Love, Now Episode 27

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60 thoughts on “Love, Now Episode 27

  1. I wonder what George Hu does to have such a smooth complexion…he was so cute in Romantic Princess, the boy next door in Summer Fever, but in L, N, he is delicious as the well dressed, well groomed, serious and responsible SD…OMG, genius stylist to have him wear suits and with his hair over his forehead….I’m fan girling like mad these days….I had to review this episode again…It seems SD at first misunderstands YR’s intention to give him back that pen…by offering him back that pen, they are beginning again, like they did when they were younger and did not know each other.  Let’s see some dating scenes….it will be sweet!

  2. Why are there so negative comments about Annie Chen’s acting. I think her acting was perfect the way it was for the scene in part 4. She finally realize she has fallen for SD. When she was smiling and giggling while trying to ask SD if he can fulfill her wish, how is that unnatural? If you were asking the one you like to fulfill your dreams would you say it blankly? She’s just in love. When your in love you tend to act that way. It’s normal. Overall this episode was just amazing 🙂 I was smiling throughout the whole scene in part 4. 

  3. omg omg omg.. super super sweet… n this is so so cute.. lol.. like finally tgt.. anyway have u guys realize both of their handwritting abit hmmmm not nice?? lol… i can keep repeating watching part 4.. the both of them look so cute n sweet tgt.. omg… waited so long.. like finally tgt.. y choose on a friday to be tgt ah?? meaning we have to wait for so many days to see the next esp.. sian…

  4. Watching Summer Fever and watching Love Now, you can really see a big improvement in George’s acting. He does a great job as Ah Kuan and Shi De, but you can tell George really lives his character in Love Now. He acts with his eyes. You can see his happiness, anger, sadness, disappointment all in those gorgeous eyes of his. He is definitely a new rising actor that needs to be watched for. He is underrated. He deserves more recognition. Good job George!

  5. Wow… light bulb went on she finally realize she like him too. Yes, I do think the way she act in part 4 is very unnatural.  

  6. QM’s character is immature, so he does everything in an immature way…in a way, YR is parenting him…she was intimate with SD, and he is not immature…I can see why she would be nervous or awkward, or silly, it’s all a part of falling in love…love is not always serious, you know.  I’m very satisfied with the acting, especially George Hu, his eyes tell you everything, and he is so honorable in all his dealings.  YR is helping him to have fun in life and he is helping her to mature.  I have to say they are the most enjoyable main leads I’ve ever watched…kudos to them and thank you for prompt uploading….

  7. I dont think Annie’s acting is bad or unnatural in part 4. I can feel that “Yi Ru” was shy, “tormented” and also happy, that she kept giggling, smiling and holding back her feelings. She wanted to say it loud but she’s shy. Believe it or not, I remember my best friend’s expression when she was happy and shy, telling the story about her new bf, and it’s exactly like Yi Ru. Giggling, smirking, smiling whatever emotions. George and Annie felt more “real” n relatable to me than other drama OTP (either too “melodramatic” or too many “comical actions/sounds”). So, George and Annie “JIA YOU!!” being the lovable Shi De and Yi Ru. Keep up the good work.

  8. 我觉得妮妮揣摩奕如這個角色不錯啊〜 其實这个角色本来就满矛盾的啊。我觉得今天的奕如比较像想被疼爱的小女人,不像平时那样是个女强人。

  9. Hi! I’m new to TW drama. Can some one tell me if the opening credits/clip of every episode hints about the story line. At the end of the credit, it shows YR. disappearing and an angry SD throwing the hour glass. Does it imply this drama will have a sad ending?

  10. iunno why but the acting seems so unnatural and i feel so awkward seeing them. them being together isnt heartwarming, but really awkward lol

  11. I hate the way YiRu has been filming. At least pretend to hold it steady. Even in previous episodes, all that shaking is not going to produce watchable videos….

  12. I think some people here are taking this drama a little too over the board. It suppose to be an entertainment It is not neccessary to analyze every single bit of it. Watch it with an open mind. The actress/actor is trying hard to express there view of how each scene should be represented. So Give them a break.

  13. I hope QM is not going to be the bad guy now because of his sadness and anger!  I hope the doctor can be the one who help him and maybe they can be a nice couple too!

  14. I don’t know why they make the main female lead to be such A BULLY.
    Shouldn’t the female lead be a good role model?
    This drama is glorifying physically abusive relationships,
    where one person is willing to be bashed/hit/slapped/smacked/kicked, just to make the other person happy.
    Thank goodness, it is just fiction but I really hope it will not influence anyone who watches it.
    The scriptwriter(s) should be more socially responsible when writing this kind of drama
    because many young people are watching these dramas and they may be lull into false notions
    that it is alright to be physically abused by their loved ones.
    Personally, I feel the female lead needs to go for ANGER MANAGEMENT COURSE.

    • I don’t think the script writers main purpose was to make YR into a BULLY or promote physical abusive relationship. Honestly, not every female is all delicate and elegant. The script writer is trying to show that female could also have our roughness and ill-manner side too. But it doesn’t mean we are abusive. YR roughness is pull out from QM because he always does things to irritate her and purposely make her angry. Each person have there way of communicate with different people. The way you communicate with your friends would be different from your parents. Same as YR may be abusive to QM but not neccessay to SD.

    •  holy shit. calm the fuck down. people who can be easily influenced by a drama are pretty dumb and gullible already.
      plus, if you want the stereotypical good naive girl with rich boy, go watch some other dramas. i hate the same drama repeating over and over again, let the scriptwriters do their damn job as they want,…

    • 1) R u serious? Do you really follow the drama from the beginning until now? We are not living in a perfect world, and YR definitely is a good role model. A strong, hardworking girl with a very soft and kind heart. Did you not see when Shi De “bullied” her for several episodes, she let him did it and I didn’t see any violence from YiRu towards his behaviour. She tried to take it positively and tried to understand his feeling becoz of her lies.

      2) The only thing that we saw she did was kick QM’s butt and some beating when QM purposely destroyed the CD she made the whole day with the other co-worker, and come on, QM deserved it, and she knew him for years, they were like brother-sister. And did you see QM go to the hospital or needed any help after that? All those beating were just girly soft beating out of emotion.

      3) Did you not see how Yi Ru cares for QM eventhough she doesnt love him? She sticks with him when she knows he was never a serious boss, and let YR did all the jobs. SHe was the one who treated him when he got sick.

      Oh please, our viewers (including the teens) are smarter than you think.There are a lot of violence dramas or movies out there that you can critize, but definitely not this one.

  15. You know what would give the drama a twist in the plot?
    At the end, QiMing and SD fall for each other and walk off into the sunset leaving the woman behind!!! LOL

    • I also love it when George speaks English, that perfect American accent is defintely charming and attractive. Speaking English a little here and there will just keep our interest on going.

      • Ditto… And love George’s wardrobe, so much classier than QM’s with his salmon and clashing green themes. George Hu good actor, good-looking, good taste, good in everything. It’s not easy for ABCs to speak Chinese since it’s not their native language. Kudos to George, Wang Lihung, Sunny Wang, Vanness Wu, etc.

  16. Don’t know why but I felt like Annie chen kept fake smiling throughout the whole episode and didn’t give me the happy blissful feeling when an OTP gets together. I think maybe it’s her acting? She doesn’t seem to be “Yi ru” but rather Annie chen playing a character

  17. OMG…my heart almost drop from all the cuteness. I’m hoping that there would be more sweet sweet moment of our couple before they had to go through complication.

  18. Just wanted to say have watched the confession 3 times now. So, so satisfied and it was so well done. 
    Still haven’t stopped grinning at the cuteness that is the 2 of them smiling at each other.

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