Miss Rose Episode 10

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40 thoughts on “Miss Rose Episode 10

  1. awww… melts*

    to vivian: wo bu ke yi gen ni ding hun le. wo you xi huan de ren le.

    to siyi: wo ke yi xi huan ni ma?

    awwwwwww…. if i’m siyi….. ke yi ke yi!!!  heehee

  2. SOOO incredibly annoyed with Ting Ai’s fake voice.  grrr!!!!
    and the four of them together (our 2 main couples) are just so cute together.  can’t wait til next week!!

      • Totally agree.  Her face is always so blank.  Feels like there’s no reaction or emotion.  Can’t stand her lack of acting skills.

        • yes, she can’t do an emotional scene right. But her acting skills are quite good for a new actress and with a role that is a naive charancter!! I bet you on set she must be like why is Xiao Ke so stupid.

      • I agreee with you. I didn’t like how she was crying out loud, because usually when you’re in a really bad heartbreak you would most likely cry to yourself

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