Love, Now Episode 69

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9 thoughts on “Love, Now Episode 69

    • He is the main lead along with Li Qian Na, for the upcoming drama “美味的想念” will air on 3/6 next week to replace “love, now”… :((

  1. I was also particularly impressed by the performance as well as appearance of AC and GH. They show great chemistry and natural with each other, eye to perfect gesture. I can not believe I’m watching movies. They’re really good together too. Landscape belly to her makes me love her more. Elected costumes with short skirts and thick sports style her look lovely as an angel. AC She’s really beautiful!

  2. SD, YR, and QM are soooo talented… That scene with the 3 of them together in the hospital room is soooo natural and endearing. And love the scene where SD and YR are eating Eggs Fried Rice. BooHoo, will definitely miss these two extremely gifted actors when this wonderful drama ends. This is Da BEST Taiwan drama ever in the acting and storyline categories since 2001. Three cheers to the actors, the scriptwriter and the director. Everything is crisp, sharp, sophisticated… No dragging. Soooo sad it’s ending, though.

    • Well, I see you. AC, GH and BBD has great acting in the scene at the hospital. AC acting as the patient has not recovered very impressive, from gestures, facial expressions to move. They are really very talented. I love and feel emotional with YR scenes, SD in your friend’s restaurant. They act like no, very natural and lively. GH and AC of the perfect appearance to acting together. They were so talented and cute! I love them so much!! This is a pair of really talented actors and most beautiful in the history of Taiwanese drama. I really like that!

    • YEappp! Me too..Love the scene in the hospital..I love how they shoot 1st it was just SD & YR…and out of nowhere, QM sitting idly & babbling about his lovelife..that’s so funny..It made you feel like all three of them are really best friends & so natural/so comfy with one another. **I love love SD’s character, he’s always so serious in everything (which made him 超可愛, super cute!..Even when lao pho wanted egg fried rice, he prepared it so special for her)** This episode made me 感覺很幸福!! 讚! 讚! 讚!

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