Love Me Or Leave Me Episode 16 The End

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38 thoughts on “Love Me Or Leave Me Episode 16 The End

  1. this is so sad….. it’s a super touching ending but so sad that he couldn’t stay and live the happy family life… 🙁

  2. qiangqiang must have a hard time pushing her baby out from her stomach and hao min just die he cannot even see his baby look like what

  3. Again horrible, unreasonable story line! When he dies I didn’t even feel sad, because HE ASKED FOR IT! He tried so hard NOT to be treated (again) for a very stupid reason–wife about to give birth? Therefore BINGO you die and making the wife a widow, the kids without dad. How stupid is that! Agree with Gwen they were right at the hospital so get someone to resuscitate that dumb guy! Oh well I’m sure we’re all used to all the dumb thing happening in this drama. Oh and how about the surprise birthday party at the baby’s future school? How do they know when the mom’s gonna go check out that school? And Do Do’s dad is dumb too, making the mom travel to Japan with a kid and no chance to pack an luggage. Oh well I’m just glad this drama is over so no more getting irritated by the dumb things that keeps happening in it.

  4. 誇張的劇情不等於戲劇張力好嗎? 一整個莫名其妙不合理的劇情, 寫不出好劇本, 下了猛藥只是更爛! 看完十六集的感想: totally wasting my time.

  5. the ending is like English movie” P.S i love you” when that guy dies , he leave everything as planned like video all that to her .

  6. Why the end have to be like this…..although it just a film, but it likes a real one. I cant imagine if it really happened in real life. Hao ming a best man, best father but it’s too sad have to end like this. He has to leave his fam, his son, and beloved wife….why!!hao ming have to died!!!! I cant stop to cry…..i cant imagine if it happened to me….maybe i cant be as strong as qing qing. 可憐HM!!看完好難過喔。。怎麼好的人。。死掉。i hope HM has a twin brother, let qing qing meet HM’s twin brother then to accompany qing qing and yang yang forever…..(it’s better than let qing qing and yang yang live without HM (best man in their life)). 好殘忍的一部電影 🙁

  7. Okay. I’ve tried to find out who sang this song….it is the song that is playing when JQ is reading the contents of the envelope after her birthday party when HM told her to move on with her life….不是一个人, 至少還有我……
    FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY, some one tell me the singer and the name of the song.

  8. I felt my insides ripped apart when he die. It doesn’t make sense for his friend to sit in the car sobbing and trying to wake him up. He could have carried him into the ER and there may be a small hope to resuscitate him and buy him time to see his son. But…anywho, so sad. Had a feeling that it was going to go this way. Also, is it a cultural norm to hide relapse of the illness from your spouse? Geez.

  9. omg. i thought they were going to use the baby’s blood thing or whatever to save him but why did the scriptwriters actually make HM die! :(((((((( very sad i thought that they would be together all three of them together at the end!!

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