Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Episode 79

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40 thoughts on “Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Episode 79

  1. 杜先生,到底是怎樣??


  2. Caijie should stop caring about her dad. Since her dad already said he didnt have a daughter. And all the while she’s been living well without her father’s existence.

  3. I cried this episode.. proposal went to hospital…omg ZQ became blind…only 2 days what happen to our OTP lol…
    while AJ crying my heart was broke …even in hospital the mother grrrrr…

  4. AJ sure have high expectation of ZQ. Haha. But a very very special girl like AJ who’d done so much for ZQ, definately deserve all and what ZQ has to offer.
    Qinma cant accept AJ on account of her being naive is just . Qinma probably doesn’t realise she herself have a kuku of a brain. My heart’s drumming vigorously awaiting ZQ’s epic proposal. AJ look stunningly gorgeous in those wedding dress and her smile makes my day anytime. 

  5. 我有一點CONFUSE耶

  6. 我知道討厭一個人可以不需要理由..

  7. Looks like tomorrow will be the proposal we have been waiting for! 😀 Am I the only one who adore the office scene and when ZQ hugged AJ from the back in just a swift movement?

  8. 艾菲真的进步很多,就只有嘴巴的部分明显的还需要多加努力,可是连嘴巴的部分也进步不少了啦,杜采洁的哭戏真的会感动到人的!(至少我啦)

  9. 就是明天了,仲祈要跟愛家求婚了。好期待哦。。。


    我会很怀念这一部偶像剧, 尤其是孟耿如和黄鸿升他猛两个演技真的很好。

  10. wow..tomorrow what kind of proposal…excited of ZQ- AJ romance must go on…haha the mother she did’nt know what to do..
    only 4 episode its time to say goodbye…sad evening follow this drama from the beginning tell the end..
    and i choose this SSB best drama ever..you can cry..can laugh and sometimes can hate …
    and i think this drama always in ranking here in taiwan …the ost song is sound good.. many viewers….
    Summer Meng and Xiao Gui never forget this SSB..really really sure !!!!!!!!!!!!

    •  hi good evening to you! can you please share me the songs they use to play here..i really like  those songs
       but so sad cant read chinese…hehehehe like you since they one one I’m a big fan of this show even do cant really understand.
      thank you so much in advance.

        • Hi… pls. search ELLEYE ME….she sang those ost.. were the same can’t read chinese i only listen..
          and youtube theres a lot of fan upload the lovey-dovey moments …lot of MV using this song…by the way are live here in taiwan ????

          •  hi! thank you so much for the response,,so appreciated
            yes I’m currently here in taiwan 4 work..

      • Hey. Let me try to fill you in as best as I could . 🙂

        1. 陶妍霖 – 神魂電到
        2. 李唯楓 – 「You don’t know 」
        3. 李唯楓 – 首波主打 [好不好]
        4。 陶妍霖 – 原來愛是這樣
        5. 黃鴻升- 忘了怎麼快樂
        6. 陶妍霖 – 忘了吧
        7. 曾靜玟-微笑的倒影
        8、曾靜玟 – 你說愛,然後呢 
        9. 陶妍霖-Yes I Do

        Enjoy those songs! 😀

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