Love, Now Episode 52

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  • Leigh

    QM and CR…ha ha, they are so in love…the soft spot for Angus grows…and know we must see what happens with SY…it’s interesting to see that this drama is also showcasing how all the men start to woo the women they love…OK, SD is adorbs as he is, but SD with a cold, how cute….love how YR dotes on him…

  • MJ

    I super like Angus! He’s so funny. I couldn’t stop laughing when he started to clean the table. And He have ‘guts’ to talk back to his boss. 1-0 to Angus!
    George looked like he really had a cold in this episode. Great job! And his furious face in the preview for next episode looked HOT! *swoonnnn* – (though I feel bad for YuXiang..but he deserves it. I hope after the punch, he can show that he’s sincere towards ShiYun and they can build their relationship without any lies)

  • Mary Tan

    I hope that SD’s annual checkup will be fine and not discovering some illness!!! And that the bashup that SD gave YX will not affect YR’s pregnancy resulting to a miscarriage!!!

    • bababa

      i dont think anything will happen to him.. if not its gonna be a storyline too similar to chris wangs show

  • lovethisshow!

    what exactly is yu xiang’s diary about? seems like he was scheming

    • 张怀秋

      Something about revenge to Shi Yun, i think Shi De will saw this and something bad is gonna happen

      • lovethisshow!

        ahh thanks for the clarification. 🙂

  • Jiji

    QM is so funny..raining part sweet until the water stop haha

  • Lynn6

    Oh no…please dont let SD be sick!!
    Poor QM…he was so sincere in his confession and almost won CR over when his office mate appeared with the water hose…what a spoiler!!!

  • Lynn6

    Thank you so much for the upload…my favourite time of the night…keeps me happy till the next episode!

  • love this drama!

    thanks for the speedy upload!!:)