Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Episode 74

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51 thoughts on “Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Episode 74

  1. cai jie’s dad had overdone it! he is not respecting alan’s family at all just becoz he is rich….. buying the whole car company just for his daughter to be the chairperson? is he crazy? this is not the way you spend money and not the way you treat your prospective son-in-law’s family! i think alan will be very upset…. 

  2. i like cai jie’s and her dad’s reconciliation. i dun think it is to 拖戏. this is essential for a show to have a good ending. we not only wan AJ and ZQ’s romance to have everyone’s approval, but also, a happy ending for ALL the characters! 

  3. 等了三天,今天的劇情竟然用跳過的方式20分鐘就看完了……..alan和采潔的婚禮我懂要繼續交待,但加入杜爸然後又拖點戲真的很莫名其妙…


    • Yeah, looks like maybe something happened to ZQ and that’s why she was crying so hard. Did you guys see the picture of AJ standing on some huge tank or boiler (very very high up) in Summer Meng Group fb? I think maybe ZQ got kidnapped or something and she has to save him. Whatever it is, looks like we are headed for some serious stunt actions from AJ in the coming episodes.

  4. I totally agree with you. Disappointment was the word I was looking for. I think it’s the first time I felt this way throughout the series so far. But I suspect our expectations of the show especially our ZQ/AJ romance has skyrocketed, so much so that we don’t want to see anything or anyone else. Haha….

    But really, I think ZQ/AJ’s screen time together in today’s episode add up to less than 5 minutes. And this is completely unacceptable, right???

    At least there’s one consolation, MY shines again in my eyes.

    Well, let’s hope for a better run tomorrow. We are rounding the final lap of the race, let’s hope nobody drops the baton at this stage.

  5. Also what happened to the annoying ding xue ling? (not that i miss her at all) But it’s still a loose end that hasn’t been tied… How she was being evil and tried to throw a vase onto ZQ’s head… I’m sure she wouldn’t let it go that easily maybe they’re making it seem like she disappeared when in fact she’ll come back in the finale as the ULTIMATE EVIL LOL 

  6. There is something that irks me about the dad. By looking at the preview, I feel that there will be some kind of conflict between the dad and Qin family. Maybe the dad is there for the last climax of the show or something. Tbh, I don’t really know where they are going with the show, it seems really unecessary for caijie’s dad to show up right after Alan finally accepting Qin Ba.

    As for AJ&ZQ, according to the comments there is a preview of AJ crying badly, I doubt that there will be a third party/some misunderstandings as it will be a rush to tie up everything in a few episodes unless they are going for the cliche near death experience, they finally realize they can’t do without each other&get married thing. It is probably something Qin Ma/the test given to AJ and ZQ will be there for her( I hope).

    But whatever it is, I hope the scriptwriters don’t rush through the whole ZQ life is in danger thing as that is the main story after all.

  7. I shan’t hide my disappointment at today’s episode. 3 days of wait have literally came to nothing. I pretty much hope that Du Cai Jie’s dad vanishes as soon as he appears. Cameo is enough. Sweet Sweet Bodyguard is the title of this show. It makes sense for it to revolve mainly on Zhongqi & Ai-Jia.

    I saw too the preview in which Ai-Jia cried badly. Please don’t tell me that Zhongqi is forced to go abroad leaving Ai-Jia all alone. I hate them being separated. Please don’t let that happen. 

    We need our dose of the OTP. We don’t mind if you indulge us with truckloads of their sweetness. We don’t care if we get diabetic. Please quickly get them back into the picture!

    P.S. For the preview, you guys can watch at q i r e . n e t
    Search for the drama.

  8. A super rich dad suddenly surfaces?? Isn’t this too good to be true?

    I have this uneasy feeling when they throw in a boomerang at this late stage, makes me feel that the simple reason behind it is they want to extend the show by couple of episodes. The main plot gets side tracked unnecessarily and worst is, additional episodes doesn’t always translate to more screen time for the OTP.

    Speaking of which, ZQ/AJ’s romance path seems to have come to a standstill last couple of episodes (while we still squeallll when they kiss), I think we need them to pick up speed. Ohhh…why don’t they just splurge the balance of the episodes on ZQ/AJ? Two episodes to convince Qin Ma to accept AJ, two episodes to wrap up the mysterious biker, two episodes for ZQ to propose to AJ, and the final two episodes to be full of mushy scenes to which we will die for!!!!!!

  9. 當明玉說挑戰自己的極限時我想到羅志祥的[舞極限],當采潔的爸爸說不屑這兩個字時我想起了黃鴻升的[不屑],蠻久沒聽這首歌,就立刻去聽,好好聽哦。如果仲祈和愛家這個couple真的exist的話,一定是世界上最浪漫甜蜜的couple,連搬東西都搶來搶去,不想讓對方累,不知道會不會有這麽恩愛的couple在這個人世界,如果有的話,那個女人一定是這輩子最幸福的女人,那個男人一定是這輩子最幸福的男人。^^

  10. WEIRRRRD. 

    Ok I think this show took a bit of a weird turn here. Introducing Cai Jie’s dad at such a late stage, though I appreciated her reconciliation. Was a bit sudden still. All I want to do is see how our OTP’s romance and marriage pan out, I think the show could have ended around this episode but it’s been prolonged somewhat by the turn in events. Cai Jie’s dad gives me a super strange vibe, as if he’s a man a little bit off his rocker or has this rich man complex that he needs to flaunt his wealth to make up for his failings as a parent. 

    Hmmm…. only about 6-8 eps more? Please continue to be good, show! I noticed they haven’t solved the mystery man who wants to kill Zhongqi sub-plot so I’m sure that will come to a head in the last few eps. Just don’t deprive me of my OTP time…

      • It was said that there will be 82 eps… I think they are focusing on Alan’s part maybe because Alien’s concert is coming up and need more time to rehearse

        • Alien Huang’s concert is on Nov 28, but then again, I hear that it’s just a small concert. So really, that shouln’t compromise on the drama just because he has this concert. It wouldn’t be fair to the fandom of SSB if they did.

    • omg i thot it was just me! i feel like all the past few weeks the main leads are cai jie and ya lun. 
      :((((( SPOILER ALERT: the person who threw the flower pot was the girl zq fired in ep 1. she posted filming for this show on fb yesterday night. hahahha its not xue ling as some of us suspected though they look uncannily alike!

    • 我猜接下來是這樣子:
      采潔她爸 (或自稱是) 是騙子,真正目的是車行的錢,只有秦媽夠機警,而在解除危機當中,愛家somehow向秦媽證實了自己,也得到了祝福。 
       b.秦爸找到了親生兒子 vs 亞倫「失去」了親生兒子
       c.采潔對維尼的態度 vs 秦媽對亞倫的態度←這幾乎變成了整部戲的主題了……
       d.維尼突然冒出來的親生媽媽 vs 采潔突然冒出來的親生爸爸
       e.維尼和親生父母分離 vs 仲祈和親生父母分離
       g.甄爸←→仲祈 vs 秦媽←→愛家 




  11. yesss..there it is… i miss this show … tomorrow i think the episode is very sad why AJ is crying maybe ZQ will go to abroad or what ?? or maybe theres another girl …coz the mother didn’t  like AJ so her brain always blah blah blah…grrrrr…..like the smack kiss so sweet i only wish that in real their friends they communicate each other….days pass by its about to end so sad but  nothing to do…

  12. 采潔在辦公室跟她爸相認的那一幕哭得好自然,不得不說袁艾菲的演技越來越好了。聽說剩女保鏢有82集!

    • 最近看新闻说袁艾菲的爸爸健康出问题,让她很烦恼,不知道是不是这样,看这场戏的时候除了感动,还多了一份心疼 T_T

    • 虽然有明显的不足,但却也有更明显的进步。


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