Love, Now Episode 32

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27 thoughts on “Love, Now Episode 32

  1. that granny of SD is sooo selfish.. she thinks she’s gonna die at any moment or something = – = 

    can’t anyone scold her or something? 

  2. Was really nice to see YR accept SD proposal. They meant to be together. 1 year and nine months to prepare for the wedding may not be a bad idea, getting to know each other better and planning is Rey important.

    In the preview…. Wonder who was rescued and what happened? YR seems ver very sad. Please don’t let anything happen to SD.

  3. I like Grandma’s character she is very fun and very child like, which makes her character different from most controlling Grandma but at the same time I found her character very selfish. You can’t force two people to get married because you want a great greandson. Relationship is a thing that take times to built, it is not something that can happen in one day, especially marriage. It is a life time decision. Let our couple develope a stronger bond first so, there wouldn’t be a divorce later on.  

    • I find the grandma damn annoying…keep on forcing SD to hasten the pace..& proposal with just that 7 words & repeatedly asking will only force YR away…

      • I find her ridiculously annoying too. Seriously if she was my grandmother, we’d constantly be falling out because I’d want to shout at her for being so freaking childish and annoying.. ARGH just watching her/listening to her.. really makes me want to slap her =.=”

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