Love, Now Episode 51

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  • Leigh

    Thank you director for the up close screen time of AC and GH. It was very beautiful and heart warming…their acting is brilliant, and their pairing so realistic that we all can’t help but ship them outside. Showing the different aspects of married life sets this drama apart…can hardly wait for each episode to broadcast. I think I melted at watching the emotion and love in SD’s eyes when he looked at his “lao po.”

  • YR 2013

    i like a part where qm was slapped by cr

  • Mary Tan

    My intuition tells me that motel incident will create a misunderstanding between SD and YR!! Sigh

  • Ivyleaf~

    Another twist in the story! I’m guessing now that they’re going to focus more on CR&QM’S love line and YX&SY’s? well it looks like in the next episode YX drops his journal where he wrote how he wanted revenge on SY in the Lan’s house but in the 49th or 50th episode he was being really sincere about it after knowing that his ex didn’t understand the line that SY wrote and yeah but its another twist in the story……uh oh. even with this twist I’m pretty sure things will get cleared up and all the couples are going to be together~not so much on the YQ and Angus’s love line huh. I personally think YQ’s character is super fun to watch and the Esther Yang portray’s her character’s liveliness and everything super well <33 and I also think that SD gets sick in tomorrow's episode? D: It always feels like something bad is going to happen….but I'm really enjoying this drama! now its like 80 episodes is still not enough!!

  • tuyen

    Annie chen beautiful and lovely! Her
    performance was
    really impressive,
    naturally. Couple Georgu the and Annie incredibly perfect in the scene together. we love them, Taiwan’s most beautiful couple!!

  • azwsxedcrfvtgbyhnujmikolp

    This is like the most optimistic drama I’ve ever seen…

  • anoona

    YQ’s xuezhang dropped his notebook in the LAN home, the notebook where he plotted his revenge… Uh oh…

  • Meloleedy Lee

    anyone know what song is at part 3…. when YR and SD are in the motel??

    • Lynn6

      Sang by 嚴爵 Yen J – 火上加油

      • Meloleedy Lee

        thank you:)

  • fyeeh

    are they foreshadowing that something is gonna happen to the baby?

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking more like something bad’s gonna happen to either Shide or Yiru. Shide keeps saying that he’ll be there for her forever and stuff.

  • lee88

    The first show I watch every M-Th. Worth my time. This episode is so funny…. can’t stop laughing. Thanks for uploading

  • jye

    //3//<) so cute!!

  • iwantTobefirst

    QM damn funny at this episode , esp the horse riding part

  • TWdramafan

    Love the actors for delivering the script as the writers intended. Their skills allowed the writers to come up with interesting storyline to keep the drama going. Today’s episode is so funny!

    Thanks Sugoi for the quick upload!

  • Lynn6

    Part 1 is so funny…the 3 “clowns” facing the wall when QM came out after being slapped by CR. Like the loving couple in Part 2…their acting always amazes me…poor SD was “tested” by jealous wife in the motel room; the scene is hilarious, cannot stop laughing!!

  • ghost

    Thanks very much! Happy days are here again for another 4 days lol^^ spent weekends watching from ep 1 again still so refreshing! Thanks to Director for bringing out so much emotion especially closeups that shows the feelings..Thanks to Scripwriter/s for such wonderful joyous storyline where each ep is never boring..Thanks to great acting especially between main actor/actress..such chemistry!!! Keep it up all!!!

  • Lynn6

    Yes, many thanks for the upload…have been waiting for this, great way to end Monday evening!