Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Episode 76

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59 thoughts on “Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Episode 76

  1. How come is only she looking for the MD?  They should have resources to go for different directions.  She does not really like a professional guard.  

  2. The scriptwriters can’t please everyone. Plus, it’s not the last episode, lets not jump to conclusion there is still a possibility of Zong Qi getting abducted again.

    •  yeah, i agree with you, the storyline for the abduction scene is a bit too dramatic (and sorry to say but it was pretty stupid)….they are acting like spinning in circles is the worst method of torture ever created. but otherwise this drama is awesome

  3. 看了今天的新聞才知道耿如在繩子上滑下來時手受傷了…昨天還以為不連戲…原來是真的

  4. Although the kidnapping scene might seem a bit ridiculous, but I seriously don’t care. This episode is so sweet!! Loved the part where Zhongqi was imitating the cake boss, it was so funny! Zhongqi and Aijia! <3

  5. 這集完全搞笑來的啊 感覺拖戲嘛 =.= 找人不是應該全部人出動的嗎 綁架不綁手…

  6. Looks like I’m too adsorbed by ZQ/AJ’s pink flashes yesterday that I haven’t really thought about these questions
    1) The plot of someone threatening ZQ has been pulled over so many episodes, are they really going to end the plot saying that it is some sick joke?
    2) Cai Jie’s dad, why is he back again? Did they really throw this character in at the last minute just to create a conflict between CJ&YL?
    3) Qin Ma’s attitude towards AJ, will it be better or worst? Don’t forget that when ZQ got abducted Qin Ma said it was AJ’s fault for not protecting ZQ. Will she use this against AJ or will she finally think it through and accept AJ?
    Oh and of course I’m waiting for ZQ’s proposal.(:

  7. I watched ep 76 again, and again. Can’t seem to get enough of it.

    Although the end game of the abduction itself appear to be ridiculous, we are all so in love with our OTP that who cares about logic, out of the window with realism….. fairy tales and fantasy rule the day here!!

    The last scene where they pushed the motorbike – it was so touching to hear ZQ’s voice choking with emotions not from the abduction torture that he had to endure BUT from the pain of worry that he had put AJ through. This is the real deal of being in love, you feel for the other person more than yourself.

    As we continue to bask in ZQ/AJ’s bliss, this episode serves to deepen and finally seal their love for each other to the point of no return.

    As far as I am concern, I don’t care how the rest of the story goes, this is as good and as passionate an ending and more than i could ever dream for this show. But of course, if I am also getting Jtlt’s epic proposal and possibly, a dream wedding and then, little ZQs and little AJs running around, I would be in seventh heaven.

  8. I watched over and over again… this episode is like taking a roller coaster ! <3 the sweetness of AJ & ZJ( they looked like a real couple)both of them really acted soooo well 小鬼 his willingness to tried out different roles & teresa meng her cried  here you really can felt deeply in yr heart too 讚讚…. left only a few more episodes left m gonna miss this drama but looking forward to a proposal !!!!! & a good end!!!

  9. I rewatched this episode for like the 4th time. No skips. 

    AJ’s cries is very very convincing. Totally tug at my heart string.   

  10. Lol this is stupid. Who the hell would kidnap someone just because that person doesn’t treat her well during work time. She probably would get sued for kidnapping. Is it seriously worth the time? And does she have to do it only now? If the writer of this show wanna have a climax they should have written a better one.

    • I start with a phrase for you.

      “you can’t please everyone”.

      Bear that in your mind.
      Don’t spoil the mood of people who actually love this particular episode.
      Even if you want to criticize, do it constructively for there is nothing constructive about your comments.

      If you’re that good, then be the writer.

      I leave you with this phrase.

      “action speak louder than words”.


      •  i think you have a point there but you cannot deny how ridiculous the storyline can be (i still like the drama very much though but still, you have got to think logically

  11. 那個假人真的嚇到我了…

  12. Cant get enough of the kisses! HOT! They may not be dating for real but I seriously hope they do! Professional as they are, they are human and the end of the day. 

    Like father, like daughter. Refering to the Cake Boss and his daughter. Sick joke but I’m glad that made our OTP’s love stronger. 

    They are still no true baddies in this show. 

    Looks like they are going to deviate towards Yalun, Cai Jie and her dad. NO! We still want more of ZQ and AJ! 

  13. Oh my god. This one episode had actually shown the talents of the cast, director and scriptwriters.
    Summer&Ailen’s acting in this felt so real, for a moment I thought they were really dating and you can see tears filling up Ailen’s eyes at the last part when they hugged.Also,Summer’s tears and devastated look while AJ was looking for ZQ made my heart clenched.
    The script and directing were done perfectly too. I have nothing to say but oh my god, this episode is perfect.

  14. har..is that mean the rest of the drama talks about 采潔 but not 仲祈爱家?-,-
    i dont want to watch 采潔..so freakin boring…
    a bit disappointed with the kidnap..
    was looking forward 爱家 could beat some people;s

  15. OMG…. I loved this episode! I can discount the strange kidnapping but I loved the acting chops of our leads… did you notice Xiao gui’s ears were super red when he ran out to kiss Teresa Meng? Poor dude…. ran out straight after the spinning torture! Must truly commend Xiao gui for being willing and game to do anything and everything for this show. From dropping into the sea in his underwear, wearing a pig nose, dressing like a corn stick, wearing a crazy wig and performing as Zhongzi, getting totally CREAMED, the list goes on… he really sacrificed his image for the comedic elements of this show. Respect.
    There were two wonderful hot kisses in the end, I really love these scenes because they are starting to look so natural (to me, at least). Maybe it’s just my wishful thinking, but our leads’ physical chemistry is peaking. Even if they don’t have feelings for each other, I’m willing to bet they are at least physically attracted to each other at the moment. Bleargh. Tomorrow, we continue the disjunctive Cai Jie subplot. I don’t know what to make of it. But good that we get to see Alan face-off with the dad, I like how the character was developed that he’s the voice of reason and maturity and level-headedness, when emotions and egos run high and get distorted from reality. 

    I am totally waiting for Zhongqi’s epic proposal. I am sure it will be. absolutely. epic.

  16. loved this ep! but looking at previews, does that mean the rest of the 6 episodes are focused on ya lun n cai jie? :(((( i want more zq n aj!!!

  17. This is one gift of an episode to all ZQ & AJ lovers including me. 

    I’m sent to hospital now because I’m down with diabetes.

    Me join Max. I’m lost for words too. 😀

  18. 真的真的超级不喜欢杜爸 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 只会用钱而已, 有钱很了不起吗????????? 采潔爱亚倫是好事!!!超爱爱家和仲祈的后半段的情节哦 !!!!! 秦妈说;都是爱家没有好好保护仲祈。。。拜托 ,是仲祈没有等保哥的 !!!!!! 不要冤枉好人!!!!!!

  19. 這集我心情好緊張,好感動也好開心哦。緊張是因為仲祈被綁架,感動因為仲祈和愛家說的對話讓我很感到,而開心是原來是開玩笑的,當然也有仲祈和愛家一直吻,看到他們吻的時候,我好開心好感動,小鬼和耿如吻好多次哦,我能感受到他們的心情,快死了但突然有奇迹出現的那種心情,好浪漫耶這個戀情,我想秦媽會讓他們一起了吧

  20. watch this episode at channel 30 …omg from first i felt so nervous of ZQ…but in a middle i’m satisfied how sweet ..visit @ SSB fb.. saw AJ done unto hooler tank.. she did it.. xiao gui and summer meng are very professional actor…good job hope they collaborate again..i could really miss this sweet couple… only one week left its time to say goodbye…want to see the BTS ..

  21. 最后仲祈推着机车的那一幕超帅!!!很像漫画里走出来的男主角~!!!!超帅超帅!!!!^^

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