Love, Now Episode 65

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27 thoughts on “Love, Now Episode 65

  1. George and Annie are not just talented in acting and good looks, they can also sing and dance, as seen in the GaoHsiung Chinese New Year’s Special with Chris Wang and 小煜. Wish there are more actors like them in Taiwan… But of course they are lucky to be born beautiful.

  2. Great Job!! GH and AC!!! I believe all of us (GREAT FANS OF GH and AC) will wish for the drama to end with them having their rewards of a offspring and happy thereafter!!! I vote for GH to be the best actor!!!!!

  3. I think that there will be going to be some relationship problems between QM and CR because of her senior and the poster has a pict of QM and YQ together so maybe there will be a change?

  4. GH and AC bring out the best in each other in their acting…as LSD and YR they represent the ideal couple in love—somehow the director hit on a pulse with their pairing. They have a fabulous on screen chemistry that excites and thrills us as the audience. We can’t help but wish the best for them in this story and in life.

  5. CR is a good doctor, though not as experienced as the other doctor. It’s interesting to see their mutual respect. Also noted, LSD/GH as an ABC looks the doctor right in the eye when speaking to him…the doctor always looks down and once in a while to make a point, looks SD in the eye. SD and YR, the pair made in heaven…it seems to me that GH hinted there will be a LN2…with all the situations to be resolved, it would be a welcomed thing…we all want SD and YR to be parents and to see baby Lan…also, adding the new doctor quite at the end of this drama seems to insure that he will play an important part in LN2…GH’s hair has grown out from the sporty haircut he had at New Year…but oh, is he ever handsome….some of his head shots are so gorgeous, makes my heart flutter…I could hear the other doctor’s assessment the first time he looked at SD and YR: “The IT couple of Taiwan, most beautiful girl, handsome well off dude, willing to take the chance to save their precious baby…” Hate to see QM so out maneuvered, but the doctor has a depth/maturity that is needed in the drama…he grows on you…

    • totally agree with you! I like the doctor so much. I think his character is very interesting and adds something special to this drama. His looks and appearance are also soooo attractive. He played Roy Qiu’s bff before at Office Girl. I think GH did give us a hint that PROBABLY there will be a LN2…I hope so…I can’t believe that I am still not bored after almost 70 episodes, and I still want more..I hope all of the viewers will be supportive if they really decided to make season 2.

    • The members of my family to see this movie for the first time saw the pair GH and AC were to say, “God, the couple is so beautiful, so perfect, they perform great new star.GH guy made ​​her costar his very tall become shy, gentle in his arms. “I think that’s the best thing that George do it. AC was acting a lot better than the previous movie. I believe she will become a real actor, not just a beautiful supermodel. She has the sweetest face, her beauty can fit to mate with all the beauty of Taiwan, but only with George hu she really be perfect. Their faces are quite similar, great height with the same body piece. We so admired and envied by their beauty. As the majority of the audience loved the movie, we expect manufacturers to implement the second part of love, now. We deeply hope that.

  6. I really like SD hairstyle when he’s relaxing at home. So handsome & natural. I prefer his hairstyle at the beginning (at boracay,Phil)…Now is okay too, but it’s too high..Probably they wanna show a difference after he got married. Anyway, I love GH-AC outfit today, so match! The grinning part is awesome. Cuteness overload!! *This drama is going to end in 5 or 6 episodes, but there’re still a lot of stuff unsolved..I hv a feeling they’re going to have a season2?*

    • Agree. I like SD’s boyish hairstyle too. I think they bother looked their best while in Boracay. The first four ep are my all time favourite…I just think they could have been a wee bit bold and gone for a less conventional wedding outfit…all in all, it was a cool wedding;) ….and they lived happily ever after

  7. This episode focusses on CR, QM and the doctor for a change…see how QM gets all hot and jealous but how could he miss her birthday!! Part 4….ironic to see SD telling his sister not to keep all her feelings bottled up and speak up or talk to him…ha ha..he does the same himself until his mum told him 2 episodes ago! Anyway, nice to see caring bro SD and sis enjoying the big tub of icre-cream…Part 4 second half…our favourite SD and YR happy scenes in the bedroom…teasing each other…naturally cute couple…GH and AC are getting so good and confident with their acting.

  8. God, I’m ecstatic by the perfect beauty of Annie chen and George when they are together at the given line.How can they be so beautiful.My 8 year old daughter constantly shouting “she’s so
    pretty, Mom, I want to be like her, I like her very much”!It’s the AC so beautiful: big eyes, straight nose, compact, lips children and especially sweet smile too.Her perfect with George!

  9. Thanks very much! Ssuperrrfastttttttttttttttt today^^
    Thought will never start watching anything with more than 16 ep but managed till now mainly wanna support AC & GH and it turns out to be a fantastic drama! Now catching up with inborn pair just to compare, previously didnt watch because it has more than 80 ep, so far at ep 26 not too bad…but still prefer the ACGH pairing 🙂

        • Georgie’s subtle acting is what makes the pairing so endearing and perfect. This ABC boy can do no wrong… Maybe George Hu can be the next Jackie Chan/Jet Li with his KungFu/TaeKwonDo skills but with perfect English and good acting. Chinese who made it big in American movies speak with broken English. George makes us proud, you can be an international star too.

          • George should be George. Don’t think George should be the next anyone. He is talented and he should be allowed to be his own man.加油!

          • GH has the advantage of being able to speak perfect English and Mandarin and has had years of training in Kung Fu. It would be so fun to see him in a modern Kung Fu show where he can show off his skills. He really is like Clark Kent, mild mannered and gentlemanly, but a superman underneath. Plus, he is so gorgeous to look at. His family must be so proud of him as we all are.

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