Love, Now Episode 40

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33 thoughts on “Love, Now Episode 40

  1. Whose cheering for Angus and YQ? And whose cheering for Guo Ziyuan? I find Ziyuan a better match with YQ. I wonder if he took YQ’s phone so she will lose the ‘fishes in her pond’. Hmm….

  2. I love how Shi De still hasn’t lost his touch as the “boss” after getting married with Yi Ru. He is all lovey, caring and gentle towards his family (which made me miss his “cool” side as “Lan 總經理”) and today’s episode just showed me the other side of him. When he talked to Angus, he’s so full of charisma! The matching in this drama is awesome, I love all the pairs, even YiRu’s dad with Qi Ming (daddy -step son relationship which is so sweetttt and funny!)

    Random comments : *I wonder when shooting this scene -> how many times they have to throw the meatball to Chai Rong to make it land perfectly on her chest” hahahaha

  3. Really admire the creativity of the author, the director of this movie. Creativity is expressed in every detail makes the film come alive and attractive. This is the most compelling drama I’ve ever seen, it brought laughter and happiness to us in every episode, beyond the cliché of the Korean drama, Taiwan. No fear, worry, happy, happy. Thank the filmmakers for this. thank you for this!!

  4. SO PREDICTABLE! she’s gonna fall and he will try ot save the damsel in distress =.=””’ this show is TOOOOOOOO predictable now=.=”’

  5. wow… SO predictable! i was like—> it’s gonna be message -.-””’ and she’s like message one hour! =.=””’ TOOOOOOO predictable XD I would laugh if she read bdsm hard core for 30 minutes lol XDDDDDDDDD

  6. the box, the box!
    really lovely and very impressive. Any scenes with the couple SD, YR are very cute. Their
    faces radiant
    happiness. Georgu and Annie as is shown themselves rather than the role. I always
    wondered why
    Georgu and Annie could pretty perfectly with each other. Their faces every detail perfect, so sweet! I love the way YR mock gesture of SD. The
    eyes, nose and lips of their beautiful! I love them so much!

  7. Very happy to watch this series. I suppose this world is full of disappointment, we need some happy series like this to help us see love,support, understanding, tolerance, jokes not the crazy power, hurting and full of revenge series.

  8. Great drama! Makes me feels like falls in Love all over again. Very positive, loving, caring, touching and happy. Should have more ofthis kind of drama. Good positive message. Our society are missing the loving & caring part too much. Good work.

    • I am so glad that so many people enjoy this drama like me. I moved out Taiwan 20 years ago and did not watch too many dramas until Inborn Pair and fell in love with it. However still too much drama like mother in law always picked on the daughter in law, and LouYun tried to get between the couple.

      Like you say, our society needs to be reminded about the family, the love, and the care more. Great story.

  9. Definitely the best drama plot! We need more positive, happy messages instead of the typical dramatic, cheating plot. I think it’s better for society to finally see that we should focused more on love and family. Keep this up and this might be the most unique drama yet!

  10. several things I love about SD, love how he holds YR’s hands, the way he aways tucks in his shirt, is a good sport around all the females in his family, is honorable, and the new sportier haircut…YR, that she is finally having SD’s grandmom, mom and aunt to mentor her, that she is taking her dad’s advice and is quite wifey, and that she dotes of SD…waiting for all the other subplots to develop. Also, really enjoy the OST…. Love, now….

    • Agree! And I have to say all the songs used in this drama totally fit in with the characters. I don’t know how to explain it, but they seem to play the right songs at the right time for the right couples/characters. I now love, love now!

  11. I love SD’s facial expression when he walks into the kitchen and see all that food that his wife and sister have prepared. He was rushing in probably thinking that the two of them are sitting at the table waiting for him/food!

  12. haaa, I love SD and YR too.They
    are so adorable!looked at
    the tall piece of spouses SD,
    YR I think of two of their nose.I like
    to look at them.This
    is my favorite movie ever!

  13. God, I love the looks lovely baked New YR, I
    love how SD caring wife. I
    fainted in the sweet beauty, perfection of SD and YR. They were
    so good together and sweet together. I love all the characters in the film. Thanks for the filmmakers, I too love this movie!!  

  14. Gosh…dont we love the Beloved Wife’s Surprise Box in Part 1…super sweet gesture from SD!  Good creativity from the drama producer.  

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