Love, Now Episode 63

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13 thoughts on “Love, Now Episode 63

  1. The Doctor’s character is out of character with this drama, though, added interest…still the story line brings out GH’s skill as an actor, he is great, love him the best.

  2. Oh no, here we go again….又开始拖戏了!老实说如果让我遇到这个’学长’医生, 我早就tell him to stick it where the sun don’t shine. 这部戏原本非常有真实感,但出现了一个自大狂学长,completely lower the tone of this show.

  3. I love the SD scene and YR in the hotel room. A kiss so sweet and cute. YR look SD and for him kiss ease. I think the scene that everyone felt extremely impressive. YR cute next to SD,
    I hope they never angry with each other. We love them too!

  4. Whoa! The doctor’s character reminds me of americanTV series, DR.HOUSE! LMAO 🙂
    Today’s episode part three (00:31) and (01:11) replay…replay..replay..SD’s expressions hearing QM flirting with CR at the breakfast : his lil smile & eyes rolling…cute cute cute!

    I agreed with the comment earlier, it’s so nice to see GH’s acting when SD’s losing control & being emotional. GH is so lucky to get SD’s roles, bcoz SD is a character who always shows what he feels right away. You can see his feeling thru his face (emotion, anger, sadness,happiness) , just like what SD’s mom mentioned before. And GH delivers all SD’s emotions perfectly…

  5. Nice to see YR’s dad man-to-man talk with SD…finally he said it..that YR was right to pick SD! SD is such a great husband…would not let YR bear a little pain. Another great scene is….SD’s mum with SD…such scenes make us feel emotional

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