn’t predict the development of the plots, sometimes we would be rendered so angry and frustrated, other times we would be clutching our bellies with laughter, at times we would squeal and drool and turn red at their kisses and pink flashes, there were times when we cried so hard, and over the weekend we would wait anxiously for Monday again. But most of all, we fell in love with ZhongQi and AiJia, a love affair that started end of July this year and most definitely will carry on in our hearts for a long time to come (or at least until the next pair of OTP sweep us off our feet).

    An amazing drama with a set of very talented cast and production team. I had a great time (ahem….nothwithstanding the last couple of days) and truly enjoyed everyone’s company and reading all your comments.Oh and I like the idea that everyone keeps their usernames. I will also be abstaining from dramas for the timebeing but I will drop by occasionally on some of the current releases just to read the comments and say hi. (Hey, I noticed Roylove is onto Love, Now).

  70. can i just say im gonna miss all you people that have posted since the beginning of this show( and some of you who joined later?) especially Jtlt,max and roy? i really looked forward to reading your recaps as much as watching ssb! its been a really longgggg drama and im glad to have ppl who accompanied me throughout. 🙂 God bless everyone and see you around sugoi hopefully! 🙂 (perhaps when xg or summer has a new drama? 🙂 xoxo.

  71. at 33:33 i realise AJ and his father look quite alike. Both main couple with good ending. at least the writter know what we want goodddddd. From 80 episode become 82 , but the last 2 episode is the best !

  72. 看到完这部戏,我真的觉得爱家仲祈这个夫妻真的很棒,两个人都经过了那么多苦,才能在一起,他们都好勇敢,不放弃这个爱情。我还记得第一集仲祈被羊乐多乐团绑架,爱家就去就救仲祈,然后那个蟑螂爬到怕蟑小次郎身上,然后光着四角裤,跑到海边然后爱家不小心推,警察来了,然后甄爸来到警察局看到董事长,两个老朋友,然后爱家是那个要保护仲祈的镖,他们两就是从这一天开始从保镖的身份,变朋友,变团队,然后便秘书,然后女朋友然后夫妻!这部戏,我超爱的,大家也应该和我一样都舍不得这部戏,仲祈爱家,小鬼耿如,我爱你们!

  73. I am satisfied! This ending made me both laugh and cry… 

    Excellent show… and I’m glad we ended with a super cute bed scene with Zhongqi and Ai Jia…. these two… should get together off screen too! And have super cute babies!

    But side note that I think Xiao Gui said the same things he said to Teresa to Michelle Chen (who eventually starred on You are the apple of my eye) on YLBFB after the filming of their show Lin Bei… he said that in another world, they would have been lovers but for now he will have to accept that she will go on to film with other guys… i think this guy gets really into his roles when he films. 

    All in all, I’m glad I watched this show… it has enriched me in so many ways and caused me to fiercely protect my own relationships…. I am going to face SEVERE withdrawal tomorrow… but have decided to abstain from Taiwanese dramas for a while until I get another show directed by Feng Kai… Haha. The rest of the Taiwanese shows are too boring or an utter waste of time. Gonna start turning to my fiction books. 

    I think my conclusion from this whole debacle is that: No matter how sh**ty the plot, as long as the actors carry it to the end, it will be a roaring success. This show was like that. A few inconsistencies and nonsense in the plot towards the end (the whole Cai Jie’s dad was a mistake, and the blindness of our lead was just so off-centreing) but the actors had bonded enough and felt enough for the show that their real emotions shone through… I could tell that all of them were brimming with emotion towards the end.

    So happy that this show propelled several “nobodies” in the acting world to real serious actors and actresses that we can sit up and listen to. At the hands of a masterful director, he created stars and such a heartwarming show that makes me feel thankful for being a human. With real emotions. 

  74. I had a sneaking suspicion that ZQ was pretending to be blind but when AJ gave ZQ’s parents tea in exchange for their blessings I really thought he was gonna end up being BLIND!!!!!! In my mind it was like 70% chance ZQ was gonna be blind and 30% that he was faking it so it was still a surprise! BUT OMG XG IS THE CUTEST WHEN HE SMILESSS :’) 

    • haha if you watch e airport scene closely when aj takes the stick from him he had a secret laugh n i was thinking did he just secretly laugh? hahahha thot it was me but turns out he was faking it! 🙂

  75. Smiling through my tears, I have been replaying the last part for a couple of times now. That childish ZQ&AJ are back, was laughing when ZQ was carrying AJ on his back and AJ kicked him into the sea again.Also, playing with puppets? Only they will do such a silly thing yet making it look so adorable. My tears were unbearable when AJ called Qin Ma “Ma” & when Qin Ma said that ZQ was thinking about AJ everyday. Ming Yu also grew up and she looked very pretty with that hairstyle during CJ&YL’s wedding…So now that SSB is over, what am I going to do?

    • As for the cast, I’m sure they will do well in whatever future projects they have. I don’t know much about Summer Meng but I’m sure this show had given her the spotlight that she deserves as for Alien, he has proven himself and worked so hard for the past years, glad that SSB has help everyone to see he is not just some celebrity with a good looking face.
      Pssst; The actresses for Qin Ma&Qin Mei Yi are cast into another show together.(:

      • AWW! where do you live? are you going to his concert? So jealous! you should go the airport and stalk him! I wish he’d come to Australia but then again I wouldn’t be able to talk to him because I can’t speak Mandarin! :(( I can only understand Mandarin cause my parents forced me to go Chinese school when I was young and I quit after a few years LOL 

        • DUDEEEEEEEEEEEE> im fromsydney and im going china in a week AND I COULD”VE WENT TO HIS HK CONCERTTTT. too bad its on the same day as my grandpa’s 90th bday ><""" omgg oh well, but they're streaming half an hour of it live on youtube tho ~  so look out for that x) 

        • Hahaha I’m somewhere in Asia but I won’t be going cos all the cheaper tix have been sold out…
           am super proud of Xiao Gui… yes please look out for the live stream! Lucky for us, we can still watch YLBFB till he embarks on his next project…. 

  76. 照旧知道仲祈的眼睛会好的。。从他的微笑在八十一集的短片就知道了。他真的是要给爱家一个惊喜。

  77. it’s already end…miss the OTP  the moment of AJ=ZQ is very short want to see AJ-ZQ babies on how she look while pregnant im sure very cute..
    the end is very funny….laugh trip…visit the SSB fb they have a party tonight hope that so many pics well upload…omg xiao gui’s hair became violet ohh ZQ !!!want to see xiao gui-summer meng pics for that party…hayyy..paparazzi where are you….really …really miss them so much……

  78. 我就知道仲祈装瞎。因为秦妈跟仲祈说,爱家来接你了,那眼神也没有很伤心,过后就坐在沙发一直笑。哈哈!是个好的完结篇但其他人呢?比如:世豪叔跟秦美姨怎么没在一起?明玉到底跟谁在一起?雪翎呢?莫名奇妙就不见了?就说,前面一直拖戏啊!

    • 我想世豪叔跟勤美姨最後有交待吧,當愛家還要繼續等,世豪叔說愛家媽媽在夢裡罵他是死心眼,我想他就是會一直守著愛家媽媽,跟勤美姨應該繼續是愛鬥咀的歡喜冤家吧。
      感覺…,一切都要突然交待= = 

      鄉土劇特點︰開很多條線,看那條中才繼續拍,結果虎頭蛇尾,回想第一集愛家帥氣的出場,仲祈機車、果斷、有能力的總經理形象,真的感覺拖戲太久導致他們好像被外星人綁架過回來= = 至少最後一集仲祈媽終於變回正常了

  79. 剩女保鏢果然沒有辜負我對它的期望。非常開心仲祈的眼睛被醫好了也對結局很滿意。謝謝剩女保鏢陪我度過這過去的4個月!我會很懷念所有的演員尤其是小鬼跟耿如 🙂

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