Love, Now Episode 66

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11 thoughts on “Love, Now Episode 66

  1. Hoping for a happy ending and sad to know that this drama really is ending…I tell you, GH can sure act, his LSD in love is so convincing, he really looks like he’s in love with YR. The way he always acknowledges her and looks at her—great job, GH, best wishes for your future dramas or movies, to be sure, we’ll be watching.

  2. GH and AC really act like a married couple, always looking at each other before they speak…so cute, gonna miss seeing them weekly. Have really enjoyed this drama!

  3. Yu Xiang is really a good man! All those sincere efforts he’s been doing is so touching, esp. he does it secretly, so romantic. He deserves a 2nd chance. Cia you 🙂 ,,,and today’s QM romantic dinner with CR plus the violin just remind me of the scene at Boracay where SD played the violin for YR (George really played the violin himself)…
    I think Annie intentionally gains some weight bcoz of YR’s pregnancy. Good job, girl! Her face is a lil bit chubby compared to before, but she’s still very lovely as always.

  4. The senior doctor is a little strange but it turned out that he was trying to take a little revenge against QM…not a bad person at all. Hard to imagine…QM is really serious about his relationship with CR…wanting to get married!! Well..SD and YR are such a beautiful couple…need I say more but less screen time today. Anyway, this episode is a prelude to a happy and positive ending…YR going for her surgery and hopefully a success for both SD and YR, QM marrying CR (?), maybe relationship blossoming between YR’s dad and KK, Angus and YQ and SY back with WS?! 5 episodes to go…somehow I am not looking forward to seeing this drama ends.

    • SD and YR very beautiful and attractive, we are always excited to see them on the screen. However today focus on QM and her doctor, it takes a lot of time. I’m glad there are many good signs for the relationship of the other characters and hope good things for YR and SD.

      • First of all, credit to Bobby Dou! He played QM really well, believable eand convincing. well done. He is certainly more than deserving of a male lead role in his next drama….The 学长doctor…well, I have to say, not impressed. He seems to be a rather random addition to ‘complicate’ the plot, to push QM into taking the next step. If he is the ‘necessary evil’, I am not getting it. On a positive note, all is well with SD and YR and they are still managing to captivate the audience with their natural ease and that ‘loving feeling’. :0)
        Ps: hairstylist, if are reading this , please go easy on SD’s ‘canopy’ !

        • Yes, Bobby Dou’s one liners in this drama were great! The new doctor is an oddball, but these genius men can be, I know a few. Though, he was cute as Roy Chiu’s sidekick in Office Girls. Agree with SD’s hair, love the flop to the side of forehead mucho…

    • Same as you. I don’t want this drama to be ended. As we still want to see YR and SD. Perhaps they can think of a Love, now 2 in near future?

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