Love Me Or Leave Me Episode 02

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50 thoughts on “Love Me Or Leave Me Episode 02

  1. Tiff is like A class actor, and Xiao Xun is like F LOLOL… I use to like Hei se hui, but her acting is… well it speaks for itself

  2. OMG….. I really want to continue this drama because I love winnie and chris,  but if it is gonna start turning into the Fierce wife 犀利人妻, then I will just watch the ending.

  3. I really don’t like tiffany’s character. She’s so selfish. All she cares about is whether or not she will get hurt. She’s not willing to believe in her boyfriend. She’s not willing to give her all to her boyfriend even though her boyfriend has already done so much for her. Selfish.

  4. i think 趙珊珊 is 晴晴’s sister. 晴晴’s dad dumped 珊珊’s mom. so 珊珊 wants a revenge on  晴晴, and wants everything that  晴晴 has.

    • I agree with you, bc she’s like i’m gonna find you….and the name is 紀世賢, same last name as 晴晴, bc 珊珊’s mom was the mistress I think!!!

  5. 按, 就是有像莊小嫻那樣搞不清楚狀況又愛唯恐天下不亂的白目在這世界上才會造成社會上那麼多情侶間的誤會. 真奇怪, 這些小白來人間走一遭的目的到底是甚麼

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