Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Episode 43

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Teresa Meng plays a bodyguard to a CEO. Raised up in a military family, she is all about responsibility, loyalty and honor. But, the upbring taught her nothing about how to attract a man. She despairs at that prospect of never having a boyfriend.

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  • Melyzenisa28

    Teresa meng_Huang hong Sheng_:):)_I Like_


  • ALS

    其實最可憐的是仲祈吧。 明明是秦家的事還要被夾在中間, 秦爸給亞倫煮飯, 而不是給仲祈煮飯。。。 秦太太把明玉生活在無憂無慮,仲祈卻是要擔起這個家。。。 還好亞倫不是設定為壞人,回來搶家產的。

  • Iloveeli

    lol even ming yu understands and is happy that she have a hot brother. whats wrong with min hui -.-

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  • vv


  • ZJQ

    Sometimes I think the granny is a little bit selfish. I mean I know she just wants to take care of alan and weini, and wants them back as part of the family. But what she does not realise is that her daughter-in-law is going through so much pain, though this was never what she meant for to happen.

    Although as viewers/audiences it can be quite annoying to watch how Qin ma throws such a big fuss over this, and that we hope that she can get over it soon (especially when most of us are more interested in aijia and zhongqi), but I think it’s not at all unreasonable to be feeling this way. Even when the granny was asked if she can be happy about the whole thing if it happened to her, she couldn’t even answer the question directly and tries to avoid it. So I think how Qin ma’s reacting to all these is understandable. Well, just my two cents worth 🙂

  • tan

    qin ma menopause is it? Too drama already la. tsk.. And hate her in the preview, so selfish and xian shi.

  • True81820

    OMG ! this episode is so painful….sob sob and  I cannot wait for ai jia and zhongji together…..when when ? I hope Qinma won’t come out with something not so nice towards her family……

  • jojo548

    I actually don’t think that the mom is over reacting. In fact, she is really pittiful. A husband whom she loved for so long kept such a big secret and didn’t ever tell her….and expects her to be able to deal with it so nicely? if it were me, i would be so pissed.
    and i also can’t help but roll my eyes every time i see QinBa because of the way he disregards his wife’s feelings, even though he knows that he should talk to her. QinBa is a real old scumbag.

    • Tracy

      Agree with you totally ! 🙂

  • 沒想到秦爸這麼笨 這麼大歲數 為了家庭犧牲青春 只有丈夫可以依靠 卻不受尊重真的很可憐

  • Rockit<3

    ha ha… qin ba only cook for alan not zhongqi
    and it was so sad when alan told nai nai that she gave him warmth then left, almost brought me to tears
    this was a really sad episode :'(
    i hope that qin ma gets over this quickly, or else we’ll have no more happy ai jia and zhongqi time

  • Jsos

    How many eps are there in total?

    • CC


  • Guest

    Liu RuiQi not a very good actress… Yet she had won awards? Her ranting and raving really annoying… Good that we could fast forward. NaiNai and QinBa are good.

    • jojo548

      she won the 44th golden bell award for best actress in 2009. i think she is a really good actress

  • Minflower13

    the mom is over reactting she is shit

  • Jskwok


  • Lilfir

    It’s good I suppose that Zhongqi have to persevere to win Ai-Jia’s heart and overcome the many obstacles he’ll be dealing with before he’s able to do so. And when the time comes, I’m sure it’ll be bittersweet. 🙂 

  • Ddt543


  • Sky_smile_922

    怎麼都想不通這個劇情 有點 怪……

  • alienLOL

    說秦太太自私的人也太奇怪了, 在現實生活中如果另外一半突然帶個別人的兒子回來, 本來安逸的生活被打亂了,誰都不好受吧? 再説, 人心難測, 她也會擔心亞倫是好的還是坏的, 明玉以後的生活怎麽辦吧。

  • Abi

    仲祈替秦媽著想的一切被當作是白廢… 真的超可憐… 

    所以說「忘了怎麼快樂」的歌詞形容得太貼切 也許是重任 追著我放棄活著 
    黃鴻升活在角色裡,寫出感人的歌詞… 希望這首歌快點在劇中出現!

  • linlin


  • adfadfe

    the mum is so selfish… :s

  • dog

    disgusted by qing tai tai , 

  • lala


    • Timpup19

      這很正常阿, 發生在任何女人身上都會這樣. 她生氣的點是竟然沒有一個人在為她著想, 最誇張的就是老夫人 根本沒有考慮到她的心情, 所以她在氣被忽視 在這個家根本一點地位都沒有 , 看不懂劇情就別回應吧

  • Guest


  • Max

    What a melodramatic episode, a complete deviation from the drama’s original lighthearted intent that viewers have been fed with so far.

    I’m struggling with Qin Ma’s emotional reaction towards Alan. Qin Ba brought home a son from a previous marriage, for crying out loud, he did not bring another woman back!!! So really, how does a new found son affect Ming Yu and Qin Ma’s position in the family? This must truly be a woman’s sense of insecurity at its worst.

    And in the preview, it looks like Qin Ma is laying the guilt trap on Zhong Qi. I get this feeling that she’s going to force Zhong Qi to accept Ming Yu.

    • Guest

      I agreed with your last sentence Qinma say at her weibo that she is going to break zhongqi and aijia apart. So I think Qinma can’t find a security between her and mingyu so she is intending to force zhongqi and mingyu to be together. 🙁

  • Guest

    OMGOSH! when is ai jia and zhong qi getting together?? >.<

  • Guest

    说明玉公主、任性,因为她妈也是这样~ 超没肚量的~!!学学彩洁啦~ ><

  • hahaah…..finally


  • Fatman


  • Jtlt

    My goodness… this was such a heavy episode… filled with a mixed bag of emotions. The writer managed to delve into the standpoint of the issues from the shoes of each character!

    I cried almost the whole episode from the scene with shi hao shu till the end, save for the scene with Cai Jie/Ai Jia and the Shen family.

    Shi Hao Shu’s scene was a pivotal one. I now understand the extent of his love and how much pain he is still in from missing his wife. It was finally revealed that he raised Ai Jia like a military man so that she’d be able to protect herself. (So sweet!)

    In the next few episodes, it’s going to be increasingly political in the Qin family, with Zhongqi caught in the middle. I can’t say I fully understand Qin Ma’s feelings… but I think her feelings of disappointment stems from Qin Ba’s dishonesty with her all this while. She went a bit beserk but I would totally understand that that’s what a highly insecure woman would do. 

    How the show resolves these emotionally charged issues is another thing…. I only wish for more cute moments between Zhongqi and Ai Jia. Hope it doesn’t degrade into a melo! 

    • haha

      lol. 你也太入戏了。

    • Xoxopps

      cried through the whole episode? damn! stay clear from the Real sentimental stuff.  lol

      • Jtlt

        Hi, whoever you are. I take offence at your statement. You don’t even know me personally and you imply that I have not experienced any “real” sentimental events. I can accept criticisms of my opinions on the show but not such personal ones. I would appreciate if you would think before mocking someone online in future and hiding behind your veneer of anonymity. I think we all at times need be more mindful of people’s feelings before we say anything which may be perceived to be insensitive. This is basic human respect.

        But thanks for making this comment because I finally have grounds to bring up my points above. And I’m going to keep my Real personal feelings out of the public sphere and out of this forum which is full of immature and insensitive commentors.

        • Max

           I don’t think we need to keep our Real personal feelings from being voiced out in this public forum. I think you should maintain what you’ve done in the past, keep it up. Our personal feelings and to a certain extent, our personal experience allow us to relate to the show and characters within. If personal feelings are not involved, there will not be any emotions from viewers, nobody will want to squeeel when theres a kiss, nobody will tear up when theres a sad scene, nobody will get angry when Qin Ma try to break up Zhong Qi and Ai Jia…..and so on……

          I for one, love to read your reviews and I am sure there are lots of others with me. Don’t let one bad apple spoil it for the rest of us in the basket.

  • New

    Isn’t ai jia and he zhong qi supposed to be the main characters? I feel like they’re being taken over by ya lun and his problems with qin jia

    • scrumpisme

      relax there’s still more than 30+ episodes. hopefully they’ll wrap up ya lun’s storyline soon and leave the rest to zhong qi and ai jia!:)))

  • Guest

    这集除了前面何仲祈练唱兵歌好看外~ 其他超烂~ 越看越烦~ ><

  • Jo


  • haha


  • 越來越好看了^^ 期待44集 😀

  • Asdfghjkl


  • jy

    i dun get why ming yu and the grandma can’t sense any conflict between qin ba and qin ma. 

  • Guest

    goodd job people that got “first” want a prize? heres your “LOSER” trophy

  • Asd


  • Sheila380

    Thank you!

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  • 終於^^