Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Episode 73

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54 thoughts on “Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Episode 73

  1. maybe the episode tomorrow full of tears coz the preview is AJ crying.. don’t know whyyyy…I think the annoying mother is back of her  bling bling… coz she didn’t accept AJ yet…

  2. 剩女保镖应该会做到82集,因为接下来接档的戏"爱情女扑"是从27日起首播。所以呢,小鬼在娱百说25杀青是真的。太开心了!但他真的只有两天的时间练舞啊~ 够时间吗? 🙁 不管怎么样,加油喔!:)

  3. You guys watched the preview on SSB’s blog? Qinma vs ZhenBa. I sense it would be a funny episode. And and.. our favourite pair going to kiss AGAIN. Oh dear weekend, please by quickly. 😀

  4. did nobody realize how awkward Aijia’s hands were at 49:45? I mean I’m all for the romance but if i were xiaogui during filming it would be pretty awkward

  5. Firstly bravo to the director n praise to all the cast….. what a great contributions to made this drama so powerful ! Mixed feeling for this ep … cried, laughed ,sweet sweet moment . Love the feel of a family , so touched that I cried the most in this ep n for the sweet couple aj n zj …wow their chemistry is always there… Look fwd to their next contributions… Now with the remaining ep ( ending soon) i know i will truly miss this drama once is over 🙁 my only hope for is a happy ending !!!!

  6. Woohoo! Jtlt’s back! 😀

    As I’m typing this, my eyes are still soak with tears. Of all the episodes, this is the one I cried the most for. God knows, when the time comes for the closure of this drama, how much more will I cry. This is truly a wonderful show and by calling it wonderful would only be an understatement. I’d said this before but I’d like to reiterate it again that 剩女保鏢 is blessed with stellar cast. Without them, this show wouldn’t be as good as it is. How they managed to evoke most of our emotions is truly remarkable. 
    Sure, this show might have minor flaws here and there but no drama is perfect. I really thank Lord for letting me experience this. Thank you for the divine intervention. 

    I also want to extend my gratitude to namely, Jtlt, MAX, Roylove etc etc. Yes. we’re strangers but we all share something in common. That is, the passion and love for this drama. Can I say we literally journey this show together? 😀 Thank you. 🙂

    Till we meet again next week!

    • i love reading all your comments as well as Jtlt and MAX !! 

      omg the thing about me is that I always get too obsessed with dramas and I have no one to discuss it with LOL 🙁 So it’s really fun for to read other people’s comments and their opinions on the show! 😀

        • Haha yes I love reading all your comments! Including ROYLOVE and MAX’s haha 🙂 We should coordinate to watch another drama which is airing… one which we think will be good… have you guys started watching Love, now? How about the rent a lover one with Tiffany Hsu? 

          • I’ve skimmed through Love, now and Love Me or Leave Me BUT I STILL PREFER THE ANNIE CHEN AND CHRIS WANG PAIRING IN INBORN PAIR :(!!!  I think both of the new dramas developed the love storyline too fast!! 🙁 Both guys in Love, now and Love Me or Leave Me propose like in the very first episode which doesn’t give the drama much room left in terms of development!! HAHA but YES We should watch a drama that’s airing so we can all discuss!! 😀 

    • Haha you’re funny! I know what you mean, Im excited for a new day because it means new episode but now it’s only the countdown to the end:(

  7. Brilliant episode. Absolutely brilliant. 

    Apart from the strange appearance of Du Cai Jie/Cheng En’s potential dad (why introduce a new character NOW???), I was moved to tears at the reconciliation of Alan and Qin Ba in the hospital. This scene was brimming with emotion – Qin Ba burst into tears and starting sobbing almost uncontrollably. 

    Our beloved lead couple have so much physical chemistry! OMG. I melt inside when there are any hugs or kisses between the two… so sweet…. I think I am gonna die from diabetes. Kudos to Huang Hong Sheng, seriously, he can act like such a romantic! And Teresa reciprocates. Ha ha. 

    I am going to get SEVERE withdrawal symptoms from this show when it ends in 7 eps. We’ve grown so much in this show – seen so many different layered themes, encountered no true “baddy”, wow. I really loved this show. I just wonder how its going with this new character… HRMMM

  8. zhong qi: remember the last time we were here I told you to smile and close your eyes

    ai jia: i know! you wanted to kiss me at that time
    zhong qi: you knew YET you still closed your eyes! ai jia; noo i only realised afterwards 


  9. 仲祈跟爱家后面好闪喔~ 哈哈!可是我喜欢~ 现在秦媽的态度好多了,接下来只剩下接受爱家了~ 耶!

  10. 秦家在醫院團圓的那一幕好感人哦,秦媽和亞倫終於想通了。至於秦媽對愛家的態度嘛,我只能說愛家,你一定要堅持通過秦媽給你的任何考驗就像仲祈堅持過五關斬六將一樣。加油!

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