Love, Now Episode 25

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15 thoughts on “Love, Now Episode 25

  1. QM & YR seems always miss each other, and is like not fated.
    On the bridge, QM cant make decision to save her but SD did it without any hesitate and so manly
    Out of the supermart, QM & YR miss each other by going different direction
    YR take over the New project from QM and she got a chance to meet SD, fated.
    YR invited QM for dinner but he rejected, this make her got a chance to chat with SD, fated.

    QM miss all the chances…

  2. click on the purple line and it will direct you to youtube…which is where I go…or normally you can click on the youtube symbol at the right hand bottom on the screen…
    OK…I have to say George Hu’s character is so irresistible…love his looks when he cooks…the interaction here between the coincidence meetings of SH and YR are very sweet, it gives us glimpses of their characters…hope there is a wedding at the end of the drama…

  3. ah crap, it doesn’t allow me to put a link here. for those who can’t see the video here, search for 2012lovemenow on youtube. 

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