Love Me Or Leave Me Episode 04

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37 thoughts on “Love Me Or Leave Me Episode 04

  1. unrealistic love, unrealistic expectations, unrealistic show, pleease… like a guy will marry a girl that cant do shit, respect his parents or even basic cooking, lol.. dramas like this is what spoils immature asian girls into stuckup spoiled “princesses” =P

  2. 趙姍姍好濺

  3. 紀晴的爸爸把姍姍的爸爸撞死了,所以一直匯錢給她們,想要彌補她們,結果姍姍誤以為匯錢給她的是他的爸爸,紀晴也以為自己的爸爸外遇

  4. ” 你呢,只是比较没有安全感。然后比较不懂,怎样被爱。但是这样的人不是因为她没有心,而是因为她心里有太多伤痕。“       omg… this scriptwriter understands me. I thought no one would understand my situation, which is alike of ji qing.  cried hard T_T

    • It is not 公主病 at all. 
      Princess always want a prince ok?
      This is just 21 century women workaholic who doesnt believe in marriage.

      • and what does a prince get in return? an insecure women who doesnt trusts his loyal man enough to hire a detective with unfounded grounds, her issues, dont ya just hate it when women can justify a scar onto the whole male race? hahaha…. we live in a fair world, do ur share or find someone stupid enough to take your shit, lol

  5. hey guys!     我來猜猜珊珊這個角色定位~~




  6. Don’t like this drama, not one character is likable, esp. Albee very scary looking face and scary character. But feel sorry for Chris Wang get stuck in this dama.

    • if u dont like it, hen why are you watching it. keep ur criticism to urself, no one cares. Chris isnt even “stuck” in this drama, its called CHOOSING to be in this drama. just piss off plz, ur such a bother, jeez. btw i dont think u can act of look any better than them

  7. it’s kinda weird how I’m rooting for the side characters more than the main charaters o.O I really like xiao qing and shen hua o.o XD the girl xiao qing is a very good actress especially in man boy!

  8. the little girl is so cute! kinda likes like the smaller version of tiffany! these days, they pick the little childhood actors so well! like for korean drama full house, hwi kang little boy looks just like the older boy! 

    • 那不是小薰的錯 是趙姍姍這個角色設定成這樣

      不要太入戲 她只是個很好的演員 把反派角色發揮的淋歷盡致
      就是有你這種沒腦的人 社會才這麼亂 連現實生活和戲劇都分不清楚!

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