Love Me Or Leave Me Episode 11

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42 thoughts on “Love Me Or Leave Me Episode 11

  1. Does Shanshan still have more devious plans up her sleeves based on her conversation with her mum….scary woman…she is not sorry at all..dont want to see her for the rest of the episodes!

  2. 珊珊哪,既然都已經失去了,再強奪什麼,有用嗎?難到妳會為此而幸福快樂嗎?

  3. HAHAHA PART 2 23:00


    馬上後面有計程車超過 LOL

  4. that was one beautiful slap. you go ji qing! omg dude i love that part when the truth comes out! been waiting for this part for a while noww

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