Love, Now Episode 41

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28 thoughts on “Love, Now Episode 41

  1. YR very beautiful and lovely. But we want her to promote the advantage of the shape of a model more in costume. Very many shared attitudes comment like YR other change clothes to sleep because it’s so simple and coincidental. One pajamas is used more times in the third episode, which is something to keep in mind!

  2. Screenwriter, director of the movie is great. Now we see their creativity makes the 80th episode of the film becomes too short with us. Actually we are very interested to see the beauty of Annie and Georgu great. They are perfect together, very nice, very very nice. Acting very natural and attractive. Masculine beauty of Georgu combined with sweet beauty of the face, the body of Annie chen create amazing visual effects! They brighten our eyes by perfection

  3. Yeah, I tend to skip over the sister’s love story. I sort of understand where the writer and producer is going with that part of the story but it really just doesn’t interest me. Would love to see more A&G, better if they go on a honeymoon in Europe!

  4. OMG…. love this drama. except not interested in the sister and the delivery guy’s relationship. Maybe it’s because it started off on a deceitful and revengeful note. I’m left smiling after each episode. Keep up the good work writers

  5. Thank you so much for uploading so quickly….had an idea, wouldn’t this be wonderful as a long time daily TV drama? Somehow, SD and YR represent something that is so delightful, missing in many dramas…that steady, daily dose of married and family life. Who would have thought that this is what we, as observers, would really want to see every day. But yes, seeing them grow in love and respect for each other…gives one hope. Of course, AC and GH, make a gorgeous couple…so playful with each other and so natural…I have a soft spot for Angus, so faithful and enduring and utterly shy and tentative with YQ…and for Aunt YP who has such dreams of love…and of course, how the Lan Madames can’t wait for the babies to come along…and maybe, the other two couples will see a resolution in their relationships…some thought at the beginning that 80 episodes seemed too long, but now maybe that’s not enough…love that the beauty and diversity of Taiwan is being shown, not to mention the delicious food. I feel like eating Lion’s Head meatballs right now!

    • Well said… I actually looked up the recipe for Lion’s Head Meatballs. Would love this drama to continue forever too. A good drama doesn’t have to have conflicts, bickering and jealousy like sooo many other dramas. Of course good acting is very important as most have demonstrated here. And George/Annie are so good looking, they don’t hurt our eyes. :))

  6. Well, I was mesmerized by their beauty.They are perfectly beautiful.Georgu and Annie chen so beautiful together!They make us happy in love and fascinated by their beauty.In the restaurant, in the kitchen as they stood side by side, SD, YR everything around glow.I love the SD and YR lot!

  7. I can not describe the perfection of beauty of Annie and Georgu great.
    They were so beautiful, beautiful in every angle.
    I really love them, so in love with this movie.
    Thanks for the filmmaker!

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