Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Episode 81

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144 thoughts on “Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Episode 81

  1. Thank you Max.

    I wonder if anybody realises that one of Summer Meng’s eye is slightly bigger than the other one. Makes her even cuter! Haha!:D

  2. lilfir;

    These were what I had in mind to counter the withdrawal effects :

    (1) Rewatch the entire SSB series (from ep 1 right to the end) and after tha,t keep replaying scenes that I love until I get sick of them.
    (2) Find another drama to watch, with this, my focus will be diverted onto the new drama and new OTP (of course will not be easy to find another good drama)
    (3) Retail therapy (shop,shop,shop,buy,buy,buy). Shopping always works wonders.
    (4) Plan and go for a long vacation (which I will be doing, the holiday season is just round the corner anyways)

    Unfortunately, I can’t rely on (1) of the above anymore, because I can no longer bear to watch ZQ/AJ without the sad scenes from ep81 haunting me. I tried many times, I just couldn’t, it only made me cry more.

    Unfortunately, (2) of the above is also no longer an option for me because I have told myself that I will lay off Asian dramas in particularly TW dramas because the last few days had been so traumatic

    But let me tell you, if you can execute (1) and (2), it will be very effective because I have tried it and it worked like a charm.

    Well, I hope these tips will help you. But first, we have to get pass tomorrow’s finale, if it’s not up to our expectations esp if ZQ remains blind, then the withdrawal effects would be double whamy. If this happens, then checking into a rehab center will be our only hope (hahaha…..oh dear, i just realized I have not laughed for four days).

    • got another way, it sounds stupid for me to say here, but study works wonders too lols. just do your holiday homework and revise. but i noe i will end up watching another good drama instead. d: i always do, even if i have to study i need a good drama to do so! or watch other dramas/variety shows/music shows your idols participate in, be a good fan and know your idol better. ^^ people who like xiaogui here may want to watch 100% entertainment. You all may start watching from the old ones, like the 2010 ones, when xiao zhu and xiao gui often host together.  

  3. Congrats that this comments board hit 12x mark! Woohoo! Surpasses any other episode?
    I guess it would be even more tomorrow? 😀

  4. Summer Meng will soon pair with another guy in her new movie. I feel so heavy hearted simply because there won’t be another ZQ and AJ. 

    Oh Max. Give me some hints on how to deal with the withdrawal symptoms.

    • what is the title ..seen on tv or in threatre…
      hope that they also have great chemistry…
      but the chemistry of ZQ/AJ is on the cloud…miss them right now after tomorrow i don’t know..
      my night is empty.. i only watch this SSB..
      i don’t if im gonna watch lady2x maid..lead female her voice sound no good…

      • 世界第一麥方. Direct translation reads “The World’s First Wheat Party”. 
        It will be in theater. 
        She’s pairing with Li Guoyi.
        I don’t know how their chemistry will be but in my heart, it won’t be as great as ZQ/AJ.
        But nonetheless, I’ll support Summer Meng in her future endeavours! 🙂

        • so by now summer meng is busy doing movies..i think she have another 2 movies not yet release.. .wahh busy girl
          hope after movie she do another drama again w/ of course ZQ.. and another plot story the reunion…

  5. can i ask something.. in past drama xiao gui can experienced wedding or this is his first ???
    ‘coz summer meng i think this is her first & unforgetable wedding…unforgetable role & kisses …the sweet hug
    so many viewers hooked this SSB…share those laughter & tears….

  6. Just saw the preview, the way AJ dresses is getting more cute. I feel so touched while watching the preview. AJ has matured so much, from a naive, carefree and wanting to have a relationship to a lady who waits for her husband to come back, still loving him and learning to be a wife. The only thing I felt disappointed is they are probably going to rush through everything in 50 mins.
    As for the cast, heard that they finished filming on Friday and everyone was crying. It must be hard since half of the cast, including the director, were in [阵头] together. I am going to miss this cast and their characters. Especially Nai Nai, Wei Ni, Qin Mei,Zhen Ba, ZQ&AJ. Talking about Zhen Ba&Qin Mei, does anyone wonder what will happen between them since there were hints that Zhen Ba was jealous? Also, I do think-hope- that the special guest for Alien’s concert is someone from SSB. If it really is someone from the cast, guess it will either be Yang Le Duo or Summer.

    • Actually this is one of the reason why my heart is hurting so much.
      I want back my cute, carefree, innocent, sweet AJ.
      I want the old AJ chomping down corn sticks after corn sticks.
      I don’t want the AJ who turned into a lady yearning and pining for her husband.

      There is a picture of the two of them in fb underneath the bedcovers, and I finally sense their cuteness back.
      I so loved the previous scenes where they finally got together in ep64, where both of both them were rolling in their own respective beds. And then there was this other scene where AJ ducked under the bedcovers from one end of the bed and then re-emerging from the other end. So, so cute……

      • I understand how you feel. I miss the AJ that was playful, love reading comics and pretending to be mad at ZQ but is smiling the next second.
        Aw, I really want to see that picture. There is so many scenes of ZQ&Aj that shown how innocent their love is. Like those cute little office scenes and when ZQ was staying at Qin Mei’s house. I miss that young AJ&ZQ. But what really hit me was when ZQ told AJ she has to believe in their relationship when she was injured after failing to save Wei Ni.

      • summer meng i think she can sing well.. her voice is sound good.. she can dance .. so i crossed my finger that she will present @ alien’s concert..even audience only but in front seat…wahhh ‘coz of this SSB lovey dovey  im being addict already…

        • I am so addicted that I actually wonder how long will I be depressed after SSB ends. Summer’s voice is actually very sweet. As for Alien’s concert, Alien is the kind of guy that will never leave his friends out so I’m much he had save some seats for the SSB’s cast and given the fact that it is Alien’s birthday that day and the relationship between the cast is so strong, I’m sure that the cast will be there to support him.(:

  7. I am still so miserable and my mind is a convulated mess of images of a crying AJ and a blind ZQ.

    I am upset that I got deceived. The genre of SSB was “romance, comedy”, they should change it to “romance, comedy, tragic ending”. Grrrrrrr………sob,sob,sob…..

    Oh, please, please, let ZQ see again. I can deal with the withdrawal effects of not having a dose of SSB every night, but I simply can’t reconcile with the fact that ZQ is going to remain blind permanently.

    I want to firmly believe that ZQ will SEE again, the basis of my confidence on this are :

    1) In the letter, ZQ said he will return home when he is cured. So, he came back, he must have recovered, RIGHT?
    2) AJ’s diary – ZQ will need to read AJ’s diary, I think this is of paramount importance.
    3) QinMa’s acceptance of AJ – this is the ultimate test that AJ passed with flying colours, AJ shows that her love for ZQ is unconditional (the important point here is they got AJ to think that ZQ is still blind, when in fact he’s not). It would not be so ‘nice’ if QinMa’s acceptance is simply based on the fact that AJ will stay by ZQ’s side even though he’s permanently blind.
    4) the director and writers cannot be so cruel as to deprive us of a super perfect end to this super excellent drama (notwithstanding the last couple of eps).

    So, what do you guys think? Will ZQ see again?

  8. last taping was done.. and saw some pics @ summer meng fb.. i want to cry ..some like a family together say goodbye to each other w/ tears..
    summer meng & xiao gui observerd when they hug how really miss to each other..even in off cam summer is so sweet…
    i saw the news paper today summer hug & give a sweet kiss to xiao gui …xiao gui also in tears off cam..
    tomorrow is the finally of SSB..goodluck to our leads…

  9. I dont know if anyone commented about Mingyu on this episode. Her transformation is so pleasing to watch. Even she can feel the degree of Ai-Jia’s love for Zhong-qi. I found it very sweet that she comforted Ai-Jia and call her Da sao.   

  10. Lilfir<3AiJia, Max, Rosaliehsia…
    Just wanted to add that I do agree with you, objectively, that the last few eps since ep 76 really took a turn for the worst and after having thought about it, I think that the last episode won't be able to salvage the damage done since 5 episodes ago. Cai Jie's dad was the first mistake, then the tragic pregnancy cum tumour(?) that Cai Jie had, Zhongqi's abduction was tolerable… sigh. I am disappointed but I also recognize that the past 70 episodes or so were relatively consistent and wonderfully entertaining that I am trying to keep positive that the end should not detract from the waves of joy that we were provided with these few months…

  11. This comments board is on fire!

    Managed to watch this episode only today. I’m heartbroken like the rest of you, but I actually appreciate how this show is turning out. A little melodramatic towards the end, but I think it completes the cycle of dealing with when real tragedy strikes. What’s the significance of till death do us part, in sickness and in health? It’s probably really like all the internal turmoil which Zhongqi is facing, and why he chose to abandon her now. I think he’s just going through the throes of depression and unable to face his current disability since, like some of you mentioned, he used to be a high-flier with a smooth-going career and beautiful romance going for him. 

    Life ain’t perfect, and though I agree these past 5 episode or so have been unnecessarily tear-inducing, I think it has sufficiently stretched the acting chops of the stable of actors. When Zhongqi had his outburst I could see that this has been one of Xiao gui’s more challenging scenes to-date, and he handled it masterfully. I felt the pain of an ill/disabled person who doesn’t want to overburden the one he loves the most. And that’s always the pain that an ill/disabled person goes through, and the immense solitude too that no one can truly understand. 

    Teresa Meng is excellent. Absolutely! I can feel her joy and pain through her sheer expressions and I love that this girl is getting into her role. Surprisingly the saddest scene I watched in this episode was when she went to “Bai Bie” to Zheng Ba. 

    The abandonment was kind of like a cruel joke played on all of us viewers, I love the presence of Zheng Ba – he was this stolid presence throughout. I don’t wanna watch the previews for Monday, I want to be surprised full-on with what the LAST episode will bring us! Withdrawal effects from tuesday onward, totally!

    Jiayou everyone, take heart! 

  12. Just watch the preview and I got feeling that ZQ is just pretending to be blind due to I realize that he was smilling when AJ ask him “你好不好”. So let hope the final episode will be happy ending. finger cross

  13. Just saw the preview. They really look so good and cute together, blind or not blind. Awwwww……

    But I just wonder, maybe ZQ is really cured, maybe he is pretending to be blind. Could this be the ultimate test that QinMa has for AJ? I hope so.

    In real life, not everything is perfect. But this la-la-land, it is supposed to enable us to escape reality and where the impossible become possible and miracles are abundant. So, I am really hoping that they will be one perfect couple where ZQ will be able to SEE AJ again and their little babies in the future.

    • But then, it also does make sense that ZQ remains blind and AJ will protect him for the rest of his life. She’s supposed to be a bodyguard anyway. That’s really the essence of the show. During the kidnapping and then when ZQ became blind, she screamed out “I am a professional bodyguard, I will protect my love, I will protect the person I love most”.

      But is just so sad. It could have been a perfect ending if not because of the blindness. And I hope even if he’s still blind, Monday’s finale will still reflect AJ as the cute and bubbly girl that she has been portrayed as throughout the series. And I hope, I don’t know how, ZQ will also be reflected as his usual funny and charming self with his smiley dimples.

    • well said! watching dramas really allows me to escape from reality for that 1 or 2 hrs, indulging in all those sweet plots of an ordinary girl always being able to meet her perfect dream guy….

  14. like everyone else i’m starting to feel positive after watching the previews~ mostly because i love watching AJ fight off baddies~ she just looks so cute!! 😀
    for the record i still think that the twist in the plot sucks~ and to throw it in the last 3 ep is just mean…. 

    • but thinking in another perspective, these last few episodes really helps to show how good xiao gui’s acting is..he is able to fully display the frustration, devastation and helplessness of a man who suddenly turns blind, making his world upside down.. especially the part when he was talking to ai jia in bed, his tears silently rolled down when ai jia was trying to reassure him that she will never leave him…really hope that this show will bring him an award to affirm his great acting skills.

  15. based on what i understand about why ZQ is blind i think it would actually be extremely unrealistic if ZQ’s blindness was ‘cured’ in US…

  16. Saw the show wrap up pictures on summer meng group fb? 6 months of filming. Experiencing withdrawal symptoms just like what we will feel when this show ends. 

  17. I hope zhongqi is acting blind after he came back from US. Haha! Think too much, but really hope is a hice ending. Dun want him to be blind for the last epsiode, 🙁

  18. After reading Sunny Side Up’s comment and watching the preview, positivity is slowly beginning to creep back into me. I’m bit by bit beginning to feel a little better. 

    Whatever I had penned in my previous comments were in the heat of the moment and without thinking of the even bigger picture. I admit at that point of time, I hated ZQ to the core. I hope I’m man enough to take back whatever I’d written. 

    To Max, I hope you’d feel better too. Let’s start having faith back in the show. 

  19. There are 2 previews on YouTube. Type e2323520 (user). Title of the videos r in Chinese. They show zq coming back with his mother and AJ and her father are at the airport to greet them. Seems like zq is still blind. Later zq and AJ are attacked by a group of people and AJ fights them off to protect zq. He looks helpless.

  20. will the dairy or ZQ’s blog play a crucial part in the last episode?
    hope the ending would be a good one. please dont screw up at the 82nd episode.

  21. As I watched the episode again, I actually wonder what am I going to do when SSB ends. To be frank, yesterday I wanted to punch the guts out of ZQ and scream every rude word known to mankind to him. But we overlooked one thing, this is ZQ’s first love. Also, before the accident he was at the top of everything. A great career, a beautiful relationship and a almost happily ever after with AJ but yet with just s single slip, he lost his sight. When ZQ screamed, it actually shown how much he hate not the fact that he lost his sight but he actually hates himself.Hate the fact that he is a burden, that he needs comfort from others, that he can no longer protect AJ like how he promised Zhen Ba that he will use his life to protect her.
    Maybe we misunderstood ZQ. This IS his first love, he will be confused and lost so the only way was to run away yet he wanted to carry out his promise to AJ of marrying her because he think that by doing so, he is giving AJ a last beautiful memory to hold on to. He said that he will be back after his sigh was restored but yet he wanted to end his relationship with AJ because he know that he doesn’t has the courage to see her again.

    • I’m so torn between wanting them to be together or for them to go their separate ways because I feel for both characters. They are in their own ways showing love and kind of protecting their relationship. We may not agree to ZQ’s method but we can’t deny the fact that it hurts him too. I feel like the writers are going through some mid life crisis.
      As for Alien&Summer, they build up a great chemistry and shown their potential. As for wanting them to be together, I think they both should focus on their careers first. Also with the media and how Alien is being teased on 100% entertainment about Rainie, I feel that it is just shaky for them to be together but I can say that it is not see to find another cast like SSB’s.

  22. 80.81一次看….幹!!!編劇有夠爛,前半集數跟後半集數的編劇是有沒有一樣阿,怎麼前面好好的後面爛到底,都要完結了還編什麼傷殘情節來耍悲情,都不知道適可而止。

    • 還有一開始鋪仲祈會被攻擊的梗,埋到最後面才出現,結果只用一集就交代完畢,而且還是場鬧劇,爛!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. just wait on monday episode…what happen… ????get ready for a blanket…the water ..the heart medicine…
    dont fail my expectation management ..this show have many viewers here in taiwan the ratings is good from the beginning ’till now..
    so give a happy ending… not heartbroken ending coz my eyes till now are very big ..
    what is the twist for ZQ….i don’t know
    but i think in real life there closed ..hope that there paparazzi outthere during his concert if summer meng present..100% he invite her …and its very..very exciting.wahh how high i am…overdose..

      • yeah..in i hope that summer meng were present …coz as what i’ve seen the body gesture maybe there something 2x..
        i don’t know his past leading lady if he treat as the same of meng geng ru…
        focus of this SSB star only… and S>H>E  is my favorate star here in taiwan others im not interested..
        alien cares a lot of summer meng..observed the interview in youtube….hope that what relation they have ..it will remain strong.those sweet kisses they never forget promise…their age is okey…alien 29 while summer is 21…match…forgive me guys im addict of this two…

  24.  Wow…. All the hate for ZQ all of a sudden down below.
    To be frank, I think it is painful for ZQ as well. It sucks to force yourself to be the bad guy, especially when it is towards the one you love.
    And when I though CJ’s dad was the final twist, the scriptwriters throw this… All this just for the sake of a cliffhanger…
    Unfortunately the way the ending will turn out is now rather obvious so cliffhanger fail much? 1 episode is not long enough to tie up all the loose ends properly, with CJ’s dad, ZQ’s mom, CE&TT etc.
    Following the entire series just to see a failed build up for a supposed epic ending… It sure does feel like a kick in the shin. But less hate on ZQ and more hope for a happy ending?

  25. Is there a probability if this show wasn’t extended, it would have end in our favour? A part of me kind of blame the existence of the show that took Friday’s slot. Maybe it cause the script to be altered in such a destructive manner? 

    I could search back my positivity but it would turn negative in the blink of an eye. Summarily, justice was not served. Think about it. If the writers are able to write such a beautiful love story of them in the past episodes, I can’t see why they are incapable of writing a beautiful ending. 

    Up till before this episode or at least till the marriage and the consummation, they have been my most favourite pair. But now, thanks to you, the director, the writers, whoever you are, you took ZQ out of the equation. 

    Right now, I only care about AJ. I won’t deny that I truly adore AJ. I think I’m also going to be a sadist like Max, in hoping that AJ finds a new love, makes ZQ regrets for his action. 

    My hope of them becoming together in real life evaporates. I no longer wish for Summer Meng to be a special guest in Alien Huang’s concert.

    I know I may sound harsh penning such comments, but I’m just revealing my innermost thoughts and feelings. 

  26. Looks like you’re hurting real bad. So am I, so is rosaliehsia and I am sure lots of others out there, the silent sufferers.

    I used to enjoy re-watching some of the previous episodes and scenes, but today I realised I can’t even bear to look at their past lovey-dovey scenes anymore. Everytime I try, these few scenes keep appearing in my mind to haunt me :- the wedding ceremony, the wedding night and AJ’s screaming when she read the letter. I don’t know if its just me but the wedding ceremony itself felt like a funeral and the wedding night – poor poor AJ.

    Oh, another scene that was particularly heart wrenching is prior to the wedding and QinMa tried to kick AJ out of the house. And ZQ was just lying in bed listening to all the screaming coming from QinMa and AJ pleading to be allowed to stay. It was just not too long ago that ZQ promised Zhen Ba that he will not let AJ be bullied by the Empress Dowager. My heart really went out to AJ. In fact, come to think of it, AJ really got a lot of crap from the Qin family and ZQ himself. It’s really no wonder Zhen Ba objected to ZQ pursuing AJ at the beginning.

    Hey, Lilfir, you may want to keep writing your thoughts out. I kinda find it therapeutic, otherwise I would have gone crazy by Monday.

  27. Nothing seem to be able to comfort me right now. 
    Not even the short preview showing them back together again and ZQ regaining his sight.
    No matter how fairy tale the ending will be, it wont be able to heal my broken heart.
    Simply because, the definition of true love had been spoilt by ZQ.
    I dont feel for ZQ anymore.
    I only feel for AJ. If I was a her, I would have felt betrayed. Hurt beyond recognition.   

      • OMG, I think you just hit the nail on the head. You are absolutely right, come to think of it, it does look like she’s imagining him by her side. Now I feel even worse. And I agree with Lilfir, I hope the baby is not AJ’s.

        I really don’t know how the director/writers going to make it right for us again, because the whole show seems to be tarnished.

        I am going to be a sadist, but I think I will feel better if AJ goes off and fall in love with somebody else and then marries that person. ZQ can go take a hike!!

        • haha its one of the normal stuff people seem to love putting into shows or movies. 🙂 haha i was gg to say i hope they dont end up together but would have thought nobody was gg to agree with me hahah!

          • i only have one tiny tiny wish which is that i hope they dont make aj pregnant coz that would be a super lame ending. 🙁

          • haha i just want it to be more realistic coz there’s not always a happy ending in real life anyway. hahah did inborn pair end happily? does anyone know?

          • Yes, IP ended very happily indeed. WeiXiang and YiJie were my dream OTP before ZQ/AJ came along. The IP plot was a lot more straightforward, very predictable. In fact, after like 10 episodes of SSB, I was telling everybody how I like SSB more than IP. I guess I shouldn’t have counted the chickens before they were hatched.

          • actually ssb was fine up until the last couple of eps no? hahhaa actually im fine with it up till now  unless they give a rubbish last episode! but little wei ni’s latest update he was wearing a suit so dont tell me they’re getting married again???? 

          • WeiNi was wearing a little suit with a red bowtie when CJ was supposed marry YaLun (I think was ep79). Is he wearing another suit again, maybe is for CJ and YL’s wedding again. I am sure this time round they would have gotten super-richman Mr Du’s blessing. Good for them. At least their love journey is so much smoother and neither had to suffer any serious heart breaks.

            Btw, where can I see WeiNi latest update. Love his curls…..

            I am still very sad…….

          • on his fb! search 駱炫銘. 🙂 its a red bowtie too but its taken today coz today is the final day of shooting! 🙂 

  28. when im reading all your comment my tears flowing again… yes this is only a drama but why ???? i feel the pain …and when i heard the song i can’t control tears will come out…omg ..the directors/ writer of this ..they torture us by giving this pain…summer meng youre the best …in a way you cry people also cry..when you are in pain people can catch it….these episode how many mineral bottle water i’ve taken…

  29. For those who are dying to know what’s in store for us next Monday night, a short preview to whet your appetite is posted on Summer Meng Group IFC.

  30. My tears continue to flow each time I think of AJ crying and then ZQ’s anguished expression. I can’t seem to get them off my mind. OMG, this is only a drama, I need to get a grip on things.

    I pondered and I pondered, why so much tears? i realized the tears are for :

    AiJia — who lost her innocence overnight (no, not from the bed scene) but from the transformation of a sweet young girl to a matured woman with so much of sadness and emotional pain hanging over her.

    AiJia again — whose beloved husband abandon her after a one night stand amidst broken promises.

    AiJia again — who has to receive such a cold and bitter farewell letter from her husband telling her that’s the end for them, and to forget him.

    ZhongQi — who loved AJ so deeply, who cherished her so much, who always wanted to spoil her and give her a good life, who wanted to be her heart’s protector, who made her laugh everyday, who wanted to hold her hands eternally……..BUT it was not meant to be because all his sweet dreams of her and for her became a horrible nightmare.

    ZhongQi again — because he thinks he no longer can fulfill his promises made to her, because he thinks he will burden her, because he does not want to tie her down.

    ZhongQi again — because he did the one thing that truly broke AJ’s heart, and that was abandoning her.

    ZhongQi again — because he chose to abandon her. Fullstop.

    ZhenBa — whose fatherly love for his only daughter is so deep and profound that he could only watch by the side and support AJ’s decision to stand by ZQ, look after him and subsequently marrying him. He could easily turn around and drag AJ away from all these pain (as he had threatened to do so many times previously) but he chose not to, all for the sake of AJ’s undying love for ZQ.

    QinMa — (yes, this is not a typing error) — because in her own special way, she finally reveals that she truly love ZQ as if he was her realborn child and her heart is shredded to pieces seeing her only son going through so much of physical suffering and emotional trauma. So she did the one thing that any mother would do, take her son away from the place with such painful memories and try to get him healed.

  31. 好像听说过秦妈本人在微博上说最后一集会接受爱家,如果仲祈跟爱家在一起,秦妈才可能有机会接受爱家吧。。。。所以说爱家最后还是会跟仲祈在一起的吧。。。

  32. Sorry, I just had to get this OFF my chest. 

    If I had the opportunities of seeing the director/scriptwriters face on, I will lambast this loud and clear into their ears. Most of us dont watch this show blindly. We watch this show with our brain and most importantly with our heart. This show would have been the best Taiwanese drama I’d ever seen in my life. But why? Why do you have to wreck ZQ & AJ beautiful love story by adding such circumstances. The both of them had already endured more than enough problems and you got to give another one? I wonder if the director/scriptwriters put  themselves in our shoes because if they do, they will definately feel the same, unless they have no heart. 

    How can the majority of this whole drama be great/brilliant/wonderful and be sh*t at the end of it. It’s just as good as falling from grace. Jumping from high buildings to your death and a whole lot of analogies that could be given. 

    Sure, this drama still have one more episode to go and I cant really see a good ending to it. Even if it’s a happy ending, it would be tarnished and scarred by the fact that ZQ abandon AJ. Just don’t justify that it is true love on ZQ’s part. I will never doubt AJ’s love for ZQ. She dropped more than enough tears. She gave more than enough assurances and definately don’t deserve to be left behind. 

    I’ve yet to recover from my tears. Before I slept the night before, I thought too much on this episode, it gave me a headache. I dwelled too much on AJ’s pain, it gave me heartache. 

  33. 可以批評戲中角色,但请不要批評演員本身。你以為每个人都爱演黑臉、演反派吗?如果这样谁还敢演这种角色呢? 还有演秦媽的演員得過金鐘獎最佳女演員獎!! 就是她演得好才会讓觀眾生气。她破音是因为之前她有開過刀。我也討厭秦媽,但是不應該對演員做人身攻擊!

  34. until now …my gosh i can’t recover this episode… so sad when i hear the ost of our OTP i cry lol….deep pain  hope happy ending ….no sad ending co’z i dont what happen to me… maybe i make a call to the production office in taipei……i want a happy happy SSB finally….

  35. 追了這麼多個月的戲,倒數最後一集變成這樣,我徹底無言了….

  36. there’s another taiwanese drama that reminds me of this. the dude needed to “recharge” his eyes so he had to sleep or else he would go blind until he slept.
    this episode was really sad. the last one was too. i almost started bawling. :'(
    i think the last episode will be where zhongqi sees the doctor in the usa. then it’s gonna be like those movies where they say “1 year later” and then ai jia sees zhongqi and he’s all better and he can see. but, they both look a little bit different, i mean like different hairstyle (zhongqi has a totally different haircut and ai jia has longer, shoulder lenght hair.) so they dont recognize each other at first until but qin ma and zhen ba tells them.
    cai jie’s dad problem hasnt been solved yet either. i wonder how the directors are gonna do everything in one episode!

  37. What is this. They’re just dragging this drama out. It’s getting so annoying. I mean, this drama used to be good. Now it’s just too messy. I hate seeing aijia cry like that not just because she looks kind of ugly when she does, but because it just reflects how bad the script is. By this point, she shouldn’t be crying. They’re putting everything that could go wrong in a drama couple in this drama. Just watch. She’ll get leukemia or something. (Probably not…but you know what I’m talkin about)

  38. Why is everyone comment bad thing about zhongqi and ai jia?? Why you all can’t just enjoy this show when it is going to end soon? They all trying to make better show for us to watch. And please stop comment all the bad thing about the show can?

  39. Yeah I agree!! This last episode totally ruined it for me… How is there any logic in marrying someone, consummating the marriage then saying let be the end of our relationship, forget me?!!! How is AJ suppose to react to that~ even if she wanted to (which she wouldn’t of course because she is AJ and ZQ should know her well enough to know this), she is now married to him!…

    What is with the recent run of lousy endings?? First it’s 童话二分之一, and now it’s SSB… I am so annoyed!!!!
    It’s like the director/ scriptwriter of the last 78ep got a brain tumor or personality transplant… Why else would the first 98% of the drama be brilliant and end be melodramatic drivel to rival American soap operas like days of our lives?!!!! I feel extremely cheated…

  40. I effing hate Zhongqi right now. You married her, consummate the marriage and leave her the morning after. That’s just as good as having one night stand and telling her to eff off. You know what Zhongqi? Eff You! 

  41. Most of my comments have been positively oriented. But now, I dont have any ounce of positivity in me.

    My God. I can’t recover from this episode. I might sound harsh but heck it. Sorry, my liking for ZQ has suddenly turn to hate. I totally have no sympathy at all even though he’s blind. Don’t tell me he left in the name of love. That’s not love at all. His promises are just as good as nothing.  Ok probably now, if I turn my fanboy mode on  and maybe bias towards AJ because I absolutely adore her. But even if I was a fangirl, I wouldn’t want ZQ to treat AJ the way he did. 
    My heart totally shredded for AJ. After all the assurances, how could she still be abandoned. I dont want to imagine AJ’s pain because it would break me apart even further. She don’t deserve this. 

    I’m going to join Max in concluding EP76 as the finale or at least, yesterday’s episodes minus the mishap and throw in today’s wedding. 

    I’m so going to be an emotional wreck this weekend. 

  42. 感覺還是很多地方不精緻…

    • 你的留言令我心情好了一點…在50多60集開始對這套戲的結局不怎麼期待

  43. 秦媽自己講自己也不是不講道理的人……哪招?
    而且愛家到底啥頂過嘴了= = 我怎麼不記得…..

    真的是肖查某 !!!

  44. So I plan to send 三立 the buckets of tears I cried. Like
    I expected, it will be an emotional roller coaster. To everyone who judged
    Summer or Alien in their acting, you may sit down and tape your mouth. Summer’s
    tears, look of devastation and screams for ZQ, Alien’s frustration and look of
    hopelessness. Also, the scene between Li Ren&Alien, that was speechless. Back to the plot, this my friends is the biggest plot twist in the history of plot twists.

    Qin Ma, what are you doing? Why in the world did you agree
    to ZQ? You are a woman, if ZQ doesn’t understand how broken AJ will be, I’m
    sure you will!

    ZQ, what happened to liking AJ’s smiles? Do you really think
    she will be happy? I understood that you married AJ because you wanted to carry
    out your promise of marrying her, thinking that will put a beautiful full stop
    to your relationship but didn’t you also promise her to make her smile? What
    happened to the promised happiness?

    But you guys, will there be a chance that AJ is pregnant; ZQ
    came back with his sight regained, Qin Ma saw how AJ waited for him and accepted
    her?(this seems a little farfetched but I can dream) So many possibilities on
    why Qin Ma accepted AJ though.

    Anyways, that kissing scene
    was passionate. Is it just me or Alien’s ear was red? 阿鬼,害羞了.

  45. This wedding like a rush only, like no feeling like that. Even the Consummating part, should be romantic one, now like no feeling only. Wth!

  46. mum you didnt like ai jia really you actually told your daughter to give up on zhong qi because of them, and now u say u hate ai jia.. eek 

  47. 明天早上有考试但还是不想错过这一集。。结果哭惨了。。何仲祈!不准抛弃爱家。。一定要手术成功然后马上回到爱家的身边。。。

  48. I’m a mess. Heck, half way through this episode, I wasn’t even sure if I was watching my beloved Sweet Sweet Bodyguard or some other Taiwanese melo-soap of the 80’s. (Granted that their acting skills went beyond what I thought they would have been capable of, but I am in no mood to talk about their potential award winning performance tonight).

    I started crying even before I swiped the play icon. The floodgates remain opened pretty much the whole hour and now I looked like a panda from China. Not to mention, my poor eyes have not even recover from last night, I believe I will be going blind as well.

    I think my biggest mistake was letting my guard down, believing that what could possibly happened that would jeopardise the show for me, afterall there’s only several episodes left. And then BANG!!!!!

    Really, what were the production team thinking of? Is there anyone out there who happens to think that this unexpected twist deserve a round of applause?
    Really, what is ZQ thinking of? Marrying AJ, consummating their marriage and then ditching her the morning after??
    Really, if ZQ wanted to skip town so badly to seek treatment, he could have just gone ahead with his mother without the whole marriage fiasco(?)
    Really, can someone tell me what’s the whole purpose of marrying AJ and then telling her to forget about him in the farewell letter.

    Deep down, I know we are headed for a happy ending next Monday, and maybe some of us will be forgiving enough to start singing praises of this show again, but REALLY, are all these tragedies necessary? I don’t know, maybe the show’s rating skyrocketed last few episodes.

    Sadly, I have come to a decision that I won’t be investing anymore time, energy and emotions into these dramas anymore. I will call it a day after SSB ends its run. I have always made it a point to stay clear of tearjerkers and melodramas but was I deceived on this, the director really did a wolf in a sheepskin on me. But, never mind, SSB was excellent and enjoyable while it lasted (at least upto ep 76), thereafter, it was just too emotional draining for me.

    My last word for AJ, if and when ZQ comes back with his sight restored, she should make him pursue her all over again. But then, we only have some 50 minutes air time left, well……….

  49. 下星期一是最后一集了,剩女保镖会有美好的结局吗?

    我种觉得, 好想仲祈和爱家最后不会在一起啊。




    Today episode really very sad for me.

  50. 希望仲祈星期一就能健康的回来,辛好,秦妈在微博说过最后一集才会接受爱家,不然以秦妈的个性,结局会是仲祈在美国交了新的太太之类的(想太多)哈哈!对了,镖哥在fb说,明天他们杀青了!真的很舍不得啦~ 但也好,这样小鬼就有多一点时间为演唱会做准备~ 期待星期一美丽的结局,一定要是美丽的!

  51. 仲祈你好可憐哦,但你不可以放下愛家啊,你離開的背面好殘忍哦,愛家好可憐哦,但星期一的時候,仲祈一定會好的,而且會回到愛家的身邊的。還要等4天,才能看到美麗的結局,加油,加油加油加油加油加油加油加油加油加油加油加油加油

  52. I cried badly my eyes is so so big ….. ugly ! so sad a romantic wedding become miserably 2 sets ! Why have to make us cry … i want happy wedding now just hope the ending will be good !!sigh is ending on monday ….. I m gonna gonna miss this drama ….esp AJ & ZJ !! a perfect couple n they acted so well esp these 2 sets…..looking forward to their future co operation if not all the best to them <3

  53. another crying episode…my eyes very big already…its swolen….
    i think & i wish from the bottom of my heart that there will be a part 2….
    the wedding scene is cute…but why ZQ where you go….first night lol there no tension both of our OTP…the romance feel like real emotion..
    wait monday again  and SSB will say goodbye….OTP goodluck hope they collaborate again…i really miss them…

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