Love, Now Episode 34

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47 thoughts on “Love, Now Episode 34

  1. Lol, of course the buzzing noise was on when she was doing CPR, it says “ECG leads off”, if you attach them on, you will get a heartbeat. =p  Yes, wonder why they didn’t use a defibrillator, more realistic in a hospital setting. CPR is only used initially or outside hospital setting. And if you are in a hospital, you have an emergency cart that the nurses wheel over while doctor does CPR. Just subtle changes to make it more realistic.

  2. yes, agree with Recruitment.I love fashion taste of YR from 30, it is very sweet, loving the beauty of Annie.Georgu and Annie scenes kissing and fondling each other very natural and sexy.Eyes, their gestures make us feel so real and emotional.10 times I’ve watched episode 34 and 35 but not bored.

  3. I love YR dress,
    it’s beautiful and sweet like her face.
    Hope the filmmakers know to take advantage of Annie’s
    supermodel to promote her beautiful fashion taste from episode 30 onwards.
    Georgu and Annie is so perfect, so beautiful scene on their bed so we suffocate. Hahaaa,
    they are very sexy,
    sweet. Georgu her look like they belong together really.
    I too love them!!!

  4. Totallyagree with Tuyen!! Hope the producer will not separate them again as I just got the feeling that they will not get together till the end of the episode!!!

  5. I loved this movie because the content is quite real and close, especially the two main actors.
    They are really perfect in every way.
    I have not seen any pair of actors such lovely couple and beautiful. I watch a lot of times the segments they took together on Youtube.
    Face, body,
    acting all nice and make a good impression.!!I
    really love Annie and Geor hu.They were
    so good together!!

  6. The grandma s soooo funny… She said YR is giving SD mouth to mouth resuscitation…. Cute.

    It was really nice seeing SD coming out without any hurt, however this has given both of them a very good reason to get married. Hope after SD n YR get married they family will not give them toooooo much pressure. …. But sweet and lovely time together as newly wed.

  7. my gosh, look
    at their smile together, sweet face,
    Annie’s beautiful bright wide screen, Anni face makes masculine beauty of Georgu become more attractive. They were so perfect when standing next to each other! I will always support this movie!
    I love Nini and Georgu!

  8. I have a feeling Annie chen and Georgu hu born for each other. They took too perfect happiness (the
    eyes, the collision body,
    smile) it
    all made ​​me feel very loved this movie.
    Thanks for combining them into a pair of great actors.
    This is a pair of men,
    my favorite actress ever.
    They were good together in a wonderful, perfect face to the height and shape.
    I love them very much!!!

  9. Please pl….. since George and Annie already gone thru so much to get together, from epsidoe 30 plus, pl ….. don’t make them have problems to split again!!!! Let them be happy !!!!

  10. DDon’t understand how but those 2 are actually getting more adorable the more they are in love.ZD is so certain of his feelings and it’s just so sweet every time YR says something to make him happy.

  11. So cute, YR not letting go of SD…watching this drama during Christmas week has been the best present ever…love love love George Hu and Annie Chen together.  If you go to Annie’s FB you can see pics of them rehearsing some kind of dance…keep scrolling until you find it.  SD has a headband on and YR has a striped t-shirt and cap…

  12. i really want qi min to find someone:[[[ hurry up and date the doc†or :[[ i feel so bad for him cause he’s such a good person. 

  13. Awwww the preview is so sweet…I swear that George Hu can win “the most natural sneezing male” award, LOL…#Random comments : There are so many kissing scenes in this drama. And George/Annie just won an award for the best kissing scene (kissing at the hotel’s bathroom with the shower on)…smexyyyyyy..yeapp you guys can kiss for the rest of the 46episodes and we’ll all be happy 🙂

  14. this episode is so happening…! all the 3 couples made such a great progress in their relationships…. 🙂
    zheng yu xiang is sort of psycho by the way… he’s sure to fall for shi yun later on. 

  15. Feel cheated by the little preview of the previous episode….
    But still, they are so awesome together! And the lil sis is soooo cute! I hope she will find her other half soon!

  16. Every time I watch an episode now, I keep thinking to myself, can SD and YR stop being so cute together? But then I tell myself no because watching them be an adorable couple is the reason why I love this show so much!

  17. This episode feels like the last episode of a drama where everything turns out well. But it is nicer knowing that there will be many more episodes to come. 😀 Looking forward to the development between QM and CR.

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