Love Me Or Leave Me (我租了一個情人) Episode 01

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46 thoughts on “Love Me Or Leave Me (我租了一個情人) Episode 01

  1. This is so ridiculous…though I’ll still watch it because of Chris Wang.. I really don’t think Ji Qing really loves Hou Min. She’s a real coward! They’ve been together 8 yrs, she know’s he loves her, she’s so used to his pampering, etc …. If I were Hou Min, enough is enough. Go for another girl. She doesn’t deserve you. That’ll make her regret for he rest of her life. YES that should be the storyline…Hou Min deserves a good woman who appreciates him and really want to be wife him

    • Hello. U don’t understand her feelings. u were’nt in her shoes. U don’t know how a girl stop believing in love. U don’t know how a girl grows up in a family like this. 

  2. i love it. love is hard. this show is realistic. ppl who reckon its not. they are too young.yoing ppl watch dramas and hope for a dreamy plot. annie and georges show. its boring. the hired temptress is very good an actress. she impressed me in ep 1. this is excellent. much better than i expected.

    • Love what you said. Main actress has awesome acting skills for Realistic 21st century women thinking. It’s true these women exist. I myself think the same as well. These women are not selfish, they feel unsafe. Bcz bitches out there are more dangerous that those in the past. haha! 
      Those who hates this characters are too young to understand and live in their perfect prince dream. However i do kind of disagree of using another women to test her man.  But the character of the main actress and the storyplot is two different thing.  CHEERS TO JIQING awesome acting skills! =D

  3. 一開始超可愛 
    好無言   而且有點太扯了吧==…..
    難得演員又正又帥的  唉

  4. I don’t think i am going to keep watching this drama. Already in the first episode i don’t agree the plot: sending another girl to test her man’s faith is just not right..

  5. shes totally gonna wait till Tiffany’s wedding or like a day before it and then show Tiffany the recording…so EVIL…then the girl is gonna go after Chris 🙁

  6. omg is that girl evil? she stopped recording once chris said “i’ll take care of her… for a lifetime”… OMG SHE IS SO GOING TO SHOW TIFFANY and I can predict misunderstanding already!! But then again it was tiffany’s fault for trying to ‘test’ how faithful chris is (and he didn’t do anything wrong!!)

  7. the end of part 6 w/ the bts ceremony w/ annie, tiffany and chris. even though it’s just a bts i still feel the chemistry between annie and chris even if a 3rd wheel is there. lol.

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