Love, Now Episode 68

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19 thoughts on “Love, Now Episode 68

  1. I cant help but realize….. Is the doctor wearing friggin’ sandals in the hospital?! what is more, in the surgery room. that is not allowed in an actual hospital though, you would get in trouble

  2. It seems to me that CR is mixing up her love for QM with her respect for her senior doctor. One must have both in a relationship…QM needs to earn her respect and the senior doctor needs to learn how to love period. Although, the doctor is a worthy man…would love to see more of him…

  3. OM, what a great cast, all accompanying YR to the OR…great acting by all…AC/GH will always remain my favs…LSD’s life really changed when he found YR, as he said to the doctor earlier, “She’s my everything…” you can see that in his eyes as he watches her being wheeled in giving each other last looks, “kudos writers, director, SI for uploading…for bringing a special glimpse of modern life in Taiwan into our lives….

    • me too! Geo-Nini will always be my all-time favorite OTP! They so deserve it. Never seen such a great pairing either in physical features or chemistry. Just super!

  4. Even towards the ending, this drama grips your heart. Always surprising us, and making us laugh, cry, wish and hope…thank you for uploading so quickly…btw, I still have a soft spot for Angus…..

  5. Tomorrow, SD & YR will meet the new drama main lead (the chef)…The ending is really happening 🙁 … I really hope Geo-Nini or at least the drama itself will receive award this year. And I’m so excited to see their next project. *love George. Love Annie. Will continue to support all of their work*
    –Random : Angus is so hilarious when he did the piggyback thing, like a sumo wrestler stands, legs wide apart and butt backwards hahahaha–

  6. Annie chen worthy goddess carpentry. She absolutely no makeup at all in four of 68 but she’s still really pretty. She had several times to the wood in this film and the audience have to admit she is the only actress to the wood in some scenes. Like them we really admire her natural beauty. She has very beautiful face with the lines: eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes crisp, neat nose and high, sharp lips. I stopped and watched very carefully her face, it’s really beautiful! We enjoyed the beauty of her.

      • capital apologize Guest for my poor english bit. I mean is Annie chen actually owns the perfect natural beautiful face even without makeup she’s still pretty cute with prominent lines: big eyes, straight nose and sensual lips. She has won the “goddess of natural beauty = no makeup.”

  7. today’s episode is so nice! especially the part when YQ, Angus and pingyi was acting in the proposal video! haha! And how SD look so puzzled when everyone is calling him xiao bao bei~ hilarious! Looking forward to tmr~

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