Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Episode 80

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66 thoughts on “Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Episode 80

  1. wahs mann ~ y muz ue all make me cryy ? Y ? the proposal is so romantic y muz the accident comes at this timing ? ii’m crying like madd whn ii saw Zhong Qi lying on the bed TTT.TTT

  2. I want to cry…why is everything always happening towards the end? I don’t want things to be resolved at the very last episode. 🙁

  3. Sleep is evading me, might as well offload some of these heavy stuff from my mind and chest.

    I concede, it is now down to the wire and yet I still find myself playing the ultimate guessing game. But instead of nice and pretty guesses like how will AJ look in her wedding dress, we have these on the table :

    1) Will ZQ try and drive AJ away because he thinks he’s going to be a burden to her? If so, how is AJ going to convince him to let her stay by his side thru thick and thin? Or will they simply hug each other, wear the rings, hold hands and say, “yes, let us pull through this together”(?).

    2) How is ZQ going to recover? (I am being presumptuous here, also because everyone happens to think so too). Is he going to just fall off the stairs and knock his head again so that the bloodclot gets dislodged and cleared? Or is he going to undergo the ever so dangerous brain surgery? All of these are so cliche, but what the heck, I don’t care anymore, just make him SEE again.

    3) How will QinMa finally accept AJ? Will it be when she witnesses how AJ loves ZQ unconditionally?

    4) Will ZQ/AJ’s focus in live change drastically? Maybe ZQ will really give up his monotonous day job and move to Africa with AJ ( finally, some funny thoughts starting to creep back into my mind).

    5) There are other loose strings like, DuBa, CJ’s condition, CE going abroad……but all these seem so irrelevant.

    I remember saying this back in episode 76 – “I don’t care how the rest of the story goes, this is as good and as passionate an ending and much more than I could ever dream for this show”. Maybe I had a premonition that this was coming but I am glad I said this, because for now and until next Monday, I shall regard ep 76 as the finale.

    And thanx Jtlt and Lilfir for the words of comfort and v-huggies.

  4. One very painful episode to digest so I dare watch this particular one once. 

    The classic destruction of beautiful. Up till before the mishap, it was pure joy at it’s highest level. But what happened after that was heart piercing to say the least. My pain is intensified when they pan in on the stage with those guitars and piano. Incomplete but still an epic proposal nonetheless. 

    Up before this, the pair had already gone through tough times and they had to be presented with another mammoth obstacles. If it was me, I’d already given up. But of course, the love of AJ for ZQ and vice versa will and never be doubted. How the writers going to story out the strength of their love I can have no say, but please, give them the happiest ending they deserve.  

    Yes, it’s episode like this where you can see the true colours of the actor and actresses involve. I can really feel the emotions they potrayed especially Summer Meng. She even trembled when she cried reading ZQ’s message. What could be more convincing? Makes me want to jump onto my screen and give her a bao bao. She’s only 21 and to be able to carry such role is a marvel in itself. She definately have a bright future laid across for her and I’ll be supporting her till the end. Same goes to Alien Huang. Looking forward to his concert and hope he could do another production here in Singapore. Both of them are kindda in the same boat, just that Alien Huang have a little more experience in showbiz. With his work ethic, I’m pretty damm sure he can rival his ‘brother’, Show Luo, Rainie Yang, Jay Zhou and all the Taiwanese biggest stars. 

    I realised our cute Winnie doesn’t appear in today episode and to which it is good in a way. A young child can only take so much. 

    2 more episodes, and I cant help but wonder how they going to solve the seemingly endless problems but I still have faith in this show and the writers. 

    To those who feel the pain as much as I do, just know you are not alone. Let’s have some sort of virtual group hug. 🙂 *Huggies*

  5. 秦媽好煩,世豪叔考驗仲祈是一直放水,因為他希望女兒幸福,世豪叔是刀子口豆腐心 (阿西哥真的把這種角色演得很到位又很可愛)

  6. WTF WAS THAT!!!?!?!?!?! oy… my eyes are swollen now… and that was a really great way to stretch it a bit… nothing too crazy… the accident is a bit harsh on the audience but it’s probably a way to show QinMa how much AiJia loves ZhongQi.. oy.. that was really shocking though.. since they only promoted the happier bits.. Good job for making not predictable!

  7. In a way, i’m grateful I came across the little bit of hints here and there before I actually view this episode(I havent viewed yet). So I could be mentally prepared and brace myself for that unexpected twist. But I cant give myself that guarentee. 

  8. I really don’t mind the melodramatic twist but it is painful… I think they had to write this in to prolong the series by 2 episodes. Although I really don’t understand why they had to write this in AND DCJ’s illness.

    Mixed feelings; but I do recognize that before the sweet, there will be the bitter, to make the ending of this series an absolutely blissful one. I don’t know what the writers are gunning for but this one thing I know: the cast hasn’t disappointed me one bit in their acting skills. Everyone is so strong here – especially our leads. Congrats to them! 

    Xiao Gui was only half right when he said that Teresa Meng will go on to be a huge star. It’s only the start of his acting career, too! I hope he gets meatier and serious roles, and ventures into more meaningful films. 

    And drum roll for Li Li Ren, his acting is SUPERB! 

    We’ve grown so much with these characters over the 80 episodes that I am so glad to see that the series has kept its continuity and character development gradual, subtle, but vital. I love the references it makes to past incidents. I would recommend this show in a heartbeat because it explored so much! Family conflict, adoption, career vs. passion, romantic relationships, failed romantic relationships, infidelity, death and tragedy, illness, company politics, incest (?) overprotective parents, teenage pregnancy… haha. 

    My only complaint is now that there are TOO MANY loose ends to tie up. TOO MANY. And only two eps to go! 

    Well, the proposal was epic… in a way. Horrific, one would say! Sigh. Till tomorrow! 

  9. Well, this is definitely not the proposal I have been waiting for. This is what SSB writers are good at playing with our feelings. Finally understood what Alien meant by the ending will be unexpected. The proposal was perfect but because of a stupid slip, everything turns bad. However, once again this episode had shown Alien&Summer’s talent in acting. My god, when AJ was reading the speech ZQ and when ZQ woke up,realizes he can’t see,touching AJ’s head and stared in space my tears were unstoppable.
    I do think they will end up together as someone said the actress for Qin Ma said something about only accepting AJ in the last ep? Let’s hope ZQ just had a temporary blindness. Can I also say that the design for the ring in SSB looks very different from rings we usually see in other dramas?

    • I am pretty sure its temporary blindness, and that they will end up together, if not, all the hundreds of thousands of viewers all around the world (as I’ve noticed on Youtube), will be up in arms…So don’t worry 😉 

      • Yes, I am also very confident ZQ will regain his sight. But it still doesn’t take away the pain I am feeling right now. Am I asking too much for things to be resolved by tomorrow, otherwise, I will be a tortured soul over the weekend because the final episode will be aired only next Monday.

      • I feel that the temporary blindness is actually the climax of the story since that the kidnapping was a huge prank or maybe it was just to lengthen the series.(: And I’m quite thankful for the sudden blindness as the last two episodes might show everyone that Summer&Alien have the potential to go further in their careers. Plus the actress for Qin Ma had subtlety confirm they will be together but it will be a emotional roller coaster, I think.(:

  10. huh! what a shocking incident..cant help myself to cry…xuxuxu loss of eye site..
    trailing huh! makes my nerves collapse..hehehehe gonna super miss this show..
    mwahugsss to all of the team who makes this drama boww 4 u guys,,,

  11. 天啊, 最后两集了,为什么又变这样呢? 现在仲祈的眼睛有瞎了。

  12. This is melodrama at the highest level. Either that or the writers must be a bunch of sadists.

    I recall many sad and heart wrenching scenes, foremost in my mind : AJ rejected ZQ when he confess to her, Winnie leaving YaLun and Qin Ba reconciling with YaLun….. None of these scenes actually made me cry, yes, they were heart wrenching scenes but there were no tears. But today’s episode finally broke me. In fact, my eyes were welling with tears even before watching the episode as the fb postings were being read out to me.

    One second it was pure bliss and the next second, tragedy strikes!! Wow!!! The writers really got me crucified. I am not even angry, I am beyond anger. I am…….. what’s the word……I can’t seem to find the word to pinpoint my emotions. I am just too overwhelmed.

  13. 这集是我哭的最惨的一集,为什么就不能开开心心的呢?应该结婚了,然后就做婚后的生活嘛!干吗这样啊?看来仲祈不想跟爱家结婚了。一定觉得自己很自卑!我要去看娱百了!眼泪不停的流~~~~~ :(((((( 

  14. I think the director is not going to have both alien and teresa meng together, If not, why would he create such a scene in the last few episodes ?

  15. 天啊這部戲為什麽有那麽多轉變?仲祈哭的哪一刹那,我哭慘了,現在他又看不見,會不知道他現在肯不肯和愛家結婚因為仲祈沒有安慰愛家,我很怕耶。小鬼演這部戲會讓我哭慘耶,我已經盡力認了,結果還是哭了

  16. 這是要把全部可能想到的點子都拍出來嗎??? 爲什麽剩2集不能好好的sweet sweet ending, 還搞這個瞎點子, 難道之後又開始什麽仲祈覺得瞎了配不上愛家的把戲嗎????

  17. 我的天啊!!!这是什么剧情啊??为什么要仲祈和爱家发生意外呢??? 还有为什么仲祈的眼睛瞎?怎样仲祈给爱家一个浪漫的求婚呢?可怜的仲祈啊!还有爱家要忍受秦妈的骂!拜托啦,亲妈!他们两个发生意外,又不是爱家的错!干嘛骂爱家呢?是应该你的错吧。。。你为什么一直反对仲祈嫁给爱家呢??可怜的仲祈啊!有这样的妈妈呀!

  18. when AJ cried this episode i cried too…omg the proposal went to hospital…what happen next what happen to our OTP lol…only 2 days remain..
    blame the mother grrr….
    i have something to tell you guys..visit the SSB fb… saw something i think that event was last october whyyyyyy.. our OTP they wore same bracelet….in that bracelet is xiao gui favorate..he always wear that @ the 100 entertainment when he hosting… its a COINSEDENCE OR NOT ??????? in observed that he really care summer meng..saw the past interview…well hope sooooo…in that’s my wish…thank you….

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