The Queen of SOP Episode 28

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After a failed relationship with her former boss and ex-boyfriend Gao Zi Qi, Lin Xiao Jie decides to start her own business with the support of her internet pal Tom. When she finds out that one of her employees, Tang Jun, is actually Tom, and that he’s the son of a wealthy business tycoon, she begins to doubt his intentions, resulting in a series of misunderstandings..

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  • asd

    i think that gao ziqi won’t side with the evil men

  • guest

    omg the elevator scene!!! <3 OMGOMGOMG SO CUTE <3

  • Acelyn

    Omg, those disgusting old man are seriously too free. :/

  • Lizzy

    tang chun and xiao jie so sweet!! sparkling everywhere . chu chu get out yeh!!!!  

  • Jessy

    there’s like so many good guy why did chu chu have to be like so fucking retard!!the fuck!!!!!!!!!

  • Jenngy389

    i hate chu chu ! bitch!!

  • lucy

    22:25 hahahahaha chu chu’s eyelids are fake!! she’s using the eyelid tape i guess? hahahahaha so ugly!!!

  • Little_Devs

    湯駿太可愛啦!!!! 把曉潔的頭髮弄亂的時候 有點幼稚可是可愛爆了!

  • Elk

    Fans of Xiao Jie and Tang Jun should not miss this scene @ 32:12 – soooooo cute!!!!! 🙂

    • illusionist

      I kept watching this part like 7 times. Soooooo damn cute.

  • Huiyi6747

    the uncle is really irritating, always creating trouble for others n treat it lyk a amusement game. He really deserves a bg slap, hope he get his retribution in he end

    • Nurulhuda27

      He should not be slap he should be killed!

  • Qineunmun

    What happen to the grey file Tang Jun was holding in the lift? It just disappeared when he ruffled her hair?

  • :)

    idk why chuchu looks so ugly here compared to the first few appearances.. probably cause she’s so mean now -_-

  • 我看的很刺激吗???

  • pokemon

    The daughter so stupid

  • kkkk

    IRRITATING LA BITCH CHUCHU, even her name sucks

    • Bitch lor so evil sia i wish i could bash her up like MASH POTATO and take a knife and kill her

  • Htmgordon


  • kk

    Chu Chu and her dad are both very bad attitude and narrow minded people.  They just take what they want even if it doesn’t belongs to them.  Greedy and selfish.

  • kk

    Height wise, Xiao Jie and Tang Jun is prefect fit .. he’s not too tall for her.  Zi Qi is very tall, but usually most girls likes tall guys, and he’s good looking too .. height wise, he and the actress fits well .. 
    I think who ever xiao jie ends up with, among these two are good choices.  But from the start, till now, I still gives my full support to TJ 🙂  As he was supporting her from the start, too bad, he was too late to make his first move to express his feelings for her, that’s why she got caught up with ZQ.  The lovey dovey scene at the lift is so endearing 🙂  Poor ZQ being the third wheel.  :XD

  • guest


  • Rae

    I really think xiao jie looks alot better with tang jun, he’s more sincere compared to zi qi. Also, the messing hair up part was so cute! haha. 

  • BeanBean

    having this kind of director in company is a shame!!

  • Kat

    woowwww. psychoooo bitchh….

  • dingding

    why is ziqi living at their house? homeless otherwise???

  • Jo


  • Lyn12012


  • Veronica


  • Rainy

    BIG hua mao doesnt like chu chu

  • ma

    psychooooooo bitch.. whoa……

  • sydlala

    so she points at the window and shouts “GO!”

  • Pp123


    • Melsharoy


  • Melsharoy


  • LOL

    the uncle should really stop saying UNCLLEUURURRR

  • Guest

    everytime i hear the ppl call the man uncle it sounds like ankle or enco LOL

  • chu chu hater

    omg, I really hate chu chu. What a bitch

  • 倪兒


    • 倪兒


  • kyle

    Tom looks like a monkey no offense. 

    • OMG

      No offense??!! Your comments is so offensive! Kyle, you look like a pig no offense.

  • mm


  • Penny

    =.=: 印章被偷不可以報警處理嗎? 抵押得來的錢又去那了?

  • random

    Chuchu’father is a doggy loser cant be the CEO than blame people. daughter cant have tang jun love also blame people such a low class people in the earth! Hopeless…..
    Tang Jun <3 Xiao Jie

  • 湯駿吃醋的樣子實在是太可愛了 哈哈哈

    • silvestra

      超可愛的 還嘟嘴弄亂女主角的頭髮那段真的很可愛

      不過不知道有沒有人跟我一樣 很喜歡這集的某一段

      就是 開會結束時 女主角說她要請客 (指著湯駿說) 他買單 << 這段
      這段真的讓我看了好幾次 真的好喜歡這個互動噢 !!!!!!

      • Medusa

        I like that part too!!!! So sweet and romantic!!!!


    Omg zi qi please don’t become bad!! At first he said to Chu Chu “I’m not the same as you at least xiao his loved me before” but then later he says “having the person you love not loving you back has made us into stupid and evil” OMGGG IS THE “EVIL” BIT TOTALLY IMPLYING THAT HE’S GONNA BECOME BAD :((

  • yy

    tang min is so prettyyyyyy

  • wenchi yeh

    excited 4 29

  • 楚楚是不是神經病阿0.0

    • 是他讓自己卑微讓人家不想喜歡她的-.-

  • Junjie

    Elevator scene on replay. Hehe ^^ tang jun and xiao jie way too cute!!

  • Pearl

    the hair touch part was awesome! love awkward elevator moments XDDD

  • Guest

    woww for the first time I actually think Chu Chu’s voice/tone sounds like a normal human being when she was talking to GZQ loll…she should stay this way for the rest of the drama haha

  • Pearl

    the sister looks like mulan lol she should make a mulan movie that’s more light hearted unlike the one zhao wei made hehe

  • GeeGee19

    OMGOMG!! the elevator was too cute! tooo cute!!! 

  • fi5ve

    Stop calling him Uncle. He does not deserve that name. >=O Who caused you daughter’s life? You did idiot. You are the one who gave her hope telling her “Yeah I’ll make sure he loves you.” Blah Blah Blah -.- ignorance. (Darn these dramas get me so worked up)

  • viviatan

    I still wondering is ”
    Gao Zi Qi ” the good guy or the bad guy??? IF he is the bad guy side… then Xiao Jie  make the right decision for not choosing him at all!!!!! Dunno why, i felt that 
    Gao Zi Qi is in the good side and he is helping Huang Hai company~~~~~ arrgggg…. please don’t let 
    Gao Zi Qi bcome the bad guy!!!!

    • Feyrapattinson

      totally agree with you 🙂

    • Guest

      But pretty sure that there will be a scene where they will make zi qi to choose whether to side on the young ppl or old ppl side during the directors meeting at some point…

    • SugoMaster

       at first he is a good guy but now he is not.

      • viviatan

        NO!!!!! Zi Qi~~~~ i tot you like Xiao Jie???!!!!! if you bcome bad ppl… there is no more friendship between you and Xiao Jie ady~~~!!!!

  • WHEEE I’m so happy! I thought the last episode was episode 30 but it ends at episode 33!! 🙂 I still wish they extended this drama though 🙁 

  • I think the reason why Chu chu’s dad is being so difficult is not ENTIRELY because Tang Jun broke chu chu’s heart, he’s also GREEDY and has always wanted the company to himself like what zhou uncle told Tang Jun. MAN THAT STUPID ‘UNCLE’ IS SO ANNOYING!! 

  • grace

    Oh totally love tang jun and xiao jie 🙂 they look like they are born to meant for each other♥♥♥

  • guest

    did anyone notice in the beginning tang min said that chuchu was the “专案经理“? LOL

  • Guest

    The Board of Directors don’t make sense, unless this is how the Chinese business people operate by killing off others even if detrimental to ownself. Why all these old men let that nasty man “Uncle” wreck havocs to their company just to help his own idiotic daughter ZhuZhu out. They don’t worry about their own retirement and beyond if the company goes under to the point of no return? These dramas do NOT show the Chinese on the mainland in a good light… they seem to be a bunch of petty business people like another drama called “Bitter Coffee” with Hu Ge. I for one will never do business with the mainland Chinese.

    • guest

      its just a drama. u r kind of dumb to make assumption like that. it’s not real. then dont watch it

      • Guest

        True it’s only a dumb drama, should NOT get too involved and excited… but where would the writers get that kind of idea from?

        • Guest

          Agree.. But it’s just a drama… Not even sure if it is legal to use company money to buy the shares though…. Makes no sense…

        • Miriam

          a lot of korean dramas are like that too!!

  • Jess_jess

    oh god i loveeeeeee the elevator scene!!!! i replayed it again and again xDDD

    puhleaseeeeeee just let us have more sweet scene!!!! awww!!!!

    urgh. i wish they would extend the drama!!!! i want more zhang han qiao en!!!!

  • Fukijlj

    lol thats funny how he messed up her hair haha

  • Fukijlj

    mmmm i think this drama is pretty good but…its bit too short and too many problems revolving around and…the series ending…and why is it every drama theres always some crazy stalker and crazy grl that thinks its right to force ppl to love them…pathetic!

    • OMG I KNOW RIGHT.. Why is there always some crazy psychotic girl who throws tantrums if things don’t go their way

  • Jess_jess

    actually, im totally tang jun – xiao jie biased. so i wish that chuchu and gao zi qi together instead. HAHAHA

    • NOO i dont want chu chu and zi qi!! that’ll be so weird hahaha 

  • SOP

    OMG the elevator scene was soooo cute! 讓我看的愛癢癢的<33333

  • Fish9192

    莫名其妙 自作多情

  • woaitaiwan

    Episode 29 have till wait till tomorrow????

    • kike235

       i wish they upload faster. i just can’t wait for the happy ending i hope is a happy ending if nothing happen to tang jun and xiao jie base on the evil uncle plan. if they don’t fall for there uncle tricks. i think the next episode should be her mother come back to her sense. 

  • Couchpotato

    elevator: *DING*

  • 草莓綠


    • PingHan


      • Pearl


        • haha

          他不算小三吧  又沒有再一起XDD


    • 對吧

    • Betthe

      也不算吧,政君更恶劣, 况且情况也不一样啊:D

  • Aaa

    ….except for Tangjun and Xiaojie, almost all the other characters are inconsistent…character development are really wierd….

  • Feyrapattinson

    whos both for tang jun and xiao jie being together 😉 😉 please do support them 😉 🙂 xiao jie and tang jun 

  • lala

    為什麼有人自己單戀對方 還可罵得好像自己是被劈的 然後對方是負心漢..湯竣一開始本來就沒有喜歡楚楚阿= = 還有那個uncle也真的很白癡 自己把女兒弄成這樣 還給亂叫…狗真的愛亂吠..

    • chick

      對啊 自己最好感覺不出來湯駿不喜歡他
      還一廂情願付出 歡喜做就要甘願受!

  • peterrabbit

    Awwww so much at the “啾”一下 <3

  • Favpink86

    Tang jun is so sweet and cute when he is jealous!!….Arh!!!! Faint…!

    • Jess_jess

      yessss!!! and zhang han is sooooooo cuteeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lisahua

    I want Xiao Jie to be with Gao Zi Qi…so good together!

    • Feyrapattinson

      dislike   ……..tang jun and xiao jie perfect match

  • Feyrapattinson

    omg they are so cute couple tang jun and xiao jie but i really hate chu chu”s daddy so fucked up urgghh bastardd

    • viviatan

      i hope he declare backrupt!!!!!

  • Lily

    how many eps does this show have any 1 knows?

    • Feyrapattinson

      the episode until 30 only i guess only left more two episode :((

      • Lily


        • Guest

          no on baidu, youtube and drama wiki said 30 episode

      • Fukijlj

        no on wikipedia it said 33

  • ck1Oz

    Damn the preview doesn’t look good and it’s already ep 29. 

  • oh?!

    吼~~眼淚眼淚啦   到底  曾小姐~演個係沒有眼淚讓看的人很無力= =(白眼~)

  • LinLin

    Crazy Chu2 

  • viviatan

    damn UNCLE!!! hate him soooo much

  • Feyrapattinson

    yaaay love you tang jun and xiao jie <3

  • Lailinda121

    Yay it’s here!

  • Favpink86

    finally its out….i waited for so long.. wanted to give up and go Zzzz… le…lol!

  • Reirei

    finally waiting and keep refreshing… i wan her to be with gao zhi qi.. 🙁

  • Sunniee2002


  • random


  • viviatan


  • ck1Oz

    OMG please baby be good  😉 I need to see some progress in the romance!!