Love Me Or Leave Me Episode 09

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21 thoughts on “Love Me Or Leave Me Episode 09

  1. this is ridiculous. How can you hurt the love of your life that much just to protect her from the truth? It doesn’t make sense. In the end, when you die, she will also know the truth, and she will get hurt TWICE instead of once. I like the concept of this drama, how he loves him “more” at the first and always be the one who sacrifice, and right now it’s her turn to show him how she feels. But, writers, the part where Hao Ming deceives her and hurt her that much just to hide his illness? That’s lame and old.

  2. you know i’ve watched a LOT of asian dramas, but gotta say that shanshan character is the most ANNOYING out of them all! seeing her call haoming after qingqing’s dad confronts her make me wanna rip her head off!!!

    • Please take this as a compliment ish.. Watching this episode made me somewhat down but reading your comment has made my mood much much better. Something about the ripping her head off made me lmao.

    • I think that photo could possibly be Tiffany’s real childhood photo, in which case her mom in the drama would have to be Asian because her real mom is Taiwanese.

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