Love, Now Episode 42

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32 thoughts on “Love, Now Episode 42

  1. I am only guessing from preview but looks like Grandma is giving a bracelet or something to YR protect her or baby or maybe a family gift! Lets wait for the happy drama on Monday

  2. If the story keeps going at this pace and this entertaining,… I won’t mind even 200 episodes….. It is so warm after watching each episode and almost every episode makes me smile so much…. Scripwriters and director…. Thank you… thank you…

  3. AGHH i can’t tell you how muchhhhh i love george speaking english <333 and can't wait for the next episode although since YR is pregnant the grandma is prob going to be so annoying D: i also kinda think the pace is kinda going too fast and im guessing since YR gets pregnant they won't go on their honeymoon?? :(( and the screenwriters better not make a twist like i hope YR won't lose her baby ;_; LOOKING FORWARD TO Angus&YQ and QM&CR 's love story not really into the sister&YX(the delivery guy)'s romance since isn't he doing it for revenge?! so yea lolol so long of a comment i just have so much to say but OVERALL LOVING THIS DRAMA~~

  4. Looking foward to the development CR and QM. Hope to see CR on screen again. She’s been missing for two episodes.

    Love, love the SD and YR office scene. So natural. They can protray the emotions of newlyweds beautifully. Looks like the honeymoon is off the table if YR us expecting. Looking forward to seeing their on screen baby.

    With such pleasant storylines, i really won’t mind it if this serial goes on and on as suggested by Leigh earlier and be the staple in our daily living. 🙂

  5. B4, I didn’t care about Shi Yi & Yu Xiang relationship, I always
    skip their parts, but now I feel for them when I see how strong
    YuXiang’s determination is & now SY shows a lil progress, so I’ll
    appreciate their acting & won’t skip their parts anymore :)) cia
    So far, i love all the pairings in this drama :
    – Daddy & auntie (so hilarious, love love both of them!),
    – QM & CR (QM is so cute when he keeps trying to deny his feeling)
    – Angus & Yi Qin (Angus is so adorable to keep the leaf in the bottle
    & I like how he approached Yi Ru at the office, so funny)
    – George-Annie : You guys act so naturally! Esp. the part in the office
    when YR rushed SD to dinner, they both should win the Golden Bell award,
    coz for me the hardest acting is not the crying scene, but how to do it
    naturally and make us the audiences love and believe it! Fightinggg 🙂

  6. SD and YR have worked so hard to keep their respective families happy…and now they have their reward, it will be so great to follow YR’s pregnancy with the doctor’s help…and now there is that 3 day wait….so exciting. Btw, the stylist for the drama is a-1! It’s like we can’t get enough of SD and YR’s moments…YR brings a love to SD that he really needed and now their child will bring a love that cements their relationship. Mahalo (thank you) from Hawaii…can’t wait to see how everyone reacts to the news….

    • Mahalo nui loa from Hawaii too… This is such a good drama. All the characters are likable and are good actors with George Hu leading the pack.

  7. yay actually all the supporting actors storylines are getting interesting as well! especially qi ming and cai rong’s story 🙂

    • i don’t actually think Cai Rong likes Qi Ming cause in another website it said that Cai Rong had feelings for Shi De…. And i’m hoping that she doesn’t make Shi De and Yi Ru to break up.

      • CR has already admitted she likes QM…earlier she told SD’s mom and grandma that she likes SD but she will help them get SD and YR together, so if something else has come up, share the link…

        • actually she didnt say that she likes him directly also. but there’s still a possibility though, cause of her vagueness. if i recall correctly, she said that feelings cant be forced.. but it’s quite ridiculous that with all these built up between CR& QM, she ends up liking SD? if the were to make that twist it better be good and convincing….it’s hard to believe that all is gonna go well between YR&SD which is kinda annoying 🙁

          • In the Truth or Dare game between our main leads, CR says she likes QM…Episode 36….A couple may be expecting a child—with all the positive responses to this drama which is quite unlike any other, I think it would be counter productive to turn it into a three ring circus, ie: turning CR into a witch….also, YR and SD haven’t had it all rosy…so far though the writers have done us a good turn by giving us a different kind of drama, one that is close to what we as observers have in real life. Kudos to them. Cheer up and think about the next episode with all the preggers tests, lol…P.S. QM was there for the doctor when she lost her patient…I think it says a lot about his character development….and she was there for him when he was bemoaning his rejection by YR…

  8. God, great Georgu / Annie, they made ​​us suffocate because of the beauty and happiness.
    Annie beautiful, handsome Georgu.We love them too, they were
    perfect, the perfect double face, perfect body double!!

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