Love, Now Episode 64

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14 thoughts on “Love, Now Episode 64

  1. As the audience, we want screenwriters and directors should end the emotional affair between QM and CR, takes too much time for them. Should focus on methods of treatment for the YR and emotional development for the other characters to avoid boredom. YR and SD always sweet, but not much because the movie is about to come to an end!! Hope writers get our wishes, we really love this movie, love SD and YR!!

  2. Hope and pray that both YR and baby will be saved and YR’s cancer cured as SD has suffered and love every family member so much that he deserves all the blessings !!!

  3. Love the writers…SD and YR gained confidence by being observers…while the doctor is attractive, his personality needs improvement. I did notice that on their first meeting, he took note of YR’s hand on her abdomen…he already has made a diagnosis…he has some kind of issue that makes him like he is, maybe he lost a loved one, and could be he is attracted to CR? Makes the story more complicated and adds a touch of mystery. Love, Now continues to surprise us. AC and GH, are superb, as usual. BTW, love the stylist…and thanks Sugoi for the upload. You all are the bomb…giving us the episodes so quickly.

  4. God, I admire how perfectly natural acting of George and Annie chen, they took the calf as raw si real life on film. Extremely cute. They made ​​us feel very happy in Section 3. Smile, face, hugs of YR, very cute. They are very beautiful and perfect face to outfit!

  5. Annie chen and George Hu incredibly adorable, they make us very happy. They are so beautiful, so attractive. They look perfect beautiful face close to each other that we can not take your eyes off the screen. Annie, George is great, we love them!

  6. Part 3…great to see SD and YR couple back happy together and playful…YR makes SD jealous by saying that the doctor is cute and handsome…actually he is not bad looking but clearly cannot compare to SD charming looks!

    • Part FOUR (02:10) was so funny, I watched using my earphone, & suddenly I heard Shi De’s voice… “AIYAHH..grr AIYAH!!” so loud! hahahaha & I was like “what are these two doing?” They are so cute!! YR wanted to help by taking the dishes away and SD wouldn’t let her do it…and the preview for next episode is superr adorable..they are grinning, showing off their teeth..I just wanna pinch them! *^^*

      • haaa, I love them too much! Part 3 in a hotel room. They make me laugh happy. Too cute by YR kiss. She pretends polished when SD kiss her cheek! super cute sweet and because they face too many similarities between the nose, eyes and mouth! haha

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