Love Me Or Leave Me Episode 10

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24 thoughts on “Love Me Or Leave Me Episode 10

  1. 只有一個感想:一缸子演員被劇本安排的像是白癡!提醒劇作家:並不是激起群眾的負面情緒便是“成功”。台灣人,沒那麼笨的,用些有大腦的方法,好嗎?

  2. oh…it is getting so difficult to watch this drama, such a contrast with Love Now. Of course not all relationships are smooth and super happy. Heartbreaking to see JQ

  3. wow…. they TOTALLY deny the bed scene AND the bath scene! they could of have SO much potential =.=”” not perverted potential of course XDDDD

  4. it’s kinda dumb how she can open the car after he drive a few blocks but couldn’t escape the car when he first kidnapped her….

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