Love Me Or Leave Me Episode 15

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14 thoughts on “Love Me Or Leave Me Episode 15

  1. can someone please tell me wht the song is starting part4 1:59? been looking for it but its not in the ost on youtube >.< please let me know if anyone knows!

  2. In one episode, Ji Qing carried the baby to full term and due for delivery…am guessing that next week will be the last episode. The baby provides another chance to save Hao Ming….look forward to Yangyang “sunshine”! Agree that waiting one week for one episode is incredibly long! Chris and Tiffany are looking better as a couple in later episodes than they did at the beginning.

  3. amazing yet heartbreaking episode , I started looking forward towards a positive and happy ending, and yet his cancer is attacking him once again. Am seriously anxious about the ending, a week for the next episode feels like a month already. looking forward and keeping my fingers crossed !

  4. haha….drink the fish soup… is full of poison!! WA-HAHA. Seriously, a decade of pain induced hatred and negative thinking doesnt go away in one night. Not realistic to me but still, i love the happy ending.

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