The Queen of SOP Episode 29

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68 thoughts on “The Queen of SOP Episode 29

  1. This mummy best! Love her so much! Usually all the rich mothers will want their child to marry someone compatible, this mother is so different! 

  2. the episodes are just getting better and better! 
    this one was rather touching ;(
    love tang jun and xiao jie! 
    Where’s my preview for the next episode?!

  3. 這種型的財大氣粗也是很30年前的台灣 ~ 唉~ 中國人到底是懂不懂什麼叫做偶像劇阿!!!! 悶~

  4. 中國的偶像劇, 真的不太偶像劇ㄟ~ 演法很像台灣30年前的八點檔或是現在的鄉土劇, 那”哈哈哈哈”的笑法真的粉可怕的老派    ~”~

  5. 聽說會有第二部 !!!

    如果有第二部 那他們應該不會在這集結婚之類的吧..
    預告喬恩會去英國倫敦留學 預告裡面都沒看到湯駿…:((

    所以我想如果有第二部那他們應該不會太快在一起 >M<

    如果有第二部我希望是原班人馬 這樣才好看啊 ~!!!!

  6. NOOO PLEASE DON’T 嫁給那個老色頭!!! 看到高爾夫球的那一場戲 真的好想拿高爾夫球的棒子來K.O那兩個老頭 我要打到他們不能再講話!!!

  7. it did not show the reaction of mr.cai ( went out of the conference room to wipe dry his business suit) maybe it is not important that it be shown ?
    he would be quite mad that his forthcoming wedding wasn’t announced. didn’t know yet whether tang min had encashed his blank cheque or not. if she hasn’t yet, she won’t be obligated to marry the jerk.

  8. the piano background music is so nice. i love it.
    i didn’t know that qiao en has a good singing voice like ariel lin. she  sang the beginning song of this series.

    • Yeap, she’s previously from a band called 7 Flowers so she must have a good singing voice. She has also sang one ost for her drama Ying Ye 3+1 too. 😀

  9. oh no!! no preview for the next episode!!!! how can i sleep ??!!! no preview cannot sleep!!!! hahahahahhahahaha… i like today episode b’cos it is soo touching… especially the part where “Tang” mama told tang jie jie that she is her precious daughter… i cries in tears~~~~~ 

    That stupid idiot Chai director… go to hell! Thank god, Tang jie jie didn’t marry you… stupid idiot fellow… and that stupid uncle… i think by the time you got the company… you will be like a shit!

  10. The part where the mother is so alert after being so sick is a bit dramatic. Anyway looking forward to the next episode

  11. im so touched by this episode. the family bond is awesome. and i love the mother! unlike many shows where the mom despise poor ppl and so, shes really righteous and really love her kids though she doesnt show it to tang min. and im so happy bcuz she thinks her kid’s happiness is more important than their business! and im sure they can overcome this together as a family. heh!!

    cant wait to see tang jun + xiao jie ‘s happy ending!!!!! 33 episodes not enough!!! more please!!!

    [and to those asking, yes theres only 1 episode today but they extended the drama so instead of 1 there will be 3 episodes tomorrow!!!!!! cant wait!!!! but im so sad its ending soon!!!]

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