Love, Now Episode 29

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22 thoughts on “Love, Now Episode 29

  1. 🙂 Im so happy they are now dating. The writers wont make us wait ages till ep 70+ like other dramas. I love it. I believe in the end they will be together 🙂 Still not sure if they’re gonna be dating for 50 more eps but what I think is now SD is deeply in love w YR. I hope there’ll be a bit things happen so YR will struggle to really have SD, juz like how he has been thru to hav her 🙂

    • This is exactly how I feel right now like it feels weird seeing him being happy and sweet with another girl other than xiao Qing

  2. This drama is a bit different from other dramas, coz until ep.29, there is no real antagonist character. Of course Nobody’s perfect, they have flaws, but noone is really bad in this drama. Even Inborn pair had “Luo Yi” as the antagonist. So we have survive, like and love the “drama” even without an antagonist. Well done writers! I really have no idea what they will have for another 50episodes. It is unpredictable. At this point, I really like YR’s sister. A very straight fwd and brave young girl, And both of them show their sisterhood very naturally. Good job. I even love the doctor’s character now, a very mature, observant and well educated young lady. I just need time to love Shi De’s sister coz I still keep skipping her part. Sorry! LOL

    • exactly!! At first I thought the doctor is gonna be the bitch hahaha.. but now it doesnt seems like.. now i even start to like her character… . stay like this plss. hahah!

    • Yeah there isnt a real antagonist in this show but more of like the struggles of YR to sort out her guilt towards QM who is like family to her and the love she has for SD.  hope she wouldnt have to hurt SD.

  3. Did SD and YR exchange meals?  So adorbs…it’s great to see leads have such great chemistry, so natural with each other…SD now has 5 women in his life…his grandmother, his mother, his aunt, his sister and now YR!  Yippee. QM has to sort out his emotions…and I’m wondering if YR’s sister will end up with someone and who?    

  4. SD is so sweet, he prepared breakfast for YR and send her to work. At this stage there aren’t much YR is doing for SD.  YR dad is very supportive of her choosing SD as long as she is happy. Well done daddy…….. He even ask QM to move on and happy that QM is growing up after this experience.

    Unsure why YR was crying in the preview when QM said SD is a good man.  YR is very lucky and make the right decision.  What is YR thinking…… really don’t understand what YR is trying to prove. Please do not go back to QM because of guilt….. that is very unfair to SD extremely stupid too. 

    • yup!! but at least she took the step to tell him she wants to be together! and i like how theyre so physical. notice the hands around eachother all the time! hahah totally like a couple who has slept together 

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