Love, Now Episode 67

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17 thoughts on “Love, Now Episode 67

  1. Did someone notice that when the Lan couple meet up with Cai Rong and her senior to discuss about the surgery procedures, there was 2 glasses of drink on one screen and the drink disappear in the next shot! then reappear in the next screen again… lol….

  2. Love Annie! She’s so beautiful, so perfect in every angle and a great actress as well. No doubt that she won 3 awards, and I believe that she will win more awards in the future. She deserve it!

  3. OK, I’ve come to terms with the fact that all good dramas must come to an end…GH won me over from the first episode but this episode I know I’m completely crazy about his character LSD, particularly when he makes the chicken sounds…ha ha ha…thank you writers for making it easy for us to accept the closing of L,N. It’s been a wild ride. Blessings to the whole cast and may we dream of L,N2?

  4. I’m really saddened by this information, this really makes me feel so down. Why not 80 as reported, how they shorten the film like? it is hard to accept!

  5. Love the cooking scene…GH and AC are such pals, just like a hubby and wife…awaiting the results of the operation for YR and CR’s response to QM…

  6. The cooking test scene is so funny…so much pressure with everyone watching her especially YR’s dad, the master chef. SD is quite a critical cook himself and just watch his various expressions! We are surely going to miss GH heaps when this drama ends next week! QM put alot of effort into his proposal…hope it turns out well tomorrow.

  7. The cooking test scene is so funny…of course she is under pressure when so many people are watching her. Besides YR’s dad, SD is quite a critical cook and watch his various expressions…we are going to miss GH heaps when this drama ends!

  8. Thanks you’re the best! Heard next Mon 4th Mar will be the last ep…so its only 71 instead of 80? huhuhu…if its sad 🙁 what are we going to do after this…

    • Suffer from withdrawal symptom…and re-watch some of my favourite episodes of SD & YR. This is one long drama with many good episodes that I can repeat and not just 2 or 3 episodes

    • hiksssss….No more Geoooo-Niniiiii…We only have 4 more episodes left…I felt so sad coz this drama has been something I wait for every weekdays! I miss them already! Today’s episode just showed us how great all the supporting actor/actress are! I really love how they all gathered together to see Auntie’s cooking (everyone has different expression & all the guys were kinda acting like they are expert hhahahha, I especially love Geoge’s expression. Even with weird mimic, he’s so handsome)…Daddy is soooo adorable! I swear he’s the best daddy’s character I’ve ever seen.

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