The Queen of SOP Episode 12

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59 thoughts on “The Queen of SOP Episode 12

    •  I agree! I was fangirling this whole episode!
      Even if i’m not shipping for them in this drama (but i’ll say I was quite swayed) I really wish they would stop being BFFs in real life and just date!! eeeek

  1. lol baijiqing is even taller than tangjun it’s kinda weird to see them dance when baijiqing’s a lot taller than tom… -____- gaoziqi’s height is a better match for baijiqing’s 

  2. what is that song when she was in the bathroom in the beginning?!? does zhang han sing it? cause it sounds like him

  3. @9:08 I believe there is a typo.  Shouldn’t it shouldn’t it have been Phillip Lim instead of Ferriberlin?

  4. BJQ is a bad bitch, it was her own choice to not marry Gao Zi Qi, now she is just making everyone not happy & mad!! Hate her so muchh…

  5. I think Jiang Yi totally went out of character, but I guess that’s normal for an idol drama, You always need a ridiculously bitchy second femal chracter, though I guess Zhang Mend will also end like this. But then it will make two bitches and poor QE in the middle….
    I think Gao Zi Qi is also not so innocent like he always does, I mean he was ridiculously unmanly when he all went I can’t hurt either them, they are all innocent, that was quite well not good.
    So I am all into Tang Jun and Xiaojie!!!

    • it is so obvious tang jun and xiaojie will be together at the end. there can’t be 2 taiwanese to be so lucky in love while the mainland guy won’t be having his girl. after all, this is china co-produced series. so the mainland chinese actor should get the girl.

  6. If there was no model girlfriend, I think I would’ve liked Gao Zi Qi and Lin Xiao Jie together… I feel like he’s a good person, but certain events (and an evil ex) have messed things up for him.

    • He’s a good person, but in their relationship I think Gao Zi Qi is a bit selfish. He’s used her too much for his own convenience, and made her believe he loves her more than he does. Even if he’s ended things with Bai Ji Qing, he needs to slow down with Xiao Jie and figure out his feelings for her.

  7. lol she’s acting so b3itchy like ashley tisdale in high school musical XDDD at least she’s good at acting that XDDD 

    •  Hahaha…yeah, that’s why they as in GZQ and BJQ are the perfect match. It’s kinda sad, it makes Zhang Han look so small when in reality he’s quite tall for an Asian guy, blame it all on Jiang Yi who is way too tall and in addition to that even wearing high heels.

  8. lol she looks like a pussy doll gone wrong XDDDD black boots on white feathered dress really? it’s like she’s going to s stripper’s club XDDD

    •  I think I read somewhere that some of QE clothes are sponsored by Prada or something like that, anyway, she sure wears nice stuff.

  9. what is she wearing? lol is that a pink bra on top of a dress? lol even she has a good body and high fashion clothes I sometimes question her sense of style…

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