The Queen of SOP Episode 24

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57 thoughts on “The Queen of SOP Episode 24

  1. Xiao Jie goes around asking if the companies sent the gifts to her, but who would admit in her face?! Shouldn’t she try to ask the delivery company

  2. i hate how this thing has so much commercials ! and how every episode is chopped in half to load and see it really irritates me! omg pisses me off

  3. i actually prefer chuchu over xiao jie.
    xiao jie’s attitude from a few episodes ago really disappointed me and somehow I just haven’t been able to muster support for her anymore. the impression was too deep.

  4. Tang Jun and Xiao Jie should just date secretly, he should tell her the whole truth behind the evil plot, then when they are in front of people, they can act coldly towards each other, mean time, try to find ways to boot out the oldies from the company .. 

    • They are not blood related.  Just that he is friend with his parents .. but of course I don’t support the bad “ancle” and his spoiled brat daughter .. 

  5. I really like Tangmin. She handles situations real well. I hate Chu Chu and her father! They both piss me off!! Err!!! haha this drama causes so many emotions! LIke a roller coaster!

  6. i really like the tang siblings (: so mature in the way they do things, and can understand what love and business is like.

  7. i like the title of the series which literally means “the price of a victorious woman”(sheng nu de dai jia)
    sheng nu may mean LEFTOVER woman or VICTORIOUS woman depending on the spelling(both words have the same sound).Leftover woman has a negative connotation meaning that men don’t find her attractive and have passed her over so she was left REMAINING or LEFTOVER. while Victorious means being successful both in career and love, which xiaojie did at the end, i hope!

  8. i hope tang jun and xiao jie being together at the last episode :0 are they being together at the last episode anyone can tell me please :(((( i wanna know

  9. I hate uncle…or as they say on the show “enkel” 

    On a happier note, Zi Qi’s back (and Gino)! It should be interesting from now on

    Was that Lene Lai as the assistant near the end?

  10. awww. d0nt care xiao jie is going to be with zi qi or tang jun.
    but. i absolutely REFUSE chu chu getting married with tang jun.
    bomb her big beau house. cant wait for the next ep.

  11. is tom that DENSE not to have felt that chuchu loves him(with hints like holding his arms, telling him about the mock wedding when she was still a child, inviting him to her house,etc)? so, if he knows, he should have told chuchu point blank that he treats her like a younger sister and nothing more. it seems he does nothing about this, not clearing things up with her, making her HOPEFUL(he is not refusing) that something will come out of the relationship. i was disappointed in him at this point. he seems like a PLAYER to me.

    •  I’m pretty sure he knew, especially in that episode when she kissed him while saying how sometimes the person who loves you most is right in front of you. He probably just didn’t want to feel lonely since he was heartbroken over Xiao Jie at the time

    • I see you posting a couple of times and I really think that you should try thinking beneath the surface a bit more. Not everything is supposed to be expressed so openly at face value. 

      • maybe because i have high expectations of the character of the leading man in a love series, he must be loyal and absolutely loving, who will pursue the girl he loves no matter what.
        what comes to my mind are the likes of daomingse of meteor garden and Ni-te of absolute boyfriend and Lidaren of In time with you.
        if i find some minor flaws in the leading man, it might be the fault of the director? or the script)(sorry, no offence intended)

        • Sorry but i think a perfect lead is boring and quite frankly, too cliche. Perhaps the very thing xiao jie did to tang jun, as in her naivete in his feelings for her, he does the same to chu chu. Have you considered that maybe with respect to feelings for xiao jie, Tang Jun is so blind for his love for her that he doesn’t see other girls?

    • omg they could’ve skipped the past 8 episodes to episode 25 -____- wouldn’t have made a difference to the love triangle! But I guess it’s to show Xiao Jie’s new life and career and to create more obstacles for our OTP 

        • I can honestly say nothing happened within the past 8 episodes…. except for some business problems and Xiao Jie realizing she kind of likes Tang Jun now..

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