Love, Now Episode 35

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61 thoughts on “Love, Now Episode 35

  1. Four days waiting to see the couple angels Annie and Georgu. May
    all good
    things come
    to them! I love Anine and Georgu lot!

  2. My apology for my previous comments – is shhld be “I hope the oncoming episodes will NOT be sad ones where YR cannot conceive and grandma puts pressure resulting in them walking apart!!!!

  3. gosh, i really wanna know what happen! AOSDKDPSDKASD, ahhh. I cant wait for the upcoming episodes and yeah, like what leigh said, 40 more episodes is not enough! Best taiwanese drama right here! <3

  4. my gawd how long is it for u to upload episode 36….. im waitinggg for soo longg.. and i cant w8 to seee the wedding and if yr gets pregnant. andd yeahhh development of qm and the doocter

  5. Waiting patiently…my guess is that there will be a wonderful wedding scene and all the things leading up to it, some problems with pregnancy maybe with the doctor playing a crucial role…some personality quirks between YR and SD, some relational adjustments between SD’s family and having another woman in the house, YR’s family missing her, development between the doctor and QM, and who will SY or YQ end up with.  Personally I like Angus with YG, lol.  OH, and how can we forget, YR’s dad and SD’s aunt.  40 episodes is not quite enough…can’t get enough of YR and SD…if you know what I mean!

  6. Wait soo you’re telling me theres 45 more episodes to this drama? LOL i could stop right here because they’re sooo happy together 😀 

    • I hope the oncoming episodes will be sad ones where YR cannot conceive and grandma puts pressure resulting in them walking apart!!!!

  7. YR and SD are great together but with 80 episode and happy ending with the story when is not even half way done with filming I can just see something else coming up to make the story plot go the other way. Let’s all wait and see what else will happen.

  8. Thank you MJ, I
    also have the same opinion with you. My
    family in
    Vietnam and
    we watched this movie over the Internet, though somewhat inadequate but because the love with actress Annie pair, Georgu that we too love this movie. The film is full we feel sweet love, makes us look at ourselves. Initially we were attracted by the beauty of Annie and Georgu great, then we are attracted to the movie content. My family is waiting every moment to watch, fast forward over the weekend to see their favorite two actors. We are desire Georgu and Annie become couple in real life, because of their beauty so sweet. See them standing side by side in SD father’s grave, we are ecstatic by their great beauty (height, perfect face, eyes, nose, lips standards). sweet face, holy of Annie combination with attractive masculine face of Georgu makes everything around becomes blurred.
    We envy their beauty, but we love them so much. Thanks
    for those who
    have the same love for the film and with Annie, Georgu! hope you keep love forever to support them! and
    we love all of you dear friends!

    •  I totally forgot that today is friday and the drama won’t air until next week! Thank God I read all these nice comments. And thanks for uploading all the TW dramas for us, the international viewers. Happy new year to you and your family, Nethapt! Greetings from USA 🙂 I read that we won’t see any episodes until wednesday, coz SETTV is having new year’s eve celebration with George-Annie-chris and the crews. They are going to dance together. I hope they will upload it here too. Happy new year 2013!

      • Thank you MJ, I was very moved by your wishes. And
        thanks for not blame my mediocre english capital. I’m
        glad to share
        with you the good feelings about what we concern. Please send your wishes for health and happiness in the new year 2013. Dear MJ, I am a 30-year-old civil servant, I am very busy with work at the office with a lot of pressure and relaxed. I do not
        like to watch the movie contains too many negative side of the: jealousy,
        envy, hatred, revenge, fighting, fighting a love triangle. It makes me and my friends look at life in the dark. But
        with the movie Love Now, things
        become more
        sweet, the film highlights the good values ​​of life: beautiful love, family
        love, love, commitment and interest to take care of each
        other. Things that made ​​me look at yourself and realize that life does not just exist evil, selfish. There are a lot of good things and good people, lovely around us if
        we also love and accept them. The film goes far beyond the old motif to give the viewer a new perspective on life, I
        admired this: not boring, cliché, so close and real. I
        love this movie! Thank you MJ and I love you!!!

        • amen to that Nethapt! “Jia you” also in our real life. The world is a better place when we choose to see the positive side of everything. This drama is just like one of the stress reliever after a long tired working day. Just like a yummy dessert 🙂 not to be analyzed, just to be enjoyed…

  9. At the rate Shi De and Yi Ru are going, it looks like Grandma Lan will be having a grandchild soon 😛 All the best to the couple now that they are happily together! 

  10. is so touching..such a sweet & lovely couple. …perfect couple….they have great chemistry. . tho this drama is unlike those usual dramas with the appearance of a jealous bitch but to me it is a perfect drama with strong family bonding, full of love & care for each other. …i’ve seriously enjoyed every episode. a drama that worth watching. tho i do not know whether the couple will be going through any obstacles as til now they r still going on pretty smooth & loving but i hope SD & YR will be able to overcome it. hope the story ended well…..

  11. OMG…I love part 3. George Hu and Annie are just perfect, so blissfully in love. George Hu’s acting has improved so much. You can see the gentleness and love overflowing from his gaze. I like how they are progressing in their relationship. While I like Chris and Annie in Inborn Pair, I prefer the direction of this drama. It’s more realistic without the usual jealousy from scheming bitches like in Miss Rose. I will vote George and Annie as best screen couple anytime. I’ve enjoyed every episode of this drama. It’s worth my time. I hope they keep this going in the right direction. Thanks for uploading

  12. Well, she was a lot taller than 175cm, she is a supermodel with a measure of gold.Height 176cm, weight 53kg, body measurements are: 32B, 24.36.I admire her natural beauty.Annie chen is the
    best, always.Georgu and Annie is gorgeous!

  13. Annie chen height 5 ‘/ 9.2’ (1.76m), the beautiful Annie with appearance (1.80m) of Georgu.They were too perfect.Their faces that lit space, they make the screen looks so sparkling.Annie Georgu made ​​the film becomes especially valuable.We love them and hope people love them and support them!

  14. Annie inserts property supermodel face the most perfect natural beauty. I have been watching a sample clip of her cosmetics ad after she bleach and let the natural wood surface. Many comments praised her beautiful face than makeup. In the episode yesterday, when back at her face in the bathroom and on bed at no point we must say so admired. She is very beautiful and lovely. Annie has always beautiful and lovely though standing next to male beauty. but her greatest when Georgu. They make us feel the perfection of beauty. This is the most beautiful couple that I see in the world! love, love Annie and Georgu so much!!

  15. They focus so much on having babies in this drama.  Are they hinting that YR may have problem conceiving in the coming up eps?  Hope not!!!

  16. hmm..we have to wait FOUR days for the next ep? i think they’re not playing on Monday due to the New Year’s countdown?? NOOO!!

  17. And now we are all in love with George Hu, the best kisser on the planet!  :  )  Really am enjoying the progression of SD and YR’s relationship.  As others have posted, GH and AC are so convincing—they make all of us want to fall in love again, or experience that first love again.  Thank you writers for giving us the screen time of our main couple…especially the full face ones.  How they do it, I dunno, but to act like you’re in love, that is a gift.  Love is what makes the world go round.  Love how the feelings of the families are portrayed…it is so realistic, LIFE is like that.  This drama is different, it transcends the basic triangles, tragedies, etc. that bog down and I think, ruin the viewers enjoyment of watching two persons who truly are in love—who can explain why we love someone and not another person in that way.  Thank you for the prompt uploads…we have the weekend to dream of comes next, on Monday!  Happy New Year….

  18. I agree with the last comment . George and Annie are definitely making this drama amazing. Both actor and actress should be awarded for their work. Outstanding thumb up for this drama..

  19. I really like Inborn pair as a whole package, I also ship Chris and Annie very much. I think they have more “things” happening at IP (affair, mother-daughter in law problem, family/financial difference, bad vs good, etc), where as in this drama, you don’t see the female and male leads families fight  (at least not yet), no bad guys/antagonist part, no “drama” jealousy coming out from 2nd female lead, which make me feel a different kind of drama. It portrays and focuses on relationships. On families’ bonds. I really love love how they decide to do it this way. I enjoy every single day of the story just like daily life stories. It is very relatable. And I don’t know why, even without any major story line going on, I dont feel bored watching George-Annie. They are perfect and they sold it. They make me believe that they love each other. If there were best couple award, please give it to them! I ship George-Annie more than Chris-Annie (sorry, didn’t mean to compare them like that, just personal opinion. And i do love Chris too!)

      •  Thanks for all your support and approval! Yeap, me too. I want them to get married and have kids in real life, so they can have beautiful kids (imagine the genes of big eyes, sharp nose and sexy lips + tall lean figures) hahahhaha..and for the record, before George Hu came with his “big deep gaze eyes”, I always prefer male actors with small eyes like Chris Wang, or the typical korean actors. But George really nails it here, makes me become a big fan of him since this drama. I hope all of his next projects will be better and his acting can be recognized professionaly! And pls stay humble George and Annie!

    • Ditto… ditto… ditto… Well said, well said. This drama gives one a feel good, warm and fuzzy, the world is full of nice people, touch your heart, “It’s A Wonderful World” kind of story. We don’t need to depict the worst of human conditions, jealousy, conflicts, fighting, and back-stabbing, etc. There are many nice and endearing people in this world after all… We like to think so. George and Annie are so natural and good… They both aced it.

    • I totally agreed what you said. I enjoyed inborn pair so much as well but I actually really appreciate this kind of drama. I was so afraid the doctor or QM would be the bad people to get involved between them like inborn pair. No big drama, no big conflict, just good people, good actors, and daily life stores still attract all the attention. Keep up the good work. We really love George and Annie – they are just so beautiful together.

  20. Oh nooooo! I read in the official site under basic summary….and it said that YR is gonna disappear just when SD has prepared to stay and love her for the rest of his life. so smth’s gonna happen during their marriage oh noooo 🙁 

    • I think they were referring to the very first part of the drama, when YR rushed back to taiwan without telling SD when she realised she wasn’t sick. Thats when SD was determined to find her again cause he doesn’t want to lose her. Lets just hope there won’t be anything that would affect their relationship! I love their pairing so so much <3 

    • Did you read it from the iset blog? If so, it is referring to the earlier episode when YR realized that she was tricked by the family and she returned back to Taiwan.

  21. I always wonder with a perfect couple beautiful as Annie and Georgu of them would look nice.
    So, we look forward to seeing the angels of the couple RY and SD.

  22. hope that they will be so blissful for the next 45 episode and please dont let anything happen to them. and…… got to wait for 3 more days… cant wait:D

  23. Georgu hu and Annie so great!They make us happy, they are very beautiful, very lovely.Their faces perfectly with each other, we love them so much!!Keep up the great things forever!I love this movie and above all we love Annie and Georgu!

  24. Oh, great, Anie and Georgu so perfect and sweet. They are so beautiful (they face when in SD father’s grave, and in the bathroom as the presence of the angels). They make me feel happy to see each scene. I was nervous waiting for the next 2 weeks. I love Annie and Georgu, I really hope they are happy together both in film and in real life!!! Annie has a sweet face, lovely!

  25. time fliesss! this episode just ended too quickly 🙁 have to wait till next monday..
    Yiping jie is quite funny~ haha… added a lot of nice moments to this drama haha
    PS:i dont really enjoy the shiyun and yuxiang ‘s parts…(just a personal opinion)

  26. thank you soo much , i have been following this drama without any understanding of chinese, can anyone please assist as to where i can read the caps in english?? thank you again and sorry for my bad english

  27. At first I thought the younger sister being the youngest in the room was kind of forward and technically behaved in a disrespectful manner with all the adults in the family- the initial part. Being so forward and all when her dad didn’t actually say anything.
    Then we had the * cough, cough * scene and I was like ” oh whatever, SD and YR knew it, they can’t keep their hands off each other.”
    Whee… happy now for the weekend.

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