Love, Now Episode 30

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35 thoughts on “Love, Now Episode 30

  1. I feel like QM isn’t even trying T3T 

    he tried so hard for like 3 days and then after he found out shes with SD, he completely gave up T-T 
    what a man~

  2. I love Annie, George and Bobby !!! They are great actors ! Hope QM will move on…. Because it’s quite annoying to see YR always sad, touched and cried for QM. He must be happy for her. She already gave him the chance in Boracay, remember ? He only thinks it’s a joke, but SD without knowing who YR is, accepted to marry her. QM could be with YQ or HCR ! Wonder for the 50 episodes left ! Anybody knows how many times has been since they came back from Boracay ? I hope, really hope a baby ! ANNIE + GEORGE = PERFECT !!!!!!!! 

    ps : I don’t know chinese, just watch the drama with original voice and recaps (thank to Asiafanatic L,N fans and HelloChloe) and my english are not perfect too. 

  3. Agree with all who mentioned about the chemistry between YR and SD.  LOVE it very much.

    In the preview …. it seems like YR was very emotional when she saw the ring QM left in the soft toy.
    If she was touched by …. QM for nominating her as the insurance beneficiary, touch by the ring….. I would say what about SD who didn’t even know her and willing to marry her and gave her a ring at the island….. considering that is a hugh risk. With his status and his personality etc….


  4. George and Annie made me believe that they were made for each other (at least at dramaland screen, LOL) coz they look so perfectly adorable. Extreme chemistry, great physical figures (face, shape, height). And i love the kissing scene at night outside the apartment…Like 2 tall slim silhouettes with the skycrapers behind them. When they’re hugging like that, they totally owned the screen! Love love seeing the natural physical contact between them. How beautiful their children would be if these two really hv kids together :))))

  5. I really like how loving YR and SD are now that they are together. It’s good that QM is in more colour coordinated clothes.but it makes me wonder if the producer is trying to make the audience develop a liking for him.

    My own take on the next 50 episodes. YR will develop cancer for real since she once mentioned she wished she really had cancer and the thunder sounded as if her wish was granted. But she will recover from the cancer at the end of the drama and be happily married by 30 years old.

  6. Now they have given QM “normal clothes”, he looks more like a Da Su… DouZhiKong looks rather old with wrinkles playing a love interest to Annie and a love rival to George. BTW, please fix QM’s sweater, it looks bad the way it’s draped over his shoulder… Not really complaining, since we love this drama.

  7. I love this drama!! i wish i can understand the language. Can somebody tell me if there is any pace where i can wacht it with english subtittles? thank you!! 

  8. Comments are in English because this drama on this site can be viewed all over the world…I like the pace because it develops day by day, not rushed, where we can really savor the strengthening of a relationship.  SD and YR did is backwards because of the health issue…now they have to do it the normal way, boy meets girl, they fall in love, they get married, they have kids.  OK, I’m wondering what kind of subplots they’ll be in the next 50 episodes.  All the characters can be explored…I’d like to see some memories of SD and YR’s growing up years, like him with his dad and her with her mom…formative years that made them both be so responsible and hard working…also, there is still the possibility of her being preggers…will something come of that because YR asked SH to help her complete her 28th birthday wishes which included meeting your love, getting married and having kids.  QM will be OK, he will “grow up.”  He is one of the leads and they really have to have him become more responsible.   Because of the fake health issue, there might be something in one of the characters about a real health issue and I think the doctor will redeem herself and be a life saver.  Or, maybe the employee that SD fired in the beginning might give him some probs…I’d love to see another REAL wedding at the end with epilogue of them in Boracay with their 3 kids…that would be so ideal…of course some on screen chemistry between the leads is soooooooooooooo adorable.  They can really act like they are in love…thanks for uploading so quickly so that we who live far from Taiwan can view this drama.  It makes my day!

    I’m just wondering….. for sure people watching this know mandrin….
    but why are people commenting in English????   zzzz   
    she found a wedding ring in that freakin Dolll?????? hahaha
    man, this is getting serious….

  10. I like how the writers are portraying YR. Before she always had her hair up, showing a strong career woman. But now with SD she has her hair down, showing a more girly side of her. This drama shows that every woman, no matter how tough is still a little girl at heart. Love Annie and George’s chemistry too, it’s so natural. You can really feel that they love each other.

  11. Thank God. The wardrobe people for Qi Ming had heard our prayers, they are finally dressing him a lot better. No More Salmon Shirt and clashing short ankel colorful pants.

    Yi Qing was super cute today, especially when he called Shi De jei-fu (brother-in-law). CUTE! CUTE!  

    • hahaha! actually I’m fine with his dressing since it kind of suit him though. imagine QM and SD exchanged wardrobe, it will be so funny. lol.

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