The Queen of SOP Episode 33 The End

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151 thoughts on “The Queen of SOP Episode 33 The End

  1. 汤骏 should have proposed to 晓洁 first before she went to England for studies… sad that it is not a good and blissful ending but one which leaves people guessing.

  2. haha yes!! exactly what i was thinking too, cgirl. i think in real life it would be almost impossible for a girl to be attached yet still hang out and behave rather intimately with her ex. and all the more in real life would you be unable to find a boyfriend who can tolerate all these so happily LOL. I guess this why this drama is such a nice idol fantasy drama cos its exactly perfect for a girl, got two perfect guys always behind her and both guys don’t mind hahaha. best of both worlds but in real life there isn’t such a thing! *bursts bubble* 

    also i think the whole ldr thing happened too happily and easily! in real life LDR would probably be another really big obstacle to cross 😛 

  3. hahahaha awwww. such a sweet ending haha.

    i feel that xiaojie shouldn’t lead ziqi on though. she has clearly chosen tangjun, yet each time she’s alone with ziqi it’s as though she’s still unattached, and when he asks her to go back to taipei with him, she gives him some excuses about having lots of things to do, but makes it sound as though she wants to go, not even sparing a thought about tangjun. and which girl spends the new year with her ex without even telling her current boyfriend. luckily tangjun trusts her a lot, and we all sorta know she’s trustworthy. 

    i love how this plays out, but in real life, a girl who plays the two of them like that would definitely be condemned. 

    anyway awesome drama!! i want moree!!!

  4. Every woman should have a Tang Jun as a steady boyfriend and a Gao ZiQi for a reserved boyfriend!!!
    That way, both men will NEVER EVER TAKE THE WOMAN FOR GRANTED!!! LOL  🙂
    Wish Tang Min had got back with her man at the end.
    She is so beautiful inside as well as outside.
    By the way, who cares if the actors/actressess are from Taiwan, Mainland China, HongKong or even Saudi Arabia?
    As long as they portray their roles convincingly, that is what matters most.
    Actor Zhang Han did very well in this drama. His eyes speak volumes!!!
    I love his smile. 🙂

  5. What’s the logic? Why didn’t TangJun fetch her at the airport? Inviting the rest of the people to the house is totally redundant. Disappointing ending. Should have stopped watching at episode 13.

  6. Well, i was afraid the ending would be too rushy. But well it ended quite well. Whereby things is clear that ZiQi didnt want to give up on XiaoJie till the end and neither will TangJun. So its a merry ending eventually. Good drama i’ll say!

  7. Yayyyyy, tang jun and Xiao Jie ! <3 so glad that they're together in the end. So good to have someone like tang jun as their boyfriend!

  8. So there will be a season 2 and the main actress is not the same?  Anyone know more about this?  Why is that?  Will there be a new story line with new characters like Full House 2.  

    •  its not exactly a season 2.. its just another series of SOP. its a different story.. ohya. It is not The Queen of SOP 2.. the actress will be ZhengShuang if im not wrong..

    • Agree! And the irony is Xiao Jie is anything but SOP. She mix personal and professional life together. It’s not a pro way to publicly show her affection with her boyfriend in the office.

  9. I loved this drama.. it was amazingly good. 

    tangjun and xiao jie made an adorable couple. 
    they are both amazing at acting. 
    I loved zhang han since he acted in the meteor shower drama. he was amazingly good. one of the main reasons why i started this drama. and also, chen qiao en is also an amazing actress.. a plus to a reason why I started watching this drama.. so glad i did or else i would have missed such a good drama <3

  10. I prefer Xiao Jie & TangJun together .. <3 cos TangJun care so much for her previously
    Every girls dreamt to have this kind of guy beside them who care n treasure her

    But if xiaoJie & ZiQi together it will be so wasted

    • I like TJ too since the start, I prefer her to be with TOM.  Though, I disagree about ZiQi, as he have changed.  If somehow things ended with TJ, I won’t mind she be with ZQ.  

  11. This is so far the best drama I’ve watched in recent years. This tops any TVB, Kdrama and other TW dramas!! ‘Hi, my sweetheart” was my favorite for the past 2 years (plus any dramas with Rainie Yang casted).. I think my favorite dramas have now been replaced! 🙂

  12. 是正常人,谁都能清楚地看得出来, 晓杰真正爱的是汤俊,他们也是事实上的couple, 子齐既是电灯泡又是第三者,不明白为什么有些人还希望XJ 和ZQ 会将在一起。不要否认,有这样想法的人绝对是出于自己扭曲的心理,理所当然地认为台湾的演员不应输给大陆的演员。狭隘而又小气的某些人。

    是正常人,誰都能清楚地看得出來, 曉杰真正愛的是湯俊,他們也是事實上的couple, 子齊既是電燈泡又是第三者,不明白為什麼有些人還希望XJ 和ZQ 會將在一起。不要否認,有這樣想法的人絕對是出於自己扭曲的心理,理所當然地認為台灣的演員不應輸給大​​陸的演員。狹隘而又小氣的某些人。

  13. 對開放式結局我沒意見!不過開放成這樣,到底是太有愛,還是太無情?究竟是太有主見,還是太沒原則?

  14. tang jun is so lovable here. i like the way how he show his love to xiao jie. they look cute together and they have chemistry. 

  15. I love Gao Zi qi!!! 
    I mean look at him, how can anybody compare? He’s the epitome of leading man. The ending was an open ended one. I feel like there should be more.
    Personally I like the XiaoJe-Zi Qi story more. I feel like that they have more chemistry. Tangjun is okay but I think he’s best suited as the male BFF type but not the boyfriend.

    • i quite agree. i would like to have zi qi as a boyfriend ( it won’t hurt to dream)…very tall, rich and very handsome, very manly, what more can one ask of a boyfriend?

      • You better dream on. You need to looook like a beauty queen with brains to look good together with a guy like bhim.

    • I like ZiQi and XiaoJie pairing better. Cos, I can understand and see how he gradually fell in love with her.
      One the other hand, I am not convinced why Tom likes her from the beginning. Why and when he fell in love with her. Why he jump into the river to save the paper and so willingly rent the apartment to her. Love at 1st sight ? Nah! Not convinced.

  16. I find this drama very nice! Although the storyline doesn’t make much of a difference with other dramas, the actors are excellent!!

  17. the last ep was good but i feel there is something missing like another ep for when they get married or something

  18. if they cast other actor for the role of tangjun, i might like the series better. they should find someone more appealing than godfrey but zhang han falls short ( i can’t help it that i always look at godfrey whenever zhanghan and godfrey are together in the scene) so i can’t seem to “go into” the love story of xiaojie and tang jun. i don’t find they have good “chemistry” ( they don’t seem to be compatible as screen lovers).

    • Hans zhang is perfect for the role of tang jun. good sense of humor, wit, intelligence and suaveness. That’s the point that he didn’t have to be that model looking guy to win the girl too. He is so attractive that way. Godfrey needs to go back to acting classes. His expressions were very blank and frankly fake. It’s more natural between the other two leads. In fact, if anyone falls a bit short, it might be the female lead. Hans must stay!

      • Totally disagree ! QE single handedly pulled this drama thru. Her acing is amazing, despite having to deliver lacklustre script. Btw, this is the 1st time I watch her drama.
        I don’t think Godfrey’s acting is any worse than Zhang Han. Though he is amazingly good looking, he did not lack acting skill too. It’s not easy to portray a bad guy (who betrayed XiaoJie) and yet gain empathy from viewers.

    •  I actually thought if Tang Jun and Zi Qi role were swap, it might have been a little more convincing. I didn’t get into the drama like how I did for most of QE’s drama so I was a little disappointed in this. I am torn in choosing which is the better guy for Xiao Jie. :/

  19. this is the first drama i’ve seen where i wanted the girl to end up with both of the guys. if i was xiao jie, i’d be so torn between gao zi qi and tang jun! i can’t even.

  20. help me!!! I am now crazy over the soundtrack!!! Does anyone know where can i get to download the soundtrack??? I can’t go to chinese website due to i dunno how to read chinese at all >.< .. help me please~~~~~~~~~

    •  Search these on youtube:

      1. 《勝女的代價》片頭曲 陳喬恩 喜歡孤獨 完整CD試聽 (轉土豆網)

      2. 《勝女的代價》片尾曲 張翰 做最愛你的朋友 完整CD試聽 (轉土豆網)

      3. 江语晨 – 最后一页

      4. 紀佳松 金魚的眼淚

  21. 我把我這輩子都給她 這句話說出來時 我笑了
    湯駿 你真的太可愛了 !!!!

    放心吧 曉潔會永遠愛你的 ( 是正常人都會這樣吧 哈哈哈

  22. Zi Qi’s appearance at the end was very random, but they had to tie him back into the storyline.  In fact, his whole appearance in Shanghai was ODD.  Doesn’t the guy have to run his own family business in Taiwan?  

    • when he was in the hospital he said he got a month off at the taiwanese place. so i guess that’s why he could come and work in shanghai

  23. Wow! That was such a good drama, I loved the trusting and steadfast relationship between Xiao Jie and Tang Jun. I kept dreading that some kind of farfetched story twist would take place and forcefully tear our couple apart, but thank goodness that never happened 🙂 I also really liked Zi Qi’s character, I mean he was a jerk in the beginning with the whole Bai Jing thing but if you look at it from another angle he’s always been one to go all out when it comes to love (back then it was for Bai Jing and now for Xiao Jie) and I thought he matured in a very logic way throughout the dram. If Xiao Jie and Tang Jun weren’t so perfect together, I’d totally root for her and Zi Qi to get back together 😛

    The ending was great, it kinda ended in the same spirit that it started. The first half of this drama was so lively and spirited and then it got a bit bogged down by the whole company business in the latter half but still had enough heart to carry us, the viewers, through the ordeal 😛 I can’t imagine a second season though… Am I the only one who’s pretty satisfied with what we got and don’t think there’s a need for a second season? Of course I’d love some more lovey dovey moments between Xiao Jie and Tang Jun, but I’m more worried about what kind drama that will be brought to the table story-wise. That’s my two cents anyway!

  24. I would have been so mad if something happened to Zi Qi.

    I love the ending! Great drama, hoping Queen of SOP 2 comes out soon.

  25. omg, the scene at the hospital with ziqi and xiao jie, with her holding his hand and stuff, what she was saying was basically WILLING to go towards him, i got scared for a second, I AM LIKE NOOOO!!!! what abt tang jun…. hmm i was not rly satisfied with the ending, i wish it was more sweet between her and tang jun… but nevertheless IM WAITING FOR SOP 2!!! hopefully its gonna be qiao en and zhang han!!!! =]

  26. I love Tang Jun…! He is so real with fault… But he is so sweet and thoughtful to Xiao Jie.  They are so perfect together!   Despite the fact that Mr. Guo helped them, I still wish he would go away already.  He has no personality, does not know what Xiao Jie wants.  Essentially everything he does he only does for himself, with the knowledge that he will gain something out of it in the end.  

    Tang Jun and Xiao Jie forever!

    • i disagree with what you said about zi qi. if he does everything for himself only, he need not help out the tang family, he said he did it for xiaojie. look at it this way, he said it so clearly. if he didn’t help the tang family to regain their hold on the company, xiaojie might go back to taipei (there is that possibilty) so he benefits the most, but he didn’t want to take advantage in other people’s helplessness. it is true that he used xiaojie at the beginning of their relationship but that changed when he started to fall for xiaojie ( he didn’t go back to his ex-girlfriend as proof that he didn’t love his ex anymore)

  27. Hmm…felt like lack of sth on behind…
    But its ok, worth to watch..

    Omg, tangjun and ziqi fight for xiaojie till the end..

  28. awwww, can’t bear to part with queen of sop~~ but of course their cuteness makes me go awwwwww~~~ 

    the two guys are meant to be at loggerheads their whole life. hahaha!!!

    of course the ending isnt as kissy huggy bcuz im sure they’re leaving that for season 2!!!! ;p


    i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


  29. to be honest, the ending is not what i expected. how come the ending is the argument between that 2 boys-.-! at least needs to be the main character hugging each other 🙂 

    • with the couple hugging each other at the end, it is very typical. i actually thought it was cute the way they ended it. 

  30. The ending was sooooo funny!!! both guys using shares, money and bla bla bla to get xiao jie!!! Tang Jun called 
    Gao Zi Qi “lamp post” that is sooo funny~~~~ hahahahhahahahhahahhahahaha

    Thanks for the fast upload! I enjoy it ^^

  31. although im happy that xiao jie + tang jun got together, the ending didn’t show enough of their cute scenes together 🙁 

    i was hoping for at least a hug/kiss/proposal or something sweet like that when xiao jie came back from england! regardless, im happy that xiao jie + tang jun got together!! 🙂 

    • Yup, agree. Ending lack of hugs/ kisses from Tom after xiao jie came back from England…but am still happy tangjun + xiao jie end up together!! Best drama of 2012! Will definitely rewatch this drama again…:))

      • hahaha!!! the lack of kiss and everything to make you want more. dont worry, lots of hugs and kisses in season 2!! ;p

        the two guys are forever bickering. hehehe

  32. The Ending…..Hummmm….Not bad…But can be more romantic….will there be part 2? a lot of ppl say have…but dont look like they are filming part 2 ler…

  33. I always read these comments and thought it was stupid as hell, but it’s really funny to piss others off so I’M FIRST SUCKERS!!

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