Love, Now Episode 33

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28 thoughts on “Love, Now Episode 33

  1. Is anyone having trouble to view the video after a commercial interrupts in the middle of the show?
    My screen turns all black after a commercial and I can’t see anything. 

  2. I find Annie Chen a very good actress. She can portray so many different emotions in this show. She also managed to transform herself from the naive, unassured yijie in Inborn Pair to this mature and confident YR rather convincingly. It must be quite hard work.

  3. I would love to see SD is ok. Like you said the water is calm and not raining badly that day.
    I hope through this experience YR realize how much she love and need SD and decided to marry SD. That will be absolutely lovely….. Yes yes yes

  4. AAnd oh don’t you think the aunt and sister ought to be more devastated looking than YR who has only known him such a short time?

  5. I know it’s going to resolve itself but seriously that was the lamest drowning or fake missing in water scene ever.
    Dead calm water,minimal current,and the worst co ordinated looking rescue vessels.Then to drag a limp,unconscious guy out strap and go without checking if he is alive?Omg .
    Sorry blame it on living in Australia where we do surf livesaving rescues and knowing the ambulance service.Plus shesh working on Korean medical dramas.Lame.
    Luckily George Hu and Annie are so cute here.

    • People drown in swiming pool so dead calm water, minimal current does not mean anything.  Maybe SD had cramps after he got into the lake since he didn’t have time to stretch before he got into the cold water.

      • Yup, that’s why if it was dead calm the woman there would have been able to pinpoint the location not to mention the dragging pattern is all wrong. I know it’s only a drama but if other countries at least try to look authentic why can’t Taiwanese drama do the same?
        Just shutting my brain and looking for the cuteness between those 2. Sigh.

  6. Judging by the bed scene in the ending theme song, I don’t really think SD will forget YR 🙂 Waiting for tomorrow is gonna be so, so hard now because even though I know SD will be fine, it would be nice to see that he’s really fine!

  7. Lets hope that YR realise how important SD is to her and how she cannot live without him so much so that she can hurry marry him! 

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