Love Me Or Leave Me (我租了一個情人) Short film

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27 thoughts on “Love Me Or Leave Me (我租了一個情人) Short film

  1. omg now i get the ending.. it’s zhao shan shan who entered her life. omg creepy feeling. but it’s quite illogical because ji qing was just a university student so shan shan must be in junior high or high school? i don’t think you can work at a cafe at that age already? 

  2. Wow, just love that this drama is shot in high definition!!
    The details just stand out so clearly, especially the beauty of 許瑋甯 and the cuteness of 王宥勝 and his guy friends ^^
    Looking forward to this drama!!

  3. I’ve got to say I’m not used to Tiffany getting the man, and I was definitely losing hope for her when Kingone’s character died in Scent of Love.  🙂 This is a nice change. 

    • It’s actually called Love, Before! Sorry guys, my mistake but I just copied and pasted from the title so I didn’t realize my mistake until I had already posted this 🙂

      • the drama is indeed called “Love Me or Leave Me”, but this short film, which is a prologue to the drama is called “Love Before”. so you aint wrong at all ^_^

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