Love, Now Episode 48

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  • YR 2013

    If any thing happen to baby the great grandmother will be very sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

    • claire


  • claire

    yeah i also hope nothing will happened to YR baby

  • Kat

    Could really use Song Yi Jie’s legal expertise right now. 😉

  • ???

    I guess the script writers wanted to give credit to YQ and QM in discovering the traitor, ie, YQ gave the 3 types of person who would commit the crime and QM went searching for Mr. Wang. Otherwise, since he was supposed to be a brilliant businessman, why wouldn’t SD suspect Mr. Wang to begin with? It just does not make sense to me.

    • poota

      i think it is to build the bromance between shide and qiming as well! which im liking it feels like QM is really treating SD like a friend and not just for the sake of YR. And also, SD is obviously open to QM too as the gugu said only QM dares to tease SD

  • Mary Tan

    Yes I agree with Adina – please no mismarriage!!! A little hiccups here and there in the company is fine but not to SD and YR, please …..

  • pinnec kong

    the previous of 48 was so close because she slipped i hope nothing will happen to her

  • MJ

    Annie did a great job with the close up video for SD. She was very sincere & natural, made us the viewers feel so touched. I think its time for George to gain a lil weight. Please eat & sleep properly Geo! we’re so concerned here.

    *awwww scene : SD kissed YR 3times on the cheek (mmuah mmuah mmuahhh)
    * favorite scene : QM slapped SD’s butt.,.hahahha that’s hilarious and unexpected! Love you, Bobby!

    • Mandy

      YQ and QM are growing too…great job writers…just want to point out, that GH had to drop weight for this role…otherwise, would we have ever noticed those dimples, cheekbones, and megawatt smile…plus with his height and lean figure, he looks divine in his suits…not that we didn’t notice him before, because he was adorbs in his other dramas, but this look suits the character…

      • MJ

        yes, I knew they asked him to lose weight. I love his appearance now, esp the jawbone and the lean figure. I said it on the beginning. But, now I think a lil bit weight, just a bit will do him better, coz his face looks longer now (he looked perfect at the beginning). Anyway, I’m so hooked to George Hu right now. Will keep support him after this drama bcoz he’s talented & there’s something deep in his eyes. The megawatt stare 🙂 It’s time for him to shine after all these years and hardwork!

        • Mandy

          Yes, I know what you mean…it’s amazing how much a hairstyle can change the look of a person…he looks totally different in Lan Ling Wang with ancient clothing and long long hair…but the voice, who can forget that deep resonant voice. We’re all going to watch anything he does from now on!!!!

      • Lynn6

        Yes…I like his sharp face features too…his face looked like that in Summer Fever but Ah Kuan’s role is younger and maybe too boyish (maybe it is the haircut and the clothes he has to wear there). Hmmn…am wondering when we will be able to see GH in the next lead role in a Taiwan drama? Guess will have to watch Love Now over and over after Mar 2013. The trailer for the police or detective drama (on China station) is on his FB but looks like he is part of the main cast but not leading actor.

  • dieuanh

    I love so much Annie chen and Georgu. Thay are pretty too with together!! I love them

  • tuyen

    YR and SD touched me to tears constantly in Part II when he came home and watched the filming YR. Happy sweet! GH and AC showed too perfect beauty of love. We were glued to the screen does not move any time when they are together. We are happy! Ask AC and GH lot!!

  • Leigh

    So happy YR has the support of the Lan women…she had to do it solo with her dad and younger sis, it’s great to see her get the affirmation she missed growing up…love, love, love AC since I first saw her in P+P2…GH must have a sister or is very close to the females in his family, because as SD he is so sensitive to the needs of all the women in this drama, AND playful and manly…we all know he’s into martial arts and has varied talents, so it makes him the “ideal man…” and it’s making the drama observers happy…ladies, isn’t that what we all want? Of course, QM and CR—-yay, waiting for them too. And I really can’t believe Angus is the bad guy, why he saved the leaf from YQ in a jar on on his desk…and the English bits are sweet…”very good-a, great grand-mother, great grand-son!”

  • dana

    i feel like yi ru is gonna lost her kid………..

  • oh gosh! she slipped on that step!! i hope nothing happened to her or the baby!!

    • Viv

      She should be fine I think.. SD is with her… Behind her!! 😉

    • YellowLeaf1211

      If you watch the tiny bit of preview that is included towards the end of the ending theme from yesterday’s episode (47), SD and YR are in his office and they seem to find something on the computer that makes them both really happy. I don’t think she got hurt from her slip because otherwise they would be at the hospital rather than hugging in his office 🙂

  • haha

    tv show is really tv show. shes used eyeliner to sleep

    • haha

      she used*

      • ya i noted that too. haha all dun need to remove makeup one this show.

        • haha

          and they always wear super nice clothing at home! hahah actually in most dramas its like that, no sleep wear

        • netha

          I think Anni insert too beautiful and lovely even when she put the wood without makeup.View
          bleached her page on FB we always admired her natural beauty.Maybe she eyeliner for the next scene!

    • xxxx

      Maybe is the permanent one.

      • Haha

        Got such thing as eyeliner tatoo!? I thought wyebrow tattoo only, Anw Annie chen is probably pretty enough not to need any make up. Probably inconvenient for them to remove case they’ve other Scenes

    • claire

      oh is it i did not notice

  • Lovely

    Really love SD & YR. Totally agree whole part 2 is so funny and also touching. It really warms one’s heart just watching SD & YR. Really hope that GH & AC could be a couple in real life and be so lovingly. Kudos to GH & AC! :):):)

  • Lynn6

    The whole of Part 2 is so funny…especially with Grandma learning English! The family atmosphere is so warm. YR is very thoughtful and from the look of SD’s face watching the video and laughing (again such natural acting from GH) when he is exhausted from work…that is what keeps us glued to the screen here!!

    • Pirie

      Love love love it… GH is sooo natural and an excellent actor. love the tender moments when he hugs YR after an exhausting day at work. George looks good in everything, business suits, turtle necks, casuals, just don’t give him girly sweaters, unless that’s a Taiwan fashion sense.

  • Lynn6

    Many thanks…worth the waiting as usual

  • Cyndi

    Thanks uploading fast!:)

  • MZ