Love, Now Episode 24

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27 thoughts on “Love, Now Episode 24

  1. SD & YR will be together in the end, right??
    dont tell me she end up with QM.. I will faint.
    Though I like Duo Zhi Kong very much. hahaha..

  2. Ha ha ha…this episode was quite funny between SD and YR…it’s like they are destined for each other…I love a man who wants to learn how to cook…Would someone share what SD wrote on all those packages…Also, what was wrong with the soup he made?  the music was hilarious…love this drama very much…I’ve enjoyed both Annie’s and George’s past dramas, but this one has that special touch, they have great chemistry together…thanks for the upload!!  It made my day.  

  3. OMG this episode was so sweet~can’t wait till the next episode :DD ahaa the kiss and the push and all those bags of 乖乖 with words on them that he wrote to her awh~~<33

  4. Where to find a guy like Lan Shi De? So serious and sincere in approaching the girl he wants. I am in love with his character. Sweetness overload in today’s episode. I laughed so hard when Shi De’s nose was squeezed bcoz of Yi Ru’s accidental kiss. 

    Random comments : Qi Ming’s pants make him look shorter. I always find his outfit ridiculous. Good acting, though 🙂

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