Love, Now Episode 26

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27 thoughts on “Love, Now Episode 26

  1. where can i buy annie chen’s pink and black blazer on episode 24? it’s so cute, i want one exactly like hers (: can anyone tell me where i can buy it online? thanks

  2. I don’t mean to be nasty but that grandma is so damn annoying.. always so nosy with all the questions, always so over dramatic and always so panicky/stressy =.=”

  3. In fact, Annie plays well in episode 26, she vividedly carries out her shyness and struggle to tell SD her inner feeling and realization that SD really has genuine passion on her not only for gratitude purpose.  I do not agree that some audience say that her acting is too superfical.  Any both Annie and George play very well.  Good job and keep it up!  I hope there should air 5 episodes per week.   80 episodes are too dragging!!!

  4. I think the scriptwriter saw all our comments and understand our feelings.. haha!! the doctor’s character is sOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better now!!  DOn’t ever let her act the 3rd party please.. 🙂 NXT EP OMGGGG woohooo SHIDE!

  5. Sometime I felt that this show is too draggy and boring. But if you actually put it in a realistic prospective love is kind of like this. You will go through the emotion of questioning, chasing. and guessing what the other is thinking until that person accept you. Two thump up to George and Annie for portraying all those emotion.

  6. Why is it necessary that the lead actor and actress can only get together in the last few episodes?  I think a drama can just be as interesting and good to watch if they are together and experience things together.  So boring if they always only get together last few episodes.  Like the Bodyguard drama with Alien.  Took them forever to get together and I lost interest because the reasons were sooooo stupid and nonsensical.  

  7. This is the best Christmas present, lol…I can’t believe how much I look forward during the week to watch this drama.  SD and YR have a bond already…just storyline to make the show interesting…For instance, there is still the possibility of YR being preggers…she was feeling hot in two episodes, and can’t tolerate certain foods…SD’s face when YR ate the pickled veggie…he looked so disappointed…George Hu’s acting is so realistic…Also, with this title, Love, Now, there has to be love relationships with all the characters.  

  8. Whoooo, QM is wearing pink jacket and green pants, but of the clashing kind of pink and green. Please give QM better taste in clothing. ShiDe has impeccable taste in clothing.

  9. YR decided to choose SD in the next episode…Makes me wondering how they are going to make the story last until 80episodes? What kind of “drama/misunderstanding” to keep another 54episodes interesting? Coz both SD’s and YR’s families are so understanding and supportive, I dont think the problems will come from their families. So, is it Qi Ming? I hope SD and YR got married soon and have babies! *miss the `autumn concerto’s` moments with mom+kid and dad*

    • OMG mee 2. I soooo misss AUTUMNS CONCERTO with Vaness. It was like the perfect drama ever! My most favorite mandarin drama ever!

  10. I like SD – mature attitude ; assuring his auntie he will give YR and his Auntie happiness…….YR dad might accept SD auntie when SD+YR are married. Very man….. again showing sense of responsibility towards his family and love to YR.

    Like the preview where YR ask SD if he is willing to help her full fill her 28 years old dream… to have a boyfriend who love her. 

  11. YR may still not be very sure about her feeling towards SD at this stage, BUT I think her relationship with QM is  leaning towards friendship and loyalty to a friend.

  12. i know QM is trying his best to be a better man. Sometimes when a person has already move one, there is not turning back…. move forward is the way to go QM. 

  13. i love seeing how SD thinking of going out with YR (blink blink) and how YR thinking of SD ==== smile , excellent and very lovely feeling. 

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