Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Episode 24

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Teresa Meng plays a bodyguard to a CEO. Raised up in a military family, she is all about responsibility, loyalty and honor. But, the upbring taught her nothing about how to attract a man. She despairs at that prospect of never having a boyfriend.

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  • Guest

    ohmygawd thank u for putting in youtube ver !



  • Annasui47

    Oh finally it’s Youtube 😀

  • Guest

    cai jie’s legs are sooo skinnyyy

  • guest

    老實說 愛家 有一點討厭 怎麼會有這麼暴力的女生啊。。。。。。  而且,仲祈在遇到她前好像沒什麼事吼?

    • Mydad’safuckingdog

      闭上你的猪嘴啦!不懂得欣赏就别看! -‘-

  • Liiloo_lii

    I got laugh overload 🙂
    This was hilarious.

    Well as being chubby or not, love does not aks age nor outlook. You just love , but well see do zhongqi developes feelings or h actually has feelings towards aijia:)

  • Annie_199925

    Total ep80???

  • jt

    his expression so cute when after he shout the zhang jia zhen wo ai ni lolol.

  • guest

    老實說 我看到杜詩梅走出來
    我看預告一直以為另一個妹妹才是張嘉珍 =  = 

  • Rockit<3

    …cant…believe…zhongqi…likes…tht…fat…zhang jia zhen… -_-
    ur kidding…
    though i feel srry for ai jia. it seems like she likes zhong qi.

    • Innocenttillnow

       not every person likes someone who’s skinny

      • Rockit<3

        I kno. It’s just a little strange if zhonqi likes someone who’s so chubby.

  • Rockit<3

    ming yu is so annoying >:( she doesnt even get tht ai jia and zhong qi are fighting.

    • sea

      I can’t take her voice omg T__T 

  • Genie033

    oh my god!張嘉珍是杜詩梅

  • XtingTtjeX

    ok the ending was soo  …how should I say  it was a kinda weird but funny XP

  • Jtlt

    Show, you sure throw great curve balls! 

    I’m still in shock with the rest of you at the fact that Zhang Jiazhen is not a hottie like Rainie Yang or Gillian Chung, but turned out to be the fattie who chased Zhongqi in the airport mistaking him for her Korean Oppa in the first episode. Who could have guessed? The crazily misleading previews. 

    Such a clever twist, now that I think about it! No more silly picture perfect ex-girlfriends or childhood flames, but someone who doesn’t fit the conventional mould of what beauty is, to compete for Zhongqi’s affections! And judging by today’s preview, he is still every bit enamoured with her even though she’s become a 大苹果. It was funny, but will the show turn ridiculously slapstick like when Weili and Xiaoxiao started their romance in Ti Amo Chocolate? I sure hope not. Deep down I don’t think  Zhang Jiazhen is a serious contender, but just someone who thoroughly revealed Ai Jia’s budding feelings for Zhongqi. Zhongqi clearly hasn’t started to reciprocate though. It’s alright, we have 56 more episodes to let this play out. 

    Does anyone also notice that there are more scenes of 董事长 (Qin Ba)? Judging by his screen time, the show creators have elevated him to one of the main characters, and I’m glad. I think Qin Ba holds the key to a lot of the other mysteries in the show, like who Alan’s mum is and what went down with the He family, and who in the He family owns 50% of the company now. 

    Poor Ai Jia, though. Her character seems hopefully naive, to the point of being foolish. When Zhongqi questioned why she’s doing this for him when she has no pay and nothing tangible to gain, she replied that she wanted to help Zhongqi sing again. I still can’t figure out what her character’s motivating factors are. Is she really altruistic in her quest to help Zhongqi go back home? My guess is she saw something magical the day she found out about Zhongqi’s double life. She saw in Zhongqi  a completely unrestrained and fun-loving guy who had more charisma on stage then in real life. Pity she still tries to hurt Zhongqi when she can’t get him to promise to return, guess this is the show’s way of telling us that she too needs some growing up to do. 

    Rock on, show. I had so much fun today towards the end. (; 

    This proves that in the next 56 episodes… ANYTHING can happen. And I truly mean ANYTHING. 

    • jy

      actually we should have guessed tat 杜詩梅 is one of the crucial characters in the show rite from the first episode. coz of budget, dramas wun spend money to hire another actress juz to let her 客串 for 1 episode. and if they really intend to, it would be 大牌 artistes, like rainy yang/show luo, and they would have publicize it alot thru articles. 
      and i agree  tat  杜詩梅 will be a crucial character in improving the relationship between zhong qi and ai jia. the preview where zhong qi secretly whisper to her something- shd be discussing abt ai jia. juz my thots tho haha. 

    • osbphoto

      who in the He family owns 50% of the company now. ==》Zhongqi of course, he’s the only one surviving, the two fathers started the company together owning 50 per cent~~
      ai Jia just hasn’t figured out her feelings for Zhongqi, so typical of dramas~~~

      And judging by today’s preview, he is still every bit enamoured with her even though she’s become a 大苹果.==>well, maybe it goes to show that he’s not someone who goes for the conventional picture perfect gf, but rather he looks for something deeper? that will work for building his romance~~ 

    • Jearlie

      i also have some thoughts.. i was thinking maybe zhong qi is enjoying himself, making fun of ai jia when he brought her to the li zhang and shouted wo ai ni… he secretly laughed to himself. Then when he saw the chubby version of zhang jia zhen, he seems to have a more relaxed expression as he seems to be able to connect better with the chubby zhang jia zhen. In this manner, he can make ai jia more jealous of him? He probrably just did it to make fun of ai jia but inside him, he cares alot about her feelings.

      • Jtlt

        Maybe… he doesn’t seem the superficial sort cos he’s too focussed on his work. And Ai Jia is such a cutie pie! 耐看

  • 潑水潑到明玉 哈哈 我笑翻了 XD

  • Melyzenisa28

    :(:(__:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)__Like Huang Hong Sheng and Teresa meng__:):):):):):)

  • Stefy_n_chins

    仲祈好有風度喔~ 沒有因為小號變成大號而取笑張珍, 還叫愛家要有禮貌

  • guest


    • Mydad’safuckingdog

      你闭嘴啦! 他就是不会吵架啊!怎样!难道要像你那么八婆才叫女生么?!猪!

  • Body


  • Guest

    WHAT THE HELL?! did not expect the twist at all with zhang jia zhen… in shock right now

  • elizabeth chew

    Sians.. need wait till Monday!! Rawrrrr!!

  • 愿來~ haha 😀

  • Gerilyn Lijuan

    so cuteee(:

    • smile

      hii , u have the same name as me

  • LoveZhuGuiDei


  • Melyzenisa28


  • 小諾


  • Guest

    i m not the first

    • gogo…life

      you are..