Love, Now Episode 36

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25 thoughts on “Love, Now Episode 36

  1. i haven’t liked a tw drama couple this much since… a really really really really long time. like autumn’s concerto long. xD

  2. First time watching a drama that has zero negative comments. This just shows how great this drama is so far. Script writers, keep up the great work!

  3. This drama is so refreshing, so much what we experience in daily life…love all the new subplots…and Angus is adorable…it’s so fun to watch SD and YR date and go about their business, day by day, learning more about each other and their families.  Two become one, that is what marriage is all about.  Thank you for uploading so quickly and for the writers, bravo!  You really have our hearts trembling and wanting more…

  4. Like how YR set up the doc to say she likes QM. YR was pretty cheeky there, very good friend to her QM get a girlfriend. Love SD who is always putting YR first.
    This drama is very light hearted…. Nice to watch.

    Looking forward to Watch the next episode… Looks like Sd n YR gonna have some fun funding the bed and things for their room. Can’t wait…..

  5. gosh, Annie and Georgu beautiful in every detail, every context. They look perfect in a sweet way. My
    heart trembled
    when looking see unprecedented ho.Toi pair actor so beautifully perfect: face, shape, height and expressive!!! I love them lot Georgu and Annie chen!!!

  6. Oh my gosh. I dunno if this is really wrong of me or not, but JiQing’s manager’s jealousy is soooooo cuuuuute~!!! <3 
    Tthe fact that all he does is like her and get jealous of the fish in her tank is really adorable. Kinda…cowardly i guess. But then again. Not really. She KNOWS that he likes her.

  7. Super-like this episode! No skipping at all 🙂 Part 1 is so funny! Autie is insanely hilarious. Love her!
    My favo quotes  ->
    1) QM to Dad : “Dad, I kinda feel like after you get your daughter married, your family will also get a mom” ….hahaha (Dad’s shocking face is priceless!!)
    2) SD to YR : “Mrs. Lan, you already scored 100! Why are you so greedy to gain 120?” ….awwww  *swoonnnn^
    3) Angus to sis : “I’m confident that I’ll be the most beautiful chubby fish in the aquarium, to make her feel regret if she didn’t “eat” me” …. LMAO!

    Please pair up QM with doctor and Angus with lil sis! And I’ll see whether “General Manager Lan” dares to yell “ANGUSSSSS!!” again or not.. :)))

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