Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Episode 77

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82 thoughts on “Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Episode 77

    • ask this question can you translate of xiao gui said to summer meng yesterday event…i visit the SSB fb i saw there a fan who upload it… sorry for my mandarin is poor…i’m excited what he say ‘coz the audience are happy they are shouting…xiao gui knelt and hug summer meng…thank you

        • The Emcee asked Alien to confess to Summer and this is what
          Alien said

          Alien: “Eh Geng Ru(Summer) even though filming is about to end,
          I know after this you will film more shows and you will start to date new guys
          but I want to tell you are…you are in my heart the best and cutest lead
          actress. I hope you will get better and better (more famous). You must forever
          remember the feeling now because you will be more famous in the future. You
          must remember simple/pure bliss/happiness. Then…wish you the best and you
          will be better. Thank you.”

          Summer:” Aw, this is touching. I’m about to cry.”


          • There’s this sucky feeling about being a fan of OTP. I totally love this pair. My instinct tells me that they are just made for each other. I can’t and I don’t want to imagine them pairing with another male/female lead.  There wont be another Zhongqi & Ai-Jia or Alien Huang & Meng Ge Ru. I will wholeheartedly support them if they really get together. Their chemistry on screen really really felt so real. Sure, they may just be acting, but without even a single bit of feeling, you wont feel the realness. 

  1. yesterday event summer meng look gorgeous in red ….her beauty is differrent simple cute.. even w/ make-up or not her face is the same…that’s why i love her..  
    hope that xiao gui & summer meng have work together in next year…their chemistry is rock ….hope theres a fan who can upload the whole video yesterday..by the way i visit @ summer meng fb i saw there a guy who gave a sweet flower for her …guy wear a military pants….

  2. Just saw some photos of Summer&Alien today. Looks like their chemistry is getting better off screen too. They are getting more 俏皮喔(playful). (: I remember at a previous fan meeting Alien gave Summer a bouquet of roses. I hope they will have another project together again.

  3. yess. the event today hope that theres a fan can upload the video of these two cute couple… so funny that summer meng teasing xiao gui… the gesture off cam i think there is a lovey-dovey over there….how i wish that today saturday is my day off so that i can see them personal but my boss is very strick…     
     i always visit @ summer meng fb and sweetsweetbodyguard fb…

    • Yes, yes, yes…..

      Did you catch Alien saying something about even they don’t know how’s the finale going to be, apparently they have not even received the script yet!! I think he also mentioned the finale is going to be something totally unexpected(?). My Mandarin sucks, so I could have heard all these wrong. Please, please help with the translation.

      • That’s great. They have better think of the finale through and thoroughly. Hope they’ll give this wonderful production and us SSB’s fan especially the OTP’s lover an epic/explosive ending it/we deserve. 🙂

  4. Feels like they level up with each kisses they made. Would today’s episode be their 2nd last kiss and we have to wait till their marriage for the last one? Hope not. More smooches please! Of course, with the correct timing. Hahaha..

  5. So many people throwing fireballs at Qin Ma!! Haha…. I am eager to know what will eventually cause Qin Ma to turn around and accept AJ. Well, the wait wouldn’t be too long, next week we will find out

    And I am just about dying to watch the “intended” proposal scene as hints have been dropped on this over so many episodes. AJ keeps bringing this up with ZQ. I am sure all our expectations on the proposal has skyrocketed to space.

    And yes, ZQ and AJ’s compatibility is beyond description, they are so like made for each other. Loved the last scene where they goofed around, such an end-scene makes the three-day wait somewhat less agonising.

    And btw, Alien mentioned that he is having a special guest to appear at his concert in Taipeh, I wonder who could it be? Summer (?) – oooooh, it will be so sweet if its Summer, the rumour mill will explode. Any guesses? Rainie (?) – I certainly hope not!!!

      • I saw it on a short video clip posted on Nov 07 @Summer Meng IFC group fb.

        And hopefully we will get some footages on the event in Kaohsiung today, we’ll see how are their body language together off screen now that they’ve been “together” for some 5-6 months. If you’ve seen them back in June/July, they seem pretty awkward and shy meeting the fans.

    •  Yea, they seriously feel like a real couple.
      There little interaction (like her buttoning his suit) and bickering are so natural and real.

  6. Only a few more episodes left. I don’t want this show to end; I’m going to miss my OTP of Xiao Gui and Summer.

    Also why do I feel that they are putting more dramas towards the end?

  7. Haha! Now we’re back to hating Qinma? Bad turned good then turn back to bad again. Can accept that she’s doing her role in the capacity of being ZQ foster mother but yeah, it was a tad too extreme. Poor Ai-Jia. Me being an AJ lover, simply cannot stand her being bullied. But luckily, AJ is very strong willed, she’ll definately gain the blessing of ZQ’s mother. 

    AJ & ZQ’s separation’ was indeed heartaching to watch but my heartaches quickly turned to joy at their diabetic treatment of us. Sweetness overload.

    Have I mentioned how cute AJ is? Which part of her isn’t cute. Even when she cries profusely in yesterday’s episode, I still find it cute. Not that I like for her to cry though. Her laughter when reading those comic is haha..yes! cute!

    I join the majority of you all who thinks that Du Cai’s dad appearance is rather pointless. Flaunting his wealth is just not my cup of tea. 

    On an ending note, I’d probably like to thank the director’s smart move of ending this week’s episode with our favourite OTP being such a playful couple they are. 

    We’ll meet again next week folks. <3

    • Forgot to mention this. I like that  their playful interaction show shades of the earlier them. So makes me reminisce those early episodes. 🙂  

  8. 我覺得采潔的爸爸可以跟秦媽湊成一對= =
    他們都喜歡為難人= =

  9. 其實也不要怪仲祈沒有處理好她媽媽的問題..


  10. I must admit that I skipped the scenes with Cai Jie’s dad… I really can’t be bothered about that sub-plot any further. 

    HAHA I agree with Sunny Side Up.. our OTP look like they were really fooling around in the last scene. Back to my wishful thinking, again. Haha. They look like they’ve become so physically comfortable with each other, Xiao gui’s small gestures make it look like he’s trying to be physically territorial around her… wahahaha

    • Yeah 3 days somehow feels so much longer than the previous 2~ added to which I didn’t really enjoy the first ep of that new chris wang drama that took its place…

  11. Just as I expected Qin Ma still objects to ZQ&AJ and she actually got AJ wrapped around her finger but Qin Ma, you can object all you want because ZQ said “我会在最短的时间跟你求婚.’ Even if Qin Ma can somehow get AJ to reject ZQ’s first proposal, I’m sure ZQ won’t give up and maybe have a ‘一日一求婚” ZQ, not only AJ can’t wait too long we can’t wait for your proposal too!
    Ailen&Summer’s chemistry just keeps getting better, the last part seriously looks/feels like a real couple fooling around.(:
    As for CJ’s dad, can someone just pin him up on the dartboard or something?

  12. =.= du baba is so annoying, he randomly comes into caijie and chenen’s life and changes everything without taking their feelings into account.

    He just had to control their life and seperate the couples.

  13. 為什麽愛家要那麽在意秦媽的感受,大家,只有她都同意了,她每次都想破壞她們兩個,但我不擔心了,他們兩個一起經過了那麽多困難,絕對不會分手的,我只是不忍心看到愛家被受苦也不想讓大家擔心,自己受苦,我不想看到愛家這樣子耶。最後一定會結婚的,現在婚姻保的應該是亞輪和采潔吧

  14. Used to like Qi Ma, but not now. Used to hate Ming Yu, but not now.

    If Ming Yu can change to a better person why can’t her mum? There are two person to hate for now which is Qi Ma and Cai Jie’s dad.. ):

  15. 最后爱家和仲祈好可爱喔~ sweet~ 真受不了采洁的爸,钱钱钱!好烦喔~ 如果采洁的爸没出现,说不定亚伦采洁都结婚了呢?而且维尼那么可爱,每个人都好爱他喔~ 看来我们是看不到爱家和仲祈婚后的生活了啦!:(

  16. WTF!! cai jie dad is totally crazy ya lun is correct! and now cai jie dad dun let ya lun and cai jie to get married because wei ni.. this is so unreasonable! i think cai jie is in a wrong too!!! she should not listen to her father if he’s wrong and unreasonable.. this show have so many problems!!! just finished it quicky!!

  17. Not only do I dislike the mother taking things to far for Ai jia, sometimes her way of doing things are very impractical. Must a person know how to cook ‘lu zhu jiao’ only can become daughter-in-law?? 
    Another one is Cai jie’s dad. He throws his weight around too much ever since he came on screen. These two should be a couple. See how they would survive each other.

    Although I really dislike their character, I would say their acting is that good for audiences to dislike them.

    I really love how Ai Jia stands up for her love although she is intimidated by her future mother-in-law. Really love watching Ai jia and Zhong Qi’s scenes. 🙂

  18. Stupid 采潔’s father go to hell la. Now 维尼,亞倫 和 采潔 so happy then the father come n distract them then wat now 愛家 come n be 采潔 bodyguard then dun let 亞倫 n 维尼 near 采潔 F u la stupid father.

  19. i cried this episode… poor AJ but still fighting her love for ZQ… the mother omg  grrr…i don’t like her even first episode of the show….. until next  time  to say goodbye….miss this SSB…

  20. 爱家不需要太在意秦妈,毕竟有仲祈的爱和支持最重要,要嫁的对象是仲祈又不是秦妈。。尽力就好,秦妈不领情就别管她。。。幸亏仲祈不是mummy boy。。。

  21. 看到下星期的預告…就知道這三天應該不用期待得太辛苦
    因為下禮拜繼續瞎劇情,那個莫名其妙殺出來的炫富老頭,然後采潔像著了魔的什麼都順著他 (那麼多集下來應該見錢開眼的性格消失不少吧?),連丞恩都覺得莫名其妙采潔就一頭栽進去當個所謂的孝順女兒,然後不能跟ALAN和維尼在一起,拖戲也不要用這種梗吧= =

  22. the mother is a useless addition to the show… she has had nothing good to say from the very beginning .. her childish act over ya lun issue plus this stupid contradiction over ai jia being the wife is getting way too much… if her own daughter is able to turn around from being a snotty princess to someone with knowledge and understanding of the environment around her then i dont understand how some who is suppose to be the 长辈cant improve on herself… its the same from start to finish… i doubt she got the same shit from 奶奶when she married qi hong… so why the f*** is she treating ai jia like that… double standards in a way

  23. ZQ mum is very bad….. still not accept AJ + ZJ together.
    Very rude to AJ. You can be the girl friend but a bit hard to be my daughter in law. 

    Don’t like her at all

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